Xu Qingyan finally managed to prepare the conference materials before departing.
She sent the documents via email to the professors, and upon seeing the words “sent,” she let out a long sigh of relief.

Apart from Xu Qingyan and the department head, there were two other professors accompanying them to the conference.
The team consisted of four people, with Xu Qingyan being the only woman among the three middle-aged men.
Xu Qingyan seamlessly assumed the role of secretary for the three professors, deftly managing a multitude of tasks. 

Typically, such conferences involved morning presentations and afternoon discussions.
Xu Qingyan’s role was primarily to observe and learn, and then to have brief encounters with the professors and renowned medical experts. 

The director would proudly introduce her as his outstanding disciple with exceptional aptitude, someone he had managed to recruit from the field of cardiovascular surgery with great effort.
If the director were to discover that it was not solely due to his personal charm but rather Xu Qingyan’s own desire to change her career path, he would likely feel quite frustrated for a long time.

With great effort, Xu Qingyan maintained a smile and skilfully maneuvered through the day, successfully concluding the conference. 

Accompanying the three esteemed professors back to the hotel, her facial muscles felt rigid, and her body seemed on the verge of collapse. 

Being the only female attendee, the organizers had arranged for her to share a room with a female doctor from another hospital attending the conference.
However, that doctor and her colleagues had gone out for a night excursion in D City, leaving Xu Qingyan alone in the room.

In an orderly fashion, Xu Qingyan began to pack her belongings, tidying up the conference materials and allowing herself time for a refreshing shower.
By the time everything was in order, it was only 9 o’clock.
Xu Qingyan reclined on the bed, replied Cao Jin’s message and watched some television.
Soon, her hunger caught up with her.

During dinner, there were only social engagements, and Xu Qingyan didn’t get a chance to eat much.

Just then, Cao Jin replied on WeChat, mentioning that the night market in D City was renowned for its variety of street food.
Xu Qingyan checked the map and discovered that it was not far from the hotel. 

She changed into casual attire, took off her contact lenses, put on a pair of framed glasses, grabbed a small bag, and headed out.

Having a map on her phone was a blessing for someone directionally challenged like her.
Xu Qingyan searched for about fifteen minutes until she spotted the bustling crowd and caught occasional whiffs of mouthwatering aromas.
She followed the flow of people and ventured deeper into the night market.
Unlike Ling Qiao, who was a true foodie, Xu Qingyan wasn’t particularly picky about food.
Though, she had a special fondness for one particular dish – grilled squid.

Observing her surroundings, she passed stalls selling meatballs, noodles, and soup-filled dumplings. 

Just as she was near the end of the night market, feeling a bit disappointed, she noticed a small stall on her left with a small banner hung above it, reading “Zhang Ji BBQ.” Xu Qingyan squeezed through the crowd and her eyes lit up.

“Grilled squid, delicious squid! Ten yuan per skewer!”

The owner of the stall continued to shout while skilfully grilling the squid skewers on the rack.
The fresh and tender squid sizzled and made delightful sound.
He sprinkled some mysterious seasoning powder on them, creating an exquisite aroma. 

Xu Qingyan noticed there was still a long queue ahead of her, so she patiently waited.
When it was finally her turn, she confidently said, “Boss, I’ll have five skewers.”

“Boss, five skewers,” another voice echoed simultaneously.
Xu Qingyan was stunned and turned her head to the side.
For a moment, she was frozen in place and couldn’t utter a word.

She remembered earlier in the year when she visited the temple and offered incense.
Could it be that as the year approached its end, her balance was insufficient?

Why did she have to encounter this person again?

With one hand casually inserted into the pocket of his trousers, the man in a black and white checkered shirt had undone two buttons.

Amidst the crowded market, he seemed undisturbed, slightly lowering his head as if he hadn’t noticed Xu Qingyan.
His gaze was fixed solely on the squid skewers before him.

The boss appeared hesitant and said, “I’m sorry, but I only have 5 skewers ready.
The rest will have to wait.
Which one of you would like to go first?”

