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Blind Ruler\'s Challenge part 1 Chapter 6

”F-fan! ”

” ”Fan? ” ” questioned Liam and Martha.

”Ye-yes! Im actually an upcoming student at Royal Academy. Im a fan of the Crimson Archer, Liam Dues Dottingham. ”

Yes, Liam was called the Crimson Archer in the Royal Academy. He gained that title when he One-Shoted a wyvern once in the First volume of the novel. it gained popularity because of how Terrifying Wyverns were, and Liam was able to Shot it Down with his Strongest Attack. A first year Capable of Killing a Wyvern was unheard of, doing so gained him the name, Crimson Archer.

”I was actually nervous. its been my dream to actually shake the hand of my Idol. but since you were with your friends I hesitated. ” I said.

I needed to Butter him up with compliments because he was that easy to distract. A simple minded Archer who was weak to Compliments, despite being a person with high standing.

”Ive seen it a hundred times in Roytube, you were so awesome when you took down that Wyvern. It was like A new Hero was born that day. ”

”W-well, since your a fan. Ill give you an Autograph. hmph, the Almighty me is generous enough to give this to a fan. ”

”R-really!? ” I acted surprise….well maybe not. I was actually thinking of how blessed this moment was.

in my mind I was thinking of escaping and on the other end of my mind was going crazy for getting an Autograph.

Liam finally let go of my arm and took out a pen from his pockets.

Why does he have a pen though? is he always this prepared when meeting a fan? I thought.

”Oy Liam! why did you let him go? ” Argued Martha.

”Whats the Problem, its not like his an enemy or something, hes just a Fan. A Fan of Me if nothing else. so whats the Harm. ” He said nonchalantly.

”So, where do you want me to Sign? ”

”Oh, here. ”

I pulled the sleeves of my clothes and flexed my Left bicep.

”Um, if possible can you draw a simple shape of a Bow with your title Crimson Archer. ”

”Of course, anything for a fan, hehehe. ” he said as he rubbed his nose embarrassed by such a compliment.

after he was done signing. he put the Pen back in his pocket and put his arm on my left shoulder.

”Well, how does it look? ”

i looked at his autograph and was amazed by the signature. The shape of the Bow was simple but his handwriting was beautiful. each curvature of the Word Crimson Archer was leveled, it was comparable to the handwriting of a cursive font in a word document.

”Oohh!! Ill definitely get this tattooed. Thank you so much Senior Liam! ”

”Well, Im happy to help is all, and Senior? why Senior? ”

”Ah, its because Im attending Royal Academy in a Few months. you guys will be my senior the next time school starts. ”

”Is that so, then can you tell me your name? ”

”Its Hamil Crux. ”

”I see, well Hamil Crux. next time we see each other. Ill be your Senpai. ”

”Yes! ”

***Marthas POV:

What the hell is wrong with him? letting go of a potential threat just like that…well its not like this is the first time that it happens.

ut looking at the Guy over there, he doesn seem strong, in fact he seemed normal. He said that he would attend the Royal Academy in a couple of months but….is he even strong enough to attend?

The more I think about it the more suspicious he becomes. and from his name he didn seem to come from any High status upcoming, almost the Same as Arthur, that means hes talented in some ways…. probably academic wise.

I just couldn shake off the feeling of this guy.

He finished getting his autograph and said he would permanently make it into a tattoo…kinda rushing it, but he said he was a fan so its probably normal. Ive seen crazier fans do crazier shit.

after getting his autograph, he walked away just like that. so he probably won be coming back. but what worries me was that he looked to somewhere when I was threatening him.

I looked to my right and saw where he was looking at before. there was nothing their.

”Hmm. ”

”Whats wrong? ” Asked Arthur.

”Huh? uh no its nothing, just curious why that guy would get an autograph of my Brother when Im clearly better. ” I said as I puffed my moderately sized chest to signify my superiority.

”Haha, Probably. but you can blame him, since you still have to attain your title. You
e also a Freshman too, just like that Guy. ” Replied Arthur.

”Haaaa….I wish I was a born a year earlier so I could attend the same year as you guys. ”I said as I slump my head down in dissatisfaction.

”Anyway, we should go. its still early and we haven gone to most of the rides yet. ” Said Licia Excitingly as she holds a huge plump stick of Cotton candy on her left hand and a Corndog on the other.


