The Omega’s choice

Chapter 7: Lust

As Ethan appeared upset when he left, I ran after him to see if he was okay. After all, this was my fault. At the very least, I believe it was my fault. Other followed behind him. Please believe me, I did not do this. I grabbed his hand as I spoke. He said, ”Fine, if you are so innocent, would you be so kind as to explain this? ” Before whipping out his phone, Ethan replied. There was a video playing. I entered Ethans apartment with a baseball bat, striking and throwing objects and cutting his clothes with a pair of scissors. While another one was playing. After entering his office, I dropped a bouquet, a letter, and a gift box in the drawer of his desk. During the last video, I sat on his chair and pressed his laptop. In pure horror, I trailed off, holding my racing heart to my chest.

”I don understand. ” I stammered.

”That wasn me! ” I shouted.

Is there a twin brother in your family? A yell escaped Ethans lips. My soul shrunk even further from their judgmental stares. It made me feel awful about myself, and I don even know why. I felt dizzy as my head hung low. My heart ached and my breath became harsher as I breathed harder. I tried to relax and converse, but I couldn do that if I was hyperventilating in the middle of a conversation.

After I regained my wits, I explained all that had happened and how Cindy had assisted me, but Cindy and Ethan only gave me dirty glares.

My first impression of you was that you were a pleasant person, which explains why I dragged you to meet Ethan and Leo. However, once I realized who you were, I stopped taking your calls, and when it became unbearable, I changed my phone number. He would disappear at the strangest times whenever we were hanging out. In fact, it took me a couple of tries before I could figure it out. Continuing her conversation, she explained, her voice still low. As a result, I began following him. I observed him asking questions about Ethan and if he liked men. The situation was irritating me, so I cut you off.. she continued. An angry expression appeared on Cindys face.

It made me feel heartbroken. My heart hammered and threatened to jump out of my chest as Ethans voice brought me out of my trance. I couldn believe Cindy would do that to me.

I am trying to keep my anger under control; otherwise, your face would be in terrible shape. I do not remember why I have not punched you. I urge you to listen to me, pretty boy. Let this be the last time I stand in front of you. I am doing this simply because next time I see you, you will not be so lucky. In addition, I respect my brother deeply, which is another reason I won do anything to you.

I do not love you, nor will I ever love you. Take your itchy ass and run to find a perverted, sick man like you. I will never be with you or any other man. Is there any reason a handsome boy like you would chase men? When you are supposed to find yourself a beautiful woman,

Do you have a vaginal canal? This will make getting into my bed much easier. If you do not, get off my face. There was a smirk on Ethans face as he smiled.

Instead of skating over my skin, sadness drained through me. It was exhausting enough for me to endure the pain that permeates every cell in my body. I just walked home instead of continuing the conversation. It hurt me, but if I stayed around him any longer, I would be in even greater pain. While walking to my room, my mother noticed that something was amiss and held my hand as I tripped over myself.

Is everything alright with you, Luca? She whispered as she walked to me. I asked my mother to take me to my room, wiping at my eyes, desperately trying to clean the tears that stained my cheeks. Lets talk when you
e feeling better, dear. As his mom rubbed his head, she wondered what could have happened to her son.

The thoughts in my head were spiralling as they recurred repeatedly. It is simply not possible. It is impossible for Cindy to do such a thing to me. Throughout the night, I tried to bury these thoughts and console myself. Sadly, that did not work out, and the memories of Ethans words broke my heart all over again.

Ethan is visiting his dad at their mansion. His father shouted from within his room, ”I will be with you in five minutes. ” When Leo walks into the living room, Ethan is twirling his wineglass as he waits for his dad.

Ethan rolled his eyes and said, ”Good evening, Brother. ” Good evening, Ethan, Leo answered, sitting next to him. It is a pleasant thing that you are here, as I have been meaning to speak with you. As Leo adjusted in his seat, he asked Ethan, ”Do you trust Cindy? ” In response, Ethan shrugged. ”Yes, I trust her. ” I have known Cindy since I was a child.

Are you aware she has a crush on you? Leo asked. Is there anyone Cindy Issac does not have a crush on? A smirk spread across Ethans face.

Wouldn it be wise for you to listen to Luca and hear his side of the story and examine it further? Because hes the one… I don want to argue with you tonight. Ethan interrupts him. Upon hearing his sons conversation, their dad walks down the stairs.

”Ethan, when will you stop arguing with your brother and pay attention to him for once? ” he asked. I pray it will not be too late for you to listen to him one day when you will wish you had listened to him.

It is impossible for me to regret this, dad. Never. As Ethan exhaled, he smiled.

I called you here to discuss the wedding. Lets make a deal. Ill arrange a meeting to meet his family and see him. If you
e not interested, Ill let you go. A dry smile spread across his dads face.

He nodded in agreement with the statement.

Would it be possible to delay it until next month, Father? There are a few things that I need to sort out, and don forget that we will travel to the brand-new hospital branch in Thailand.

I can believe I have forgotten. My mind has been occupied with Ethans lately. Mr Logan hissed.

Can I leave now that everythings all right? Ethan smirked in disbelief.

Leo whispered, ”I still think hes innocent, Ethan. ”

I doubt it, ”brother, Ethan yelled as he exited. ”


After all that happened last week, I felt like giving up. Is there anything worth living for? If I will never be happy, why should I continue to live? My mind kept repeating these thoughts, but I kept trying to ignore them and just make my mother happy. Its stressful for her, and my uncles not helping.

I still love him and hope that he will open his heart to embrace me and cherish me as I adore him. However, what happened back there clarified that he would never love me and accept me the same way I felt for him. Luca complained to his mom, ”I hate my life. ”

Despite how much you love him, if he does not feel the slightest love for you, you cannot force him to love you. However, I can knock some sense into him. How dare he talk to my baby like that? She whined.

I am feeling suffocated. It has been a week since I began having difficulty breathing. Is it likely to get better in the future? With tears streaming down his face, Luca asked.

Lucas mom gritted her teeth and clung to her chest. It is difficult to live without him, but you will soon be able to cope with it. You may not forget about him as your first love, but you will live with it.

There was a man who came to the house yesterday with his oldest son. However, you were sleeping, and I didn want to disturb you since you rarely sleep. Mr. Logan requested you marry his youngest son, but they had already arranged a date for next month.

Thats Ethans surname, but I doubt its them, I thought before my mother broke my trance.

It would be a wise idea to see Lewis before then, as he calls every day to check on you and comes to the house. I will make excuses for you regularly. You have a lot of suitors. I would suggest you set up a date with them all and choose the one who respects your needs the most.

Mom, it will be difficult for me to focus on all of them, and I might end up not selecting any. Luca muttered.

It is only possible to accomplish this if you do not compare them to the one you love, ensuring that you end up with the right one. A smile spread across his moms face, trying to hide her sadness. She thought, ”I wish I could make him love you. ”

There is no need to worry, baby, she muttered.

Thank you, mom. I whispered. Just let me know when and where. A sigh escaped my lips.

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