Upon seeing him, Xu Qingyan’s hunger dissipated instantly.
Her immediate reaction was to lower her head and adjust her glasses, hoping that he hadn’t recognized her.
She tried her best to diminish her presence, wanting to leave as quickly as possible.
She didn’t even respond to the boss’s question.
However, just as she turned around, her wrist was grabbed.

Xu,” came the voice of Lord Liang from behind.

Though his grip was gentle, Xu Qingyan felt her wrist burning as if touched by fire.
She didn’t dare to struggle and took a moment to compose herself before turning back.

She was unsure of how to address him.
Lord Liang? It might not be appropriate in a public setting.
Besides, she didn’t know his real name.

With a poker face, Xu Qingyan managed to utter two words, “Hello.”

The man glanced at her, pausing briefly on her glasses, and then naturally released her hand.
He looked at the squid skewers and said to the shop owner, “Let this young lady go first.”

“No need, I have something to attend to,” Xu Qingyan replied, her tone devoid of emotion.

Xu Qingyan had completely lost her appetite.
Standing next to this person, she felt like a squid on a hot plate, every minute becoming more agonizing.

He glanced at her, his gaze deep and inscrutable.

The shop owner, having packed the squid skewers for Xu Qingyan, smiled and said, “Alright, miss, that’ll be fifty yuan.”

Xu Qingyan paused for a moment, then reluctantly took the bag and reached into her purse to pay.
As she searched, she realized that her wallet was in her backpack.
She then checked her pants pocket, but it was empty.
She hesitated for a moment, then reached for the other pocket, only to find it empty as well.

Oh no.
After taking a shower, she changed into a new pair of pants and forgot to transfer her money.
She didn’t have a single cent with her.

Lord Liang stood calmly by the side, waiting, but those people behind her started to become impatient.

“What’s going on? Are you done yet?”

“If you don’t have money, just leave and don’t hold up others.”

Xu Qingyan’s face flushed with embarrassment.
She furrowed her brow and searched through her belongings once again, then awkwardly handed the bag back to the shop owner.
“I’m sorry, I forgot to bring money.
Can I pay with Alipay…?”

“Fifty yuan,” Liang Jiankong interjected, already taking out the money and paying for it.
He then turned and walked away.
Xu Qingyan was taken aback for a moment, looking down at the squid in her hand, before hastily catching up to him.

He veered away from the crowd and headed towards a small side street.
Xu Qingyan maintained a distance of three meters, neither daring to get too close nor to leave.
Her heart was filled with both anxiety and frustration, a rare mix of emotions.

The nearby seats were all taken, and he didn’t want to squeeze among the crowd.
He walked to a small shop, bought two bottles of chilled beer, and then headed to the roadside railing.
Leaning against it, he seemed to have known that Xu Qingyan was behind him and turned his head to signal her.

Xu Qingyan cautiously approached, stopping at an arm’s length from him.
The squid in her hand was scalding hot, and she handed it to him, eager to distance herself from this dangerous person.

He didn’t take it, but instead, he expertly tapped the beer bottle against the railing.
With a satisfying pop, the cap came off.
He offered the beer to Xu Qingyan.

Xu Qingyan had a calm expression on her face, with a few strands of her short hair falling near her ears.
She wore a simple white shirt, casual linen pants, and a pair of white canvas shoes.
Due to her slim figure and delicate features, coupled with the glasses framing her small face, she appeared exceptionally pure and clean.

“I don’t drink,” she whispered.
“Here’s your squid.”

He didn’t say much, retracting his hand and taking a sip of beer, his Adam’s apple lightly bobbing, emanating an indescribable charm.
He then took out another skewer from the bag and began eating it in a carefree manner.

Xu Qingyan felt extremely awkward in this situation, unsure whether to leave or stay.

He opened another bottle of beer and once again offered it to Xu Qingyan.
Though she felt a sense of disapproval, she recognized the relentless course of destiny and quietly took the bottle, with no intention of actually drinking from it.

