in the room, indicating that Kariel had been researching.
However, Tarion didn’t have much hope that Kariel would find a solution in just a few days of research.

Despite this, he admired Kariel’s determination to keep moving forward instead of giving up hopelessly.

“Get it ready,” Kariel said.

Tarion immediately went outside to prepare for Kariel’s outing.
Kariel’s poor health meant he had to ride in a carriage even when moving around the palace.
If he was just looking at the garden in the Crown Prince’s Palace for a short time, he had to ride a specially made palanquin because of his weak body.

“There’s a lot to prepare,” Tarion explained when he came back in to report that the preparations were complete.

Kariel carefully walked out of the room, ready to embark on his journey.

Kariel boarded the carriage, gritting his teeth in frustration.
Although the carriage had been crafted by skilled artisans, and the ride was smooth, the unfamiliar environment made him feel tired.
He reminisced about his past life, which had been filled with challenges, and how he had managed to restore his body to a functional level with Tarion’s help before becoming emperor.

As he lost himself in his thoughts, the carriage arrived at its destination sooner than he expected.
The knight guarding the palace treasury saluted and greeted him, and all those nearby bowed in respect to the crown prince, regardless of his sickly state.

The official in charge of the palace treasury approached Kariel, bowed, and asked, “Your Highness, did you come for a specific reason?”

Kariel furrowed his brow at the official’s disrespectful tone.
Despite the decline in royal power, Kariel still held the title of royalty.
Although most people found it difficult to deal with royalty, there were a few exceptions, namely high-ranking nobles.

“Your Highness, did you come for a specific reason?” the official in charge of the palace treasury approached Kariel and asked.

Kariel’s brow furrowed at the way the official spoke as if he was the owner of the place.
Not only had he arrived late, but it twisted Kariel’s mood.

Despite the decline in royal power, royalty was still royalty, as mentioned earlier.

Most people found them difficult to deal with, but there were exceptions, such as high-ranking nobles.
These individuals took advantage of the crumbling royal power and acted arrogantly, behaving as if they were more important than the royalty or royalty themselves.

“Do I need to report to you when I arrive here?” Kariel asked, causing the official to widen their eyes in surprise.

“No, that’s not what I meant… I’m sorry I couldn’t serve you more sincerely if I had known you were coming,” the official replied.

“What family do you belong to?” Kariel inquired, causing the official to hesitate.

Realizing that saying the wrong thing could lead to serious consequences, the official finally replied, “I’m from the Beriot family, supporters of the emperor.”

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