form a ‘survival team’ to find a cure after the world is destroyed.

In the novel, there are various survivors and the survival camp they created,  the size of the camp was power.

And Aurora, the protagonist of the novel, conquers these camps one by one and takes their power.

But the problem is… 

“The novel’s serialization was all year around.”

tl/n: meaning that the novel’s serialization was suspended

It is still not clear why the virus spread.

The only thing that was clearly mentioned was that the male lead, a scientist with the ability to develop a cure, and the female lead, will meet in two years?

It was only then that he found out that the female led’s older brother, Eden, had antiviral antibodies to the virus.


That’s all.
All Cherry in the original story did was whine that Aurora and the others didn’t take care of her.

The end of Cherry was to die from being bitten by a monster while going wild, XX.

“My lady, are you crying?”

Susanna, who was sitting next to me, handed me her handkerchief with her surprised face.

I, who was silently shedding tears with my head leaning against her chair answered Susanna.

“No, this is sweat.”

“… Yes?”

Susanna asked with her puzzled face.

I took her handkerchief and wiped the drops of tears running down my cheeks.

Yes, I’m not sad.
These are not tears.

Even if I was reincarnated in a novel, why was it ? Why is it called Apocalypse!

Why are you doing this to me

* * *

Benton, the capital of Graydon Kingdom.

The exterior of the Sinclair family’s townhouse, located on the main street, was very ornate.

The gold statues on the walls of the white building showed off the grandeur of the mansion, and the roof was covered with lavender.

It was a passage that showed that the owner of the mansion only pursued ‘glamor’ rather than ‘harmony’.

On the third floor of the building, there is the largest room with a closet.

A three-tiered tray filled with desserts was always placed on the table in the room, and the soft scent of flowers was always lit by burning scented candles.

Next to it was a bed all decorated with gold, and I was lying on it.

As soon as I returned home, I was lying helpless without eating.

I want to deny this unbelievable reality!

I was the unicorn who had never even undergone a PCR test even in a world where KoX or viruses spread all over the world.
I was thanking God for being lucky, but I died in a car accident out of nowhere.

But then the world that I was reborn is a novel, and it is about to perish because of a virus? The difficulty has been upgraded for a while.

‘That’s why they left me as a unicorn, to give me a bigger candy.’

-If the world is destroyed tomorrow, I will plant an apple tree today.

Well, isn’t there such a saying?

But this world’s Cherry Sinclair had not long since lost her family, and she had no one to love.
She, of course, had no interest in apple trees or anything like that.

Having to travel the world all the time because of her parents running her business, I had no friends, not even common cousins.

‘Ah, I do have Harrison.’

Harrison Howard.

He is the Sinclair family’s legal counsel.
Although we are not biological siblings, he has been with me since childhood, and we are close like her real siblings.

It hadn’t been that long since she had been living with the servants of Sinclair’s mansion, so if there was any affection she had at least Susanna, the maid in charge?

While I was lying on the bed and weeping, Susanna came to my room.

“Miss Cherry.
The newspaper you were talking about.”

In her hand were newspapers of various dates.
Rubbing my eyes, I got up and got the newspaper.


And I went straight through the newspaper.
After looking through various newspapers for a long time, I finally found the article I was looking for.

[Analysis of Cherry Sinclair’s consumption pattern! How far can the luxury of the immature heiress go… !]

Oh, this is not it.

The article revealed the dress I was wearing along with the analysis of my consumption pattern.

After the clothes and jewelry I wore were published in newspapers and magazines, the designs would become big hits.

‘Everyone is pointing their fingers at me, but they’re really interested in me.’

I shook my head and read the article below.

[A large-scale funeral in the family of Mr.
Kei .A family spokesperson revealed that the deceased were family servants suffering from an infectious disease… … !]

This is it.

As expected, as I remembered from my previous life, something was happening in the family of Marquis Kei.

‘I’m going crazy.
So you’re saying that the memories of my previous life that I recalled are real?’

The tragedy of this novel begins with Mr.
Kei’s suspicious experiment.
The alchemists sponsored by the Marquis spread a destructive virus after an unethical experiment, and the Marquis hid the fact of the experiment to avoid responsibility.

In the novel, the world was destroyed exactly three months after this article was published in the newspaper…

I quickly checked the publication date of the article and it was already two months old!

“No shit, what is this?”

Only 21 days remain until destruction.
It’s less than a month.

“Crazy, 21 days is too soon!”

I tore my hair out.

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