~Phew~ ”That was close. ” I said as sweat dripped down on my forehead.

I looked back to the Group and saw that they were going back to the Rides.

~Sigh~ ”well looks like I got lucky…I was able to fool them, Especially Martha…she was the most perceptive of them all. ”

Martha Deus Dottingham. The future Crimson Witch and Red Oracle. She had the special ability to see bits of the future thanks to her Eyes and The attribute of Fire capable of Taking down a whole army. her Ability of the foreseeing the Future was quite helpful in their ventures and managing the Kingdom.

The Dottinghams were a special breed of royals. they had abilities that mostly attributed to their Sight. Blessed under the Blind Goddess Agereos The All Seeing Watchgod.

The Dottinghams were so influential that Title given to their Father, Marcos Deus Dottingham, was the Duke of Kastelyst Kingdom for having the abilitiy to foresee everything that happened on the Kingdom. He had an Eyesight clear enough to see the surface of the Moon. A mastery of Archery that surpassed all masters of the past and the Attribute of Fire that whenever he would shoot an arrow, it would remind people of the Myths of the Phoenix.

aside from the Title of Duke, he had his Other Title The Grand Phoenix

With this I should be able to go to the Gate now.

I looked to my Right and saw the Gate was still there. It was swirling, and tempting me to go in. The chains were gone which made me worry since I never read in the Novel of a Chain coming out of a Heros Gate before, so it was another thing I needed to be Cautious about.

Walking to the Gate, the Temptation to go in became stronger and stronger as I was getting closer.

”Haaa….haa…..haaa… ”

my breathing was becoming heavier and Heavier.

”Well…. Here it goes… ”

As soon as I touched the Gate my Vision went instantly Black.


As I woke up, I couldn see a thing. it was pitch black. it gave the same aerie Feeling that White vast space was giving off. empty.

but instead of sitting in place, I was actually floating in midair. something like space. it was kind of baffling to a point that I was getting quite nauseous.

”huuuhh….Character Profile ”

”….. ”

”Character Profile. ”

”….. ”

Nothing, The Character Profile didn come out.

Turning my head left and right, and still nothing could be seen.

~Sigh~ ”What now? ”

and so my journey of waiting began.

an hour later….

”still nothing… ”

Two hours later…

”Whats going on? nothings happened yet ”

Four Hours later…

nothing has happened so I began thinking to myself to pass the time.

”I wonder, Is a Hotdog a Sandwich? ….no….yes? ”

Five hours later…..

”Hmm…I wonder, why do people like Chocolate mint chip ice cream…I mean its just Toothpaste with chocolate…it contradicts one another…. ”

Ten Hours Later…..

”Hmm If cut off my own tounge and ate it, I wonder how it would taste like?….It would hurt thats for sure….but the Taste though…. ”

Twenty hours later…..

”Never gonna give you up

Never gonna let you down…

Never gonna run around and Desert you! ”

Twenty four Hours later…..

”Im never gonna find my way out of here…. ”

Thirty hours later…..

”You know….Ive never played dark souls before. ”

Forty Hours later…

”Im the Scatman

Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub

Yo da dub dub

Ski-bi dibby dib yo da dub dub

Yo da dub dub

(Im the Scatman) ”

Fifty Hours later…

I was still floating around but this time I wasn getting nauseous. I got used to it.

I was getting accustomed to the dark but my mental capacity was reaching its limit….maybe it already did. I didn know.

as I stared into the dark…all of a sudden I saw a star…..

”What? ”

it was the Brightest thing I ever saw.

Either that star was getting bigger by the second or I was just that deprived of sunlight.




the light was gone and instead an arrow was stuck at my left shoulder. it glowed like a holy light. its stick had carvings of words Ive never seen before.

”What? ”

I was beginning to bleed.

I panicked and tried to grab for the arrow.

but as I reached for it, another star was Glowing in the dark. this time it was brighter than the first one.

it had the same dangerous feeling the other light Had.

I attempted to hold out my right hand in hopes of catching it but.


It went through my palm and straight into my upper limb.

This time it was a Spear….

”Aagghhh!! ”

It burned a bit as it stuck to my arm. I couldn move it anymore.

it Glowed like the Sun and just like the arrow did, it had carvings on it.

