Taking a last look at the whole kingdom, I release a huge amount of mana from my body and create a barrier around it. Its a barrier that protects the kingdom from dark magic. Since Larzul has been long gone, the dark magic that he spreads is automatically dispersed too. But to be sure, I put a light magic barrier in the whole kingdom just in case there are still fragments of dark magic left lingering in the air.

Since I already fulfilled my mission and the world is now at peace, I decided to leave the kingdom of Lapir for good and to travel to different countries to explore some new things. I also want to forget my painful experiences and start a new life. Leaving a letter on my desk, I tell them that I will be gone for a very long time and don waste their effort and energy to find me. I don think Im being cruel to them. Im thinking that this journey is enough payment for what I did for the whole world.

As for the position I left, Im not that worried since there are a lot of new talented, and powerful magicians in the whole kingdom. Im pretty sure that they can find a suitable replacement for me. Even without me, I know that the kingdom will still be good and peaceful.

During my trip, I eventually met four children who wanted to be my apprentices.

My first apprentice is Rufis. He is an abandoned child who wanders around the city. I quickly noticed the mana that flows through his body. It has a pretty green color, a symbol that he can be an elemental magician.

But his mana is a bit unstable. When I asked him if he was aware of his own gift, he became so wary of me that he even called me a human trafficker tricking a child like him. I laughed at this kids idea. He asked me a lot of questions which I actually answered truthfully. When he learns that I am the Archmage of Light, he quickly changed his opinion about me. He asked me if he can join me on my journey and I said yes.

My second and third apprentices are Silvi and Rei. They are twins. Rufis and I accidentally met them when we passed the slums of Gruvia. Silvi was on the verge of death at that time. Her twin brother Rei begs me to help his sister, which I obviously obliged. Silvi was coughing a lot of blood due to the overflowing mana on her body.

It is because Rei is unconsciously giving Silvi his own mana. But their mana is not compatible with each other which causes a disturbance in Silvis body. When I reduce the mana on Silvis body, she becomes stable once again and gains consciousness. Worried about those twins, I asked them if they wanted to join me and Rufis in our journey which they happily accepted. Just like Rufis, those two were abandoned by their family since they can raise them anymore.

My last apprentice was named Janus. He actually tried to steal my things from me and run away, yet Rufis caught him. When I asked him about his stealing attempt, he actually cried saying that he does not want to do it, but he needs to survive. His parents are already dead and he has no other relatives.

I understand his situation, but stealing things from others is also not good. There is no reason for me not to forgive him. I gave him a small pouch of money and told him not to steal things again before leaving the streets of Mandori. But Janus followed us and asked if he could join us too. He even showed me his mana which piques my interest. Janus can actually control his own mana and it has a pretty shade of yellow.

That is when I decided to make him my apprentice.

Now its been twenty years since the last time I started my journey and took four children to be my apprentices. I accepted them wholeheartedly and treated them as my own child. Despite looking like a twenty-year-old woman, my actual age is already ninety-five years old. I owe my youthful looks to the blood of Elves that flows in my veins and the blessings I received from them.

I personally taught my knowledge of magic to my apprentices and guided them to nurture their hidden talents. Except for Janus, the first thing I taught them was how to control their mana. It would bring a problem for them in the future if they can even manage to control the mana that is flowing through their body. I never taught anyone before, so I struggled a little bit with teaching them. But as time goes by, I managed to teach them the things they need to learn in a simple way that they easily follow.

After twenty years, these four children grew up as strong magicians. Rufis is now a strong magician that specializes in the magic of wind. Rei controls the magic power of water while Silvi controls the magic power of fire. Knowing how to control his own mana, Janus nurtures his own magical power of earth for the past years. I smiled wryly to myself thinking how I accidentally managed to create a group of apprentices whose specialties are elemental magic. Not only that, but their magic also suited their personalities.

Rufis is reckless in everything he does. Silvi was easily annoyed while her twin brother Rei is calm all the time while Janus is the aggressive type of person. Because of Januss personality, he always clashes with Rufis all the time. They usually fought literally about everything. And when these happen, Silvi gets annoyed with them and joins their argument. It was actually Rei who always makes things calm and peaceful again.

Who says raising children is easy? For the past years, I have become their foster parent, friend, master, and teacher. Its hard, but I eventually like my situation and accept it. Even though these four children are not my blood relatives, I treated them as my family. I guide them in whatever they do, teach them whatever they need to learn and love each one of them equally. These children took a portion of my heart that cannot be erased.

I have a good life with them, but I know that it won last long. I can feel my time is slowly running out. I have to go to a place where these children can follow me anymore.


I will send those four on an errand tomorrow. They were confused at first since I rarely give them something to do. The first one who raises his question is Rufis.

”Why do you want us to go to Terra Divia? ”

”Simple. I want you all to go there and gather the Phoenix Tears. You can find it in the middle of that land. ” I said as I make myself comfortable on the tree where Im leaning.

”Phoenix Tears? Isn it a very rare and strong magic tool? ” Rei asked.

”Yes. Its a very rare item that you can easily find anywhere. But based on my calculations, Terra Divia has already made the Phoenix Tears and its now ready to be picked up. ”

Phoenix Tears are not actually tears of that legendary bird. It is a tear-shaped small amber crystal that Terra Divia is making once every ten years. Terra Divia is actually a huge forest that has its own mind. Just think of that forest and trees as parents and the Phoenix Tears are their children.

”That crystal is quite popular because it can grant a simple wish. Your wish should be the one you truly desired so that the crystal will acknowledge it. You can just use the crystal once. It will become a regular stone after you use its power to grant your wish. ”

”Oh! Then I will go and get that crystal! After that, Im going to make a wish to become a famous Archmage just like Master Veron! ” Rufis said with a boyish smile.

”Ha! Try to beat me first before wishing the impossible. ” Janus commented which was never past Rufiss ears.

”Oh yeah? Want me to beat you now and settle our unfinished battle? ”

Battle? Its more like a petty fight between children rather than a battle to me though. But I just decided to keep my comment to myself.

”Stop it! Its already nighttime and you two are making such a noise! ” Silvi annoyingly said to Rufis and Janus.

”Shut up! This is just between us men. ”

Silvi is now irritated with those two and joined their argument. I let out a sigh and decided to put more wood on the fire. Then Rei tries to make things calm again by pacifying my other three apprentices.

I watched my cherished apprentices with gentle gazes. I know that they are now ready to start a new journey in life without me. I already taught them all the things they needed to know to survive and live their life peacefully. Its time for me to let go of them and rest eternally. I let out a soft sigh as I turn my gaze toward the sky full of stars.

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