While eating, he asked, “Dr.
Xu, here for vacation?”

“For a meeting.”

“What a coincidence, so am I.
Come to think of it, this is the third time we’ve crossed paths, isn’t it?”

Xu Qingyan suddenly became nervous, knowing that what was meant to happen would eventually come to pass.

He turned his face towards her and asked, “What do you think?”

In truth, he wasn’t repulsive in appearance, nor purely handsome.
The scar around his eye socket prevented him from being considered handsome, yet he possessed an indescribable charm.
Even in the vast sea of people, under the cover of darkness, he stood at the center.

Dangerous yet captivating, one couldn’t look away.

Xu Qingyan deliberately focused her attention on the trash bin in front and tried to see through it as if trying to find a hole in it.
“Sir, it is merely a coincidence, and it was not my intention to be here.”

What he actually meant was for her to not appear before him again, but now it was his unexpected appearance that she couldn’t evade.

“You certainly have a way with words,” he sneered.

From his tone, it seemed like he had no intention of pursuing the matter.
She couldn’t help but discreetly raise her eyes and caught him gazing at her.
Immediately, she averted her gaze.

He noticed her tendency to avoid his gaze.
Every time she spoke to him, it was with concise questions and brief answers.
If he remained silent, she would fall into silence as well, her face reflecting a sense of resignation.

He touched his face.
Was he really that terrifying?

When Ah Bao arrived, he happened to see Lord Liang leisurely enjoying his grilled skewers.
Seeing him unharmed, Ah Bao finally felt relieved.
He was sent to follow up on something, and suddenly received a report that his boss had gone missing. 

Normally, he wouldn’t be so anxious, but Lord Liang’s injuries hadn’t fully healed yet, and with various forces stirring up trouble, there was a possibility that someone like Cheng might disregard everything and launch another attack, potentially reshuffling the cards.

Then, he noticed Xu Qingyan beside Lord Liang and came to a halt, nearly colliding with the person behind him.
He silently stood behind him, not approaching.

Lord Liang tossed the empty beer bottle towards the nearby trash bin, perfectly hitting its target, and then picked up another bottle of beer.
Seeing Xu Qingyan still holding the bag, he asked, “Why aren’t you eating?”

Xu Qingyan was speechless but managed to endure it.
“It’s fine, you bought it.”

He teased her, “Doesn’t your hand get tired holding it like that?”

He finally took the bag and looked into the distance.
From the side, his peach blossom-shaped eyes with long, slightly curled eyelashes formed an elegant curve, while his deep black pupils exuded a subtle sense of aloofness.

“Hiss…” He suddenly took a sharp breath.

“Sir, what’s wrong?” Ah Bao immediately approached, concerned.

Only then did Xu Qingyan notice that Ah Bao was nearby, always by his side.

Seeming to have known Ah Bao’s presence, he said, “It’s nothing.
I have a slight stomachache these days.
When we get back, contact a doctor for me.
My stomach hasn’t been feeling well lately.”

Leopard immediately responded, “Understood.” But right after answering, he felt something was amiss.
The fact that Boss never easily called for a doctor, and there was a doctor right here, why didn’t he take the opportunity to inquire? Was he still on guard against Xu Qingyan?

On the other side, Xu Qingyan remained silent, playing dead.

Xu, any suggestions?” Ah Bao spoke on behalf of his boss.

Interrupting her, he said, “Liang Jiankong.”

Xu Qingyan was taken aback.

“Liang Jiankong,” he repeated once again.

Liang Jiankong, it sounded pleasant when pronounced.
But shouldn’t his surname be Li? The thought quickly passed through her mind.

Liang, is it stomachache?” she asked.

Liang Jiankong immediately clapped his hands together.
Xu happens to be an expert in this field.
How could I forget?”

Ah Bao: “…”

Sir, you’re not putting much effort into this act.

Xu Qingyan nodded earnestly.
“Could you provide more detailed description?”

Liang Jiankong placed his right hand on his stomach and recalled, “I always feel a burning sensation at night, but it’s fine during the day.”