”W-whats going on!? ”

it had been fifty Hours….I didn have a watch on my hand so I couldn tell the time…the Darkness didn help either. it made me quite insane…to a point that I actually forgot about where I was and why I was here…to have complete silence around me, with no one to talk to and nothing to see…it was quite natural for a man to go insane…to a point he would forget his purpose in coming here.

back in my world, there was this room where it was called the Quietest room ever. no sound could be heard and the longest a man has ever hold on to was only 45 minutes….any more than that was a problem.

youd think I would sleep for once but I couldn . the Process of sleep wouldn come to me. my body was restless in this dark void.

For me to stay here for fifty Hours….no sound…no light…..nothing.

I tried to comprehend what was going on, trying to think rationally as a Spear and arrow was stuck to my body.

I stared at my right hand….it was quite gory.

I couldn move it…and the blood seeping out of me was making me pale by the minute. I looked to my left shoulder and saw the arrow, although it looked magnificent, the fact that half of its length was stuck to my shoulder made me shudder in fear.

I don think I was gonna survive this.

I was helpless.

I couldn do anything.

when all of a sudden.

”!!? ”

a Golden sword was struck my back, piercing out of my chest.

I look down and saw the blade protruding out of me. covered with blood and bits of flesh, The sword Still glowed like a Sun.

”haaaa…haaaa…*cough…*cough ”

as I cough, I could feel something climbing out of my throat.

*cough* ~Splat~

blood came splurting out of my mouth. it was like a shitty broken water sprinkler used in the gardens.

it was getting harder and harder to breath….

my mind couldn process anything no more. the pain was just unbearable.

”… ”

I closed my eyes….only thinking of breathing as I float in space with weapons stuck to my body.

when all of a sudden…

I slowly opened my eyes…never before have I seen the sun so close to me before.

it was blinding.

”-wait…its not a… ”

it wasn a sun…it was a shield. A Golden Shield about a meter in diameter.

it floated right in front of me. with its shiney front and Glowing aura. I could see my face as it floated just a meter away from me.

My face was a mess, haggard hair, Blood dripping from my mouth and my pale like face.

I could have joke about this being not my worse look but all I could think of was how pathetic I was.



Tears began to drop as I finally saw the image before me. I was ready…I was ready to die.

”Come and get some!! ”

I shouted as I stared at my image….

but then….

everything went black.

The shield was gone and the weapons as well but the scars remained.

and instead of floating in space, I found myself in a floor.

light began to shine as I found myself standing.

”….what? ”

The floor was wide, it wasn smooth and the main material used on it was gray bricks.

It was more of a public road than a floor. it looked old and some parts of it was grass growing out of the cracks and moss sticking on some parts of the bricks.

as I stood there. my body was shaking from the Pain. as I tried to comprehend what was going on, the ground began to shake violently. I lost balance and fell on my arse.

”What was that!? ”

I looked around and saw where I was and what I found.

”!!! ”

I stood in the middle of a cross section. at each section stood a statue and at each statue was a weapon on their hand. weapons that Gave off the feeling of being bathe in the sun. The Sword, The Spear, The Bow and The Shield.

The sword was carried by a statue of a man that stood about 50 meters tall, had a scraggly beard and Braided hair. He wore a Spartans armor and with a Suns Insignia in the Swords Grip. He gave of the feeling of a Strong man.

The Spear was held by a statue of a man with a clean face and a Clean cut. he stood the same 50 meters. He also wore a Spartans armor but with an addition of a red cape and the helmet on his other hand. The suns Insignia was placed on the mans face, he had it marked. He gave of the vibe of a Righteous man.

The Bow and Arrow. it was a Statue of a 50 meter long woman who wore Silky Clothing. She wore a Helmet with an Insignia of the Sun placed in its forehead. Her Golden hair resembling the Sun and you could tell that her face was Beautiful even with the Helmet on. She gave of the Vibe of a Brave woman.

And lastly was the Shield. it was held by two arms of a 50 meter long statue of a bulky man. he was bald but his beard made up for his intimidating look. he wore the Typical spartan armor but it was detailed to have battle marks. his insignia was placed on his right Shoulder. it gave off the feeling of facing a sturdy long tower that couldn fall.

They all stood intimidatingly as they surrounded me. they Didn move but I could tell that if I ever took one step, I was a goner.


[The Challenge of the Rulers: Become worthy to be another Ruler]

[Time Limit: 00000]

”Ah shit….now I remember. ”

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