t hasn’t eaten people for several days.

‘I have to be alert.’

With a Molotov cocktail in hand, I took an oil lighter from my belt bag and was ready to light it at any moment.

It is fortunate that it has a European-style background in the 19th century when the industry was developed.
In the 18th century, lighting would have been difficult in this situation.

‘Yes,  it doesn’t make sense to have a world view without guns to deal with zombies.’

I walked in slowly, thinking of those unnutritious thoughts to get rid of my tension.

In the lobby on the first floor, there were two stairs leading to the second floor.
I stood in front of it for a while, contemplating where the Elpinus herb might be and where to start looking…


A small box fell at my feet.

I was so shocked that I thought my heart was going to drop.

On the outside of the box that had fallen to the floor, there was a picture of a plant that looked exactly like a bug.

A plant that looks like a bug, that’s it!

It matched what was described in the novel.
It was the Elpinus herb box I was looking for.

‘What, where did you fall from?’

I packed the box and put it in my belt bag.
Then I looked up, and my eyes met a man staring at me from the railing on the dark second floor.

XX, what a surprise!

The man’s eyes widened.

“Hey, wait! wait!”

A man screamed and ran down the stairs.
Then, in the middle, he stumbled and fell and rolled down.


Then he collapsed in front of me.

What, what… !?

Help me, save me!”

The man, who soon came to his senses, hurriedly raised his upper body.
He continued to limp even after barely getting back up, perhaps because his right leg was broken.
Fortunately, it didn’t look like a monster bite.
There were no bloodstains whatsoever.

I first protected him by putting him behind my back.
And the moment I took out an oil lighter from my belt bag and tried to light the Molotov cocktail,


The floor shook in an instant.

With the Molotov cocktail in hand, I looked around.
It was difficult to pinpoint where the sound was coming from.
It was because the whole space of the mansion was resonating.

Then, a sticky green liquid fell on the floor in front of my shoe nose.



I barely moved my motionless head and slowly looked up at the ceiling like a broken robot.

Only then I saw three large eyes hanging from the ceiling looking down at me.

The one hanging from the ceiling chandelier had long arms and legs like a spider.
His torso was swollen like water, and his head was twice the size of a normal person.

Even the pincer fangs visible through the gaping lips were like spiders.
And the green saliva dripping out of it.
It was an eye-popping sight.

‘It’s disgusting.’

If the world ends in the future, will I have to continue to deal with these things? In the incredible situation, I was stiff from head to toe and couldn’t move.

The monster did not move willingly.

Shhh- Shhh-

It only made an incomprehensible sound while being alert.

I quietly asked the man hiding behind my back, clutching the Molotov cocktail.

“Do you have any bites?”

“What, what? Uh…….”

“Answer me straight, I will help you.
Did you get bitten by it?”

“Oh, no.
When I came to this mansion, that monster was tied up in a room.
My sister hasn’t been able to contact me for a few days, so I came to see her, but what kind of monster…”

Being tied up in a room, then there was someone who tied it up.

“What else? Is there anyone else here?”

“Uh, there wasn’t.
There’s no one.”

I lit the firebomb wick as I watched the monster who was wary of us move his legs slowly.

At the same time the monster rushed at us.
I calmly threw the firebomb at the monster.


The body caught on fire fell to the floor with a scream.

Ack! He continued to struggle in agony.

“Help me!”

In the meantime, the man with a limp leg kicked out the front door and ran away.

‘Yes, run away, you are a hindrance after all.’

I drew an ax from my back and approached to blow off the monster’s head.
Then the quick-witted monster runs straight out of the open front door.

“Damn it! no!”

I ran frantically following  the monster who ran across the yard towards the gate.
The direction happened to be on the side of the aurora.

“It’s dangerous! Avoid it!”

Hoping that Aurora would hear, I shouted with all my might  and ran beyond breath.

And when the monster just broke through the gate-

I swung the ax at him.


The head was deflected, but the blade of the ax stuck right into the torso.


He groaned and collapsed to the floor.


A woman believed to be Aurora sat down in front of the gate, letting out her screams.

it’s X

(btw X = cursing)

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