Aura, who was the most powerful water wizard, plotted with other kingdoms to make it rain and flood in her own kingdom.

She was beheaded in the 62nd year of the Kingdom of Schemel at the age of 23 for the crime of taking the lives of thousands of people.


Aura’s execution was nearly thirty years ago today.


“Alesia, we are almost home, so don’t fall asleep.”

“Yes, yes, I’m not going to sleep…”

My mother’s soft voice and warm hands rubbing my back felt good and made me sleepy even more.

Why should I not sleep? It feels great.

It seemed strange to me at the time.

I was sitting in a basket on a camel.

We’d just gotten back from a trip to a big city, and my stomach was full and I was tired.
I was three years old and riding a camel, overlooking endless sand dunes illuminated by moonlight.
It was no surprise that I was sleepy.

My chestnut-haired head swayed with sleepiness, and my blue eyes, fluttering with gold stars, struggled to stay awake.
My eyelids, on the other hand, close slowly.

I eventually dozed off.

In case I fell asleep on the road, my mother always had oiled paper and waxed tarpaulins on hand.

because it was going to rain.
Only when I was asleep did they come around me.

I was born with this extraordinary ability.
I had the ability to make it rain without my knowledge when I fell asleep.

My mother noticed it a few days after I was born.

Only around our small house in the capital does it rain.
both day and night.

It begins when I go to bed.
It comes to an end when I wake up.
At first, my mother thought it was just a coincidence, but when she looked into it more, she saw that the rain and my sleep were perfectly timed.

It was a drizzle that couldn’t even be called rain when I was a baby, and the amount of rain was minimal.

“It’s raining a lot these days,” my neighbors would say, and my mother would respond, “Yes, it is, but thank God for rain.” She’d laugh and try to hide it.

She couldn’t say, “I think my daughter is causing it to rain.”

My father Serio was concerned, saying, “If this is known, she may be treated as a monster and killed.”

Hilda, my mother, also agreed.
“If her power became known, someone with power would forcibly take her away and work her to death.” So my parents decided to keep my power completely hidden.

“If we stay here any longer, word will get out about the rain,” they reasoned.
As a result, when I was two weeks old, they left their familiar home in

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