is last known activity was thirty years ago, and he hadn’t created another famous sword since the True Heavenly Sword.

“I’m Raon Zieghart.”

Raon bowed, without minding Vulcan’s manners.
It was his way of showing respect to a giant who’d reached the end of a road.


Vulcan’s disgruntled expression softened slightly at his polite greeting.

“Did you tell him about…?”

“Not at all.”

Rimmer shook his head, then turned around.

“This old man is Zieghart’s blacksmith.”


“Yes, retired blacksmith.
Anyway, he’s been igniting flames here for over ten years now.”

Rimmer turned, pointing at the now extinguished furnace.

“This is where you can feel the hottest and fiercest flame in the North.”


* * *


Reaper Scans

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* * *


“A cultivation technique for fire attributes, huh…”

Vulcan frowned after hearing Rimmer’s explanation.

“Is that why you brought him here?”

“It’s because you’re managing the fire here throughout the year.
There’s no other place where you can feel a proper flame.”

“How about the blacksmiths’ workshop?”

“That place stands out too much.
Being noticed before learning that cultivation technique won’t do him any good.”

“Why not?”

“Because Raon is Sylvia’s son.”

Upon hearing that he was Sylvia’s son, Vulcan’s eyes skimmed over Raon once again.


He turned around and watched the orange flame.
He looked like he was considering it.

“I won’t disturb you.
Please allow me to feel the fire.”

Raon bowed to Vulcan once more.

‘I want to see it again.’

Vulcan’s flame made his heart beat harder and his mana circuit waver.
He wanted to feel the breath of that flame once again.

“I’m just making charcoal.”


“A golden charcoal that can generate a much more powerful heat than white or black charcoal.
If you aren’t going to disturb me making golden charcoal, I don’t care what you do.”

“Thank you very much.”


Raon bowed once again.
Vulcan turned his head, embarrassed by Raon’s increasing courtesy.

“It’s nice that he accepted.
Raon, cultivate the ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’ here during daybreak training.
Since nobody lives around here, and this old man doesn’t know about cultivation techniques, you don’t need to worry.”


Raon nodded.
Just as Rimmer said, he couldn’t feel any mana from Vulcan.

“Old man, we need to talk.”

Rimmer led Vulcan out of the house, pleased that everything was going well.

“You’re still as kind as ever, old man.”

Rimmer grinned, his arm resting on Vulcan’s shoulder.

“I’ll bring you some good stuff if you take good care of Raon.
Do you like fruit wines?”

“It’s not because of you.”


“The flame in the furnace burst when that boy arrived, to a point that the coals were ruined because of it.”

Vulcan furrowed his eyebrows, looking at the yellow, burned-out coal.

“It’s been a long time since I last got this color.”

“So, the old man felt it too.”

“I’m a blacksmith.
The flame that I’ve been seeing my entire life wavered.
There’s no way I wouldn’t know.”

Vulcan’s gray eyes, the color of burned-out ashes, shone.

“The boy’s breath contains the power to move a flame.”




The next morning, Raon ran towards Vulcan’s charcoal kiln before sunrise.
Thanks to the red heat rising up in the dark mountain, it wasn’t difficult to find the charcoal kiln.

Despite hearing Raon’s footsteps, Vulcan kept watching the furnace instead of looking at him.

The sight of him keeping his eyes on the furnace, despite sweating so heavily, emphasized the fact that he didn’t gain the title of the Continent’s Blacksmith for nothing.

‘This heat…’

Raon stood where the heat was the strongest.

The intense wave of heat rolled up his clothes and flared up his skin.
The ice frantically started to stab his mana circuit.


He grit his teeth against the incoming pain, gray steam leaving his mouth.

It was so painful that he wanted to run away immediately, but his heartbeat was raging with excitement from the flame.

He was exhilarated.
Following the breath of fire that he felt through the pain, he recited the fundamentals of the ‘Ten Thousand Flame Cultivation’.

The hot breath was added to the inhaled mana, and the cloudy air was exhaled from his body.

Raon closed his eyes.
He rotated the ‘Ring of Fire’ and practiced the’ Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’.




When he reached the peak of his concentration, the pain disappeared and the exhilaration from the heat filled his heart.


Vulcan turned around.
The movements of his hands gentled as he watched Raon breathe with his eyes closed.




The sound of burning wood crackled from the furnace.




Three months had passed since Raon started to cultivate aura at Vulcan’s charcoal kiln.

Since he’d gotten used to it, he could now reach the charcoal kiln in ten minutes.

The flame, which had become even fiercer than the first time he’d seen, was pressing down on the place.
The kiln’s surroundings were filled with heat ripples the size of a finger.

‘He doesn’t change.’

Vulcan didn’t turn around or speak, despite knowing that he’d arrived.
He just focused on watching the furnace.

Raon approached the furnace, trying to not make a sound.

Each time he took a step towards the furnace, heated air surrounded his entire body.

It was difficult to breathe, and his back was drenched in sweat.
The ice in his mana circuit growled like the jaws of a savage beast.


It was a pain he couldn’t get used to, but Raon smiled.
Looking at the flame was now enough to make him excited.


He’d started to understand.

After spending time alongside the fire and following Rimmer’s advice, he could finally understand what fire was.

People said fire was the scariest and the strongest attribute, but it was the most stable of all attributes if handled properly.

Raon took one more step towards it, while feeling the heat scorching his skin.

The energy from his not-yet-acquired ‘Ten Thousand Flames’ Technique woke by itself, attracting the heat that was scorching the earth.

The flame inside the furnace burst up like a devil’s tongue, as if it was reacting to the mana.


Raon exhaled the remaining air from his lung and took in the well-baked mana.

He guided the boiling mana towards his mana circuit.
The ice trying to run away from the heat, followed the flow of the ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’, and dragged it into the energy center.

‘An image.’

Once the cultivation stabilized, Raon remembered Rimmer’s advice.
He’d told him he needed to draw an image.

‘The fire I need…’

He thought about his objective.

It was to make Sylvia a part of the direct line once again, and to cut Derus Robert’s head off.
It was going to be as difficult as walking through darkness, where he couldn’t see anything.

He needed a flame that could become a torch to illuminate his way, a flame that could become a sword to defeat savage beasts.

He needed a flame that wouldn’t extinguish, even if it snowed or rained.
A flame that didn’t extinguish, no matter what.
That was the flame he chose.

As he drew the clear image of his flame, lightning struck his mind and his heart throbbed with life.

The mana circuit repeated its expansion and contraction, stimulating the frozen ice.

Heat that was running wild, like lava melting the glacier, ran through his mana circuit and finally reached his energy center.




The moment the energy from the ‘Ten Thousand Flames Cultivation’ was being condensed into a sphere of aura, a frightening voice resounded in his mind.

It’s the King of Essence’s time to shine.

Spine-chilling goosebumps appeared up Raon’s back, despite his trance.


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