Reincarnated in the world of a novel that is about to be destroyed.

3 weeks before the incident.

My story, so to speak, is this.

I was hit by a car and reincarnated in a novel.

Generally speaking, when you think of being reincarnated or possessed in a novel, you think of a noble lady who wears a fancy dress, is surrounded by handsome men, and leads a luxurious life.

I also lived a similar life until recently.
It means ‘until recently’.

It was a world of caste, society, and parties, reminiscent of industrialized 19th-century Europe, but—

it is about to perish, with the spread of a virus

I was reincarnated in an apocalyptic survival romance novel called .

It am Cherry Sinclair, a nuisance supporting character who dies while endangering the life of the second male lead.

I found out about it in the early spring when I was nineteen.

My parents passed away in an accident three years ago and I was left alone in the world.

I wasn’t lonely.
The enormous inheritance I inherited made me not feel lonely.

‘Money is the best.’

I was not an aristocrat, but I lived happily ever after because I was born into a bourgeois class with more money than the nobility.

I can just spend my money and play like an idiot!

“Give me this, wrap that too.”

That day, too, I went on a shopping spree at the shoe store.
Then, humming loudly, I crossed the main street.

The maid, Susanna, struggles behind me with her shopping bag full.
The appearance was striking as if it were noticeable.

Susannah, the maid, struggles to follow me with a shopping bag full.
The figure was visibly noticeable.

I heard the whispers of noble ladies who recognized me.

“Isn’t that Lady Sinclair?”

“Whose design is the dress she’s wearing today?”

“That hat is pretty.”

Heh, I brushed my hair back and smiled proudly.

I’m not a noble, but all the nobles admired me.
It is very exciting and pleasant.

My story as an immature heiress was featured in the newspapers every day, but that’s okay.
Because I think that’s also an interest in me.

Until then, I have been living without thinking about it, not knowing what kind of dark clouds will hang over my future.

“My lady, please wait a moment.”

After all the shopping, Susanna loaded my things into the wagon.
It was because there was no space for luggage in the steam car I would travel on.

I just watched it from the side.
The boxes full of my shoes are heavy, sonshe whines and struggles.

‘It looks tough.’

I checked to see if anyone was around, then lifted the boxes with one hand and put them in the carriage.

“Wow… the lady is really strong.”

Susanna clapped and looked at me.
I shrugged her shoulders nonchalantly.
As she said, I was stronger than others.

It’s not like I was born.
When I was young, I was weak.
But one day, after taking the medicine that my parents got me, after a few years, I got this kind of power.

However, for upper-class women, superpower is not a virtue.
Until now, I was an immature girl who wanted to become a nobleman, so I desperately hid this power.


I was about to load all my luggage and get on the steam car when I suddenly felt a chill.
Susannah looked at me with only one foot in the car, she asked.

“What is it, my lady?”

“No, just…”

‘What is this ominous feeling?’

A strange feeling suddenly seemed to surround me.
I wondered if I was mistaken, but when I tried to climb back into the carriage, I lost my balance and stumbled to the ground.


I hit my head on the floor.

Even the screams are swallowed up.
Susanna raised me with a look of surprise.

The pain of hitting the back of my head on the hard floor was excruciating.
Like someone splitting a watermelon with an axe, cut your head in half! It seemed to have been cut apart.

There, memories suddenly pour through the cracks.
like a flood

Memories that seemed to be mine, but not mine, came to my mind vividly.
like it was yesterday

‘What the hell is this?’

So suddenly I realized.

Omg this happened! I had a previous life.

In addition, the world I was reincarnated in was the world of a novel I read in my previous life.

A novel called .

Holy shit, something like this novel.

Life is made up of shitty timing, the heroine of a survival novel once said that.

“My lady, are you really okay?”

“It’s fine.”

Actually, it wasn’t okay at all, but I climbed into the car with Susanna’s help.

My head was still tingling.
I thought as I leaned my back on the back of the car.

The novel I remembered because I bumped my head a little while ago was , an apocalypse survival romance novel.

, also known as , is a story about Aurora, the heroine, gathering her male leads to

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