“For how long? Any feelings of nausea? How is your appetite?” As soon as she assumed the role of a doctor, Xu Qingyan became focused, and her words became more numerous.

“It’s just recently.”

“Do you have any medical history?”


Xu Qingyan rummaged through her bag and took out a small notebook.
She liked to carry a pen and notebook with her, and it wasn’t just filled with medical notes but also things she found interesting in her daily life.

She lowered her head and earnestly wrote something on the paper.
Her soft bangs gently swayed in front of her forehead, and strands of hair occasionally slipped down near her ears.
She casually tucked them back behind her ears.
Her petite and delicate earlobes were unpierced.
She continued writing with her head down.

Liang Jiankong glanced at her for a while and discreetly averted his gaze.

Xu Qingyan lifted her head and put down her pen.
“Stick out your tongue, let me have a look.”

Liang Jiankong obediently complied, sticking out his tongue and even asking, “Can you see anything?”

Xu Qingyan carefully observed, her dark pupils appearing particularly bright due to her focus.
In that moment, their bodies involuntarily drew closer due to this action.
Liang Jiankong could clearly see the beauty mark on her nose tip just by lowering his gaze.
Xu Qingyan was deeply engrossed in her examination, and after a moment, her eyebrows slightly furrowed.

“Have you had any previous issues with your stomach?”

Liang Jiankong retracted his tongue and replied, “I’ve always felt fine.”

Xu Qingyan tilted her head, seemingly puzzled.
After a while, she said, “But from what I can see, your stomach has been poorly maintained for a long time.
You should pay more attention to it.
If it’s convenient, it would be best to go to the hospital for a check-up…” She suddenly paused.

What was Liang Jiankong’s identity? Could he easily go to the hospital? 

Xu Qingyan tore the page from her notebook and handed it to Liang Jiankong.
“These are Western medicine prescriptions for symptomatic relief.
If there are any pathological issues, it would be best to undergo a gastroscopy or seek traditional Chinese medicine for treatment.”

Liang Jiankong took the paper.
Xu Qingyan preferred using a fountain pen, and the handwriting on the paper was not as graceful as one might imagine.
Instead, it appeared strong and precise, with sharp strokes.
If one were to judge a person by their handwriting, then Xu Qingyan’s inner thoughts were not as plain and calm as her outward appearance.

The paper contained the diagnosis and prescribed medications, with detailed instructions on dosage and usage for each.
It was meticulously written.

As Liang Jiankong stared at the paper for an extended moment, a sense of unease washed over Xu Qingyan, causing her hairs to prickle on her neck.
She couldn’t help but wonder if she had made a mistake in her writing. 

“Thank you for the reminder, Dr.
Xu.” Liang Jiankong folded the paper neatly and put it in his pocket.

Suddenly, Ah Bao leaned in and whispered a few words in Liang Jiankong’s ear.
Liang Jiankong listened without any visible expression but immediately turned to Xu Qingyan and said, “You may leave now.”

Xu Qingyan was taken aback for a moment, then, like a prisoner released from captivity, she swiftly turned and walked away.
She didn’t bid farewell, secretly feeling that not saying goodbye was akin to never meeting this person again.

Ah Bao waited for a while until Xu Qingyan’s figure was completely out of sight before speaking, “Lord Liang.”

“Is Cheng nearby?”

Just as you suspected, they have joined forces.
In Nepal, the mercenary leader has already been apprehended.
Shall we…”

“No rush.
The big fish hasn’t shown up yet, and the small fry are not enough to be a nuisance.” Liang Jiankong interrupted confidently, always having a plan in mind.

Before Ah Bao could continue speaking, a voice called out cheerfully Liang Jiankong from afar, “Good old Liang!”

Ah Bao instantly switched into a state of high alert, positioning himself protectively to Liang Jiankong’s left front, while discreetly observing their surroundings.

Liang Jiankong turned to the source of the voice, his brow remaining untroubled, and responded with an equally warm smile, “Well, well, if it isn’t the Young Master Cheng.”

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