“My lady, is it possible that puberty has come again…”

“Shall I show you what proper puberty is?”

“It was a slip of the tongue.
Your puberty is too terrible to think about it again.”

Cherry Sinclair in her adolescence had unanswered flower garden thoughts.

To some extent, she even stole a yacht owned by Sinclair to rebel against her parents.
Not only that, but he also drove the yacht across the ocean and ran away to other continents.

‘At that time, my parents and Harrison went to great lengths to find me.’

No matter how much I know how to drive a yacht, it was ridiculous for me to cross the ocean as a beginner.
But fortunately, the day continued to be good.
Heaven has helped.

‘Even if I think about it again, I really don’t have an answer.’

I can understand a hundred times why Harrison treats me like an idiot.

Anyway, I called Harrison again and demanded an answer.


“… Okay, It’s been a long time since I went on an outing with the lady, so I think of it as an outing.”

Harrison’s answer made me say yes inwardly.

“But in a few days.
I have to get the weapons you mentioned, and I have documents to deal with urgently.”

Of course, I was a little disappointed with Harrison’s words that followed.
Still, I’m glad he said he’d come back in a few days.
You only need to come to Brunel in 21 days.

“All right, Harrison.
Then I’ll wait for you at Brunel.
You have to come quickly, really quickly.”

“Okay, lady.
I’ll be there as soon as possible.”

I emphasized the word ‘come quickly’ one last time, and I didn’t get up until I got another definite answer from Harrison.

Next, it’s time to get the money from the bank.

* * *

The Central Bank of Benton, the capital.

I plan to take all the loans I can get today.

The property of the Sinclair family, which I inherited, was bound to received until I was twenty years old.
This means that there is one more year left.

The Sinclair family’s business dividends that come in every month are also huge, so I’ve been living without problems, but now I need a much bigger amount than that.

In the first place, some of the business dividends that come in every month are used for the family’s operating funds, so if I take all that money right away and throw it away, life for the family members and Harrison will be dark this month.

Of course, there were assets such as real estate and stocks in addition to cash, but in the latter case, it took time to dispose of it, so it was impossible to use it immediately.

In other words, the only conclusion is loans.

“Lady Sinclair, you said you would take out a loan… isn’t it? I think I heard it wrong.”

Morton, the bank president, looked at me with a look on a face that said that he couldn’t believe what he had heard.
I smiled with a bright face.

“You heard me right.
that’s right.”

“Is it really a 100 million gold credit loan?”

Morton asked me once more.
I nodded my head without hesitation.
That would be more than enough money to prepare for the apocalypse.

In fact, with only three weeks left, I don’t know if I’ll be able to spend all that much money.
However, since there is such a thing as an emergency, we should use all the available power supply as much as possible…!

‘When should take out the 100 million gold credit loan?’

“That ‘s right.”

At my reply, Morton handed me the papers with a bewildered face and a nod of his head.

“This is a formal question, but what is the purpose of the loan?”

“I’m going to use it as a fund to prepare for destruction.”

“Do you need help?”


“If you are being threatened by someone, I will privately contact Harrison Howard….”

I knew you wouldn’t believe it.
After all, if you say this, you’ll be treated like a crazy X.
Somehow, I felt like I was going to cry.

“It’s not like that.”

“Ah, maybe it’s because of the club? I heard that several diamond mines were involved in this bet, but I never imagined it would be this much…”

Morton,  It was a joke.”

Not too long ago, I was running a gambling club.
It was a move worthy of an immature heiress who loves pleasure.

People pointed their fingers at me, saying I was vulgar, but ironically, they  hoped to join the club.
It was because the income and information that came out of it was quite usable.

Morton seems to have deduced that I had increased the size of my bets and therefore needed an emergency.

“I haven’t been to that club in a while.
I plan on handing over the operating rights soon.
But why are there so many questions ? I feel like I’m being interrogated.
Are you ignoring the Sinclair family?”

Then Morton, embarrassed, took out his handkerchief and apologized to me, wiping off his cold sweat.

“Excuse me.
I was just surprised to hear that the heiress of the Sinclair family, and no one else, would take out such a large loan.”

