rain stopped when the babies cried, and it started again when they drank their milk and went to bed.
The king and queen, as well as the ministers, are ecstatic.

Alesia and her mother, Hilda, were whispering to each other the day after giving birth.

“Alesia, it’s raining just like when you were born.”

“Do you know who is causing the rain, Oka-san? I only hold my babies when they are awake.”

“Both of them.
It always rains regardless of who is sleeping.”

“Oh, dear.
That must delight the great people.”

Gil, who had tasted the drizzling rain that the children had created in a cup, exclaimed, “okay! The rain tastes exactly like Alesia- sama’s!” He was delighted.

One day, about ten days after the birth of the twins, His Highness Mark was looking at the sleeping faces of the babies and discussing the future with Alesia.

“Even if the children can make it rain and produce water, the country will eventually come to a standstill if it depends on them.”

In the long run, water security and medical development are critical to the country’s future—not every generation is fortunate enough to have many water wizards.”

When Mark looks at the baby, his face tightens.

“That’s right.
We will now work to secure deep wells and better medical care.”

“We must also take care of scholars who study diseases.”

“Haha, you’re one of those people who gets ten things right when they say one.”

Mark gently kissed Alesia’s forehead with these words.


Kream Institute of Statistics.

“The prime minister has summoned you, Mikhail.
The reason is unknown.
Can you think of a reason?”

“Perhaps it’s because I’ve been bugging him for the breakdown of export sales.”

“…Be careful not to cause too much trouble.”

“I don’t mean to make waves.
I’ll be right back.”

The Prime Minister’s office.

“So, your name is Mikhail.
I apologize for summoning you.”

How may I help you?”

“You’ve been tracking disease outbreaks and deaths across the country for a while, haven’t you?”


“You also requested a breakdown of export sales.”


“Then I’ve got a job for you.
I’d like you to accept it.
In the next room is a veteran of the field.
You’ll hear all the details there.”

He has no way of saying no.

(Did I get too close to some top-secret information? Perhaps I’ll be demoted?)

Mikhail ignored his inner turmoil and proceeded to the next room.

There was an elderly woman sitting there.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you.
I’m Mikhail, and I work at the Kream Institute of Statistics.”

“I’m Isabelle, and you don’t have to say anything formal.”

“What kind of work do you do, Isabelle-san?”

“Helping the wizard, I suppose.
I’ve been in desperate need of assistance recently, so I requested that Her Highness Princess Alesia find someone I can trust.”

“Help the wizard?”

“Yes, that’s right.”

Isabelle reached into her pocket and pulled out a white silk cloth.

“It’s top secret because if people found out about it, there’d be a big fight.
What I need you to do is visit oases and settlements and assist the sick who cannot be treated with medicine.”

Mikhail followed up with a few more inquiries.

It appears that it is a job to heal the sick in various locations using a cloth imbued with Alesia’s power.

Mikhail was overjoyed to learn that he could conduct statistical research following his treatment.

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