A spacious and comfortable room decorated moderately with luxurious items, three children were present in the room, and they listened attentively to their royal tutor who exuded an elegant charm.

”What is the most important virtue a ruler must uphold? ”

The three children thought long and hard, each coming to their conclusion.

”Honesty ”, the eldest of the three, Vivilian Keiran answered resolutely.

”Courage, ” the youngest of the three, Grace Keiran said, trying her best to not blush.

The middle child, Aiden Kieran stayed silent, deep in thought.

” Whats your answer, prince? ” the royal tutor asked, prompting the young boy to finally open his mouth.

”Kindness…..isn that the most important virtue? ”, the boy asked, more to himself than to his teacher.


People cheered and screamed in glee as the royal family graced them with their presence, all the members of the prestigious Keiran dynasty waved and cheered as they looked down upon their subjects from their palace.

”These are our people, Ai. ” the King, Aidens father said as his smile became more radiant, ” As the prince….you must serve them, never forget that. ”

”Yes father!!! ” the boy said, slightly overwhelmed by all the noise.


”We don think the prince should be given the title of crown prince…. ”

”Why not? ” the king asked while maintaining his composure.

”Well….to be completely frank your majesty, out of all your children he is…the most average in all aspects. It would have been fine if he was even remotely talented in something but- ”

”Hahh ” the king let out a deep sigh, his brows furrowed in annoyance.

”I know this must be tough to hear, your grace but this is just the plain truth. As your advisor, it is my duty to give you my counsel. ” the middle-aged man hesitated but continued, ” Moreover….theres a rumor spreading around the kingdom that….that your son is a bastard. ”

Silence fell heavily on the room as the king contemplated the facts laid before him.

”Rumors are of no importance…. ”

”But they do matter…your grace, the people will not respect a king they think is a bastard. ”

” Sigh… ”

”Its alright father….I do not wish to be the king, I also think the throne would suit my elder sister more than me. ”, the prince commented silently from the corner of the room where he had made himself comfortable.


”I do not wish to marry you. ” Aileen Hover said glaring at me.

Aileen and I first met when we were seven years old, she was brought to me as my future wife. I was stunned by her beauty then and now, but Aileen didn want this marriage.

After our first meeting, we met again after twelve years on the day of my marriage, today. It was obvious that she wouldn want to marry me…we barely knew each other but as the prince, I have to fulfill my duty to the kingdom.

”Lets try to get alon- ”

”I have a lover, ” she said, avoiding my gaze.


My father and elder sister have died.

Im the king now.

My mother will soon die as well, shes gone mad from despair.

Thankfully Grace is alright, shes a mother now. I find it hard to believe that the little girl that used to follow me around is all grown up. The two of us were currently having tea.

”Have some more of the cake…I had it made for you. ”, I said observing my sisters body, she was too thin.

”No….Im on a diet right now, ” she said pulling on the sleeves of her dress.

I felt uneasy hearing her, ” You don need to be on a diet…you
e already a bag of bones as it is. ”


” How could t-this have h-happened? ”I said, embracing my beloved sisters corpse.

Grace was dead as well now….I was truly alone now, her body was riddled with bruises and markings. A letter had come with her corpse, it was a declaration of war.

The King of the Rein Kingdom had joined hands with the Gael Kingdom and was trying to corner us.

Grace had been married to the king of Rein Kingdom, we had sent her off thinking she would be treated like a queen but…she was nothing more than a plaything.

I screamed….and screamed…

All I could do was scream.

A hand patted me on the shoulder in an attempt to comfort me, ”Im sorry. ” Aileen said carrying our child with her other arm.

Aileen had married me, on paper I was her husband but everybody knew that our marriage was a farce. That child isn even mine.

How could it be mine when I haven even spent the night with her?


I tried to fight.

But it was a hopeless fight. All our allies had abandoned us and joined up against us. It was not a fight I could ever win. But I still tried my best, I managed to kill the Gael Kingdoms king in combat but that was it.

Now….I was about to be executed.

With my death just a few moments away, I felt nothing.

Then again for most of my life, Ive been taught to feel nothing. To always be rational, kind, and just, so I could understand and help my subjects.

Be kind.

Be good.

Be just.

Be honorable.

All for what?

As they sliced my head off, the last thing I saw was the flag of my kingdom, a flag that had been part of me since I was born….a flag that I was proud of….and now it was being trampled by these…..these insects.

Damn it.


All my life, Ive felt the need to hold in my emotions, probably because of how I was raised but that wasn the way to go….because Im all alone now because of that.

I couldve saved them all.

I could have killed everybody who threatened my familys future, instead, I couldn even recognize them.

I….hate myself for being so weak.

I could feel a bright light engulfing me, the light exuded a warmth that steadily increased until it felt like I was being melted alive.

”AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH ” I screamed, my eyes opening to find myself in the room I used when I was a young boy.

” T-the prince has WOKEN UP ! ” a young maid standing near my bed screamed running out of my room.

I feel….weird.

My mind felt fumbled, I couldn even think straight as I stood up and made my way to a mirror in a corner of my room.

The reflection that greeted me back when I looked into the mirror was familiar.

It was me…but way….wayyyyy younger.


The ** is going on here?


A/N: I couldn really get into his life that much since this was only the first chapter but more details will be revealed in the coming chapters.

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