If only I could inherit my inheritance right away, I wouldn’t have gone this far! Of course, other people may not be aware of these limitations.

“I need it urgently for overseas business.
As you know, Sinclair has a lot of projects in progress, so all assets that can be operated right now are tied up.”

Morton, the bank president, smiled brightly with a face that he finally understood.
Then he quickly prepared a wad of cash.

The money piles up one by one in a big bag.
The weight of the money bags seemed considerable.
I brought in a few servants from the Sinclair family, and it was a very wise choice.

‘Cash is best.
Long live the rich!’

Sooner or later, as the country collapses, all ‘money’ will become a piece of toilet paper.
If so, shouldn’t we spend all this money quickly to prepare for the end?

‘Let’s pack as many survival items as possible.’

Only until the main characters find a cure, I have to survive and endure in the shelter.

‘You can do it, Cherry!’

It was when I got up from my seat with an effort to boost my confidence.
The headline of the newspaper the bank president Morton was reading caught my eye.

[Monster commotion at 61st Notium Street, additional witnesses appear?! Benton Police Authority, nonsensical story.
Eyewitness statements are untrue… ]

It seems like a follow-up to the article I read last time.

At that time, there was only one eyewitness.
Maybe that’s why at that time, people treated him like a madman and ignored him, but this time there were more than one witness.

The blood dried up all over.
After seeing the article with my eyes, the sense of crisis rises further, I’m nervous.

I remember that around the time the development in the novel started, one or two virus monsters appeared all over the country like a precursory symptom.
They have nothing to eat, so most of them are powerless and die, or are killed by people in sight.

‘But in the end, as the enhanced monsters appeared, the virus spread throughout the kingdom in three weeks.’

“… Do you want it?”

I must have stared too hard.
Morton handed me the newspaper that was on the desk.

“Thank you.”

I was embarrassed, but I received the newspaper, because I was curious about the contents.

I left the bank quietly reading the newspaper.

On the night of this newspaper article, a real monster appears for the first time in the mansion at 61st Notium Street.

It was also the incident where Aurora, the female lead, encountered the monster for the first time.

‘Wait, doesn’t that come out there?’

Elpinus Herb!

It was an herb that acted like a kind of vaccine.

I don’t know where it came from, how it came about, or why it was in the mansion at 61st Notium Street.

‘The novel serialization was suspended, damn it.’

Anyway, if you eat this, you can avoid infection even if you are bitten by a monster.
Of course, it only worked once.

In the story, Aurora sees this suspicious-looking herb, but doesn’t know how to use it, so she just passes by.

She only learns about this herb after meeting scientist male lead two years later.
Then she hits the ground and regrets that then she didn’t take these herbs.

‘Yes, when we leave for Brunel Village, let’s just take that with us.’

Aurora doesn’t know what it is, so she won’t be able to use it, but I know.

And then what if I run into a monster? Well, I’ll have to get it done somehow.
There’s only one of them anyway, and I’m strong.

“Wow… The lady is really strong.”

I remembered what Susanna had said.

In addition, I have a history of playing cricket as a hobby when I was young, so I  know how to wield something like a bat effectively.

For example, a weapon like an axe.

‘Okay, let’s try it.’

In fact, this whole situation still didn’t feel real to me.
 I only remember the type in the novel, because I’ve never actually seen a virus monster.
It had no idea how powerful they were.

In fact, I don’t know if that’s what gave me more courage.

‘I really need that Elpinus herb.’

Right now, I decided to only think about the Elpinus herb and survival.

* * *

Late night time, at the entrance of Notium Street alley.

I pressed down on the robe, and with his head sticking in the alley, I looked around.

It was late at night when gas lights were lighting the road, but there were quite a few people passing by.

‘I think I’ll stand out if I do something wrong.’

Of course, I wore a mask just in case.

The only thing I have right now is a party mask, so I wore it in a hurry, but somehow this one seems more flashy.

‘As long as you don’t recognize my face.’

Anyway, I waited for the right time and reviewed the characteristics of the virus monster.

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