a sharp noise.
He was in a good mood, almost as if he was drunk, from receiving compliments on his students from an old friend of his.

“I want to strengthen the monsters that would fight against the trainees.
At around an advanced sword beginner level.”

“It’s possible.
A guy who entered the magic tower a few years ago is specialized in summoning and controlling monsters.
He can even make a worm have the power of a dragon.”

“I-is that even possible?”

“That was a joke.”

“Ah, seriously…”

“Well, a worm can’t become like a dragon, but it’s pretty easy to make an orc an advanced sword beginner.
Although we can’t strengthen many of them at once, and it’s only limited to one at a time.”

Verbin murmured that it wasn’t really a difficult task.

“Thank you.
And one more thing.”

“What is it?”

“Can you use the hallucination magic to make the monster look like a human?”

“That’s also an easy task.
Since they are children that haven’t even reached an Expert’s level, one artifact with hallucination magic would be enough.”

Please do that, too.”

Rimmer flicked his finger and gulped down the beer on the table at once.

“But wouldn’t the trial become too difficult to overcome for the trainees if strengthening and hallucination magic are used at the same time?”

Verbin furrowed his brow, caressing his glass.

“It will be difficult enough for them to fight against an orc with strengthened physical abilities.
If they saw it as a human, they won’t even be able to swing their swords properly.”

“Hell yeah! This is the taste!”

Rimmer exclaimed, slamming down his glass of beer on the table.

“What did you just say?”

“I said it would be difficult for the trainees to win.
Monster strengthening is one thing, but it’s really difficult for little children to kill a monster that they see as a human.”

“It’s fine.
Because my students are swordsmen, not little children.

Rimmer grinned.
Anticipation and joy were mixed in his dark green eyes.

“They are strong, both in body and mind.”


* * *


Reaper Scans

[Translator – Kyangi]

[Proofreader – Harley]

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* * *


The magical lamp chased off the darkness in the fifth training ground.

Most of the trainees had returned to their homes, but some children still remained, swinging their swords.

Runaan Sullion was one of them.
Staying in the training ground, she practiced the stab that Raon had shown her.




Runaan lowered her posture and thrust her sword.
A fast and powerful strike pierced through the air, but it didn’t feel right.

‘I can’t do it well.’

Raon’s stab was smooth and relaxed, rather than powerful.
It felt so natural that she didn’t even realize he was about to stab.

No matter how many times she watched, she couldn’t understand how he’d done that.

She looked towards the indoor gymnasium.
Raon was currently doing his muscle training, and she didn’t want to bother him.

‘Let’s try a few more times.’

Getting ready once again, she thrust her sword into the air.
She tried changing her posture, but the strike wasn’t really different.

‘One more time.’

The sound of a blade piercing the air changed slightly.
The speed and power were reduced slightly, but the edge of the sword seemed a bit relaxed.

She stopped moving her hand when the moon rising from the east moved by the size of two creases on a finger.


Runaan visibly nodded.

‘It worked, a little.’

She still had a long way to go before catching up to Raon, but the last movement of the 'Star-Combining Sword' had clearly changed.
Despite its strength and speed being reduced, its combination and smoothness had become far better.


T/N: The ‘Combination Sword’ will be referred to as the ‘Star-Combining Sword’ from this moment on.



Runaan looked at the indoor gymnasium once again.
The light was still on, and shouts of concentration from Raon, Burren, and Martha could be heard.

While she was wondering about what to do, she remembered what her mother had told her.

“I’ll have the bead ice cream ready for you, so come back early on the weekend.”

‘I gotta go.’

Runaan immediately returned the training sword.
Deciding to ask him about what she was lacking next week, she left the training ground.

It was when she was about to run towards the training grounds outside in order to quickly return to where the maids were waiting that it happened.
A man’s shadow was visible in a dark alley.


As she was about to pass by and ignore him, the shadow took a step forward and called her name.


Runaan stood still.
Her eyes, which were always blank, were shaking as if they were hit by a wave.

The man appeared.
With short silver hair and dark purple eyes, he was a handsome young man with an appearance similar to Runaan’s.


“It’s been a while.”

Runaan took a step back with trembling lips, and the man took three steps forward, smiling softly.

Syria Sullion.

He was Runaan’s older brother, and the man who put his name on the Twelve Stars of the Continent as the biggest genius in the history of House Sullion.


However, Runaan—who’d seen Syria after a long time—was as white as a sheet, as if she’d encountered a powerful opponent instead of her older brother.

“Runaan, didn’t I tell you to not make that face?”

Syria smiled.
His smile was relaxed, and his speech was soft.

However, if one looked at his expression carefully, they would’ve felt terrified.
Because unlike his mouth, his eyes weren’t smiling at all.


Runaan clenched her teeth and lowered her head.
As if she forced her turbulent emotions to calm down, her trembling purple eyes settled down in the darkness.

“Yes, that’s how you should be.”

Syria kept smiling and approached Runaan to stroke her head.

“It looks like Rimmer’s training is pretty good.
You’ve become stronger than I thought.”

He bent over and met Runaan’s eyes.

At that moment, the mask on Syria’s face was dropped.
His expression was as stiff as a rotten tree, and the light disappeared from his eyes.
He looked like an emotionless monster.

“I hope you won’t be doing things like going onto a battlefield, or dueling with your life on the line.”

His voice also changed.
It was a terribly dry voice, like the desert’s north wind that dried lives up to death.


Runaan’s shoulders trembled.
Grabbing her own hands, she stepped backward.

“Hmm, did it become weaker? I need to carve it into you again.”

Syria put his hand in his coat’s inner pocket.
He took out a round-eyed squirrel.

“Was Ruby the name of the squirrel you used to raise?’


Runaan stopped stepping back.
She extended her hand towards the squirrel, trying to grab it.

“You will remember now.
The way Ruby died, and the reason you became afraid of blood.”


Syria smiled with his immobile eyes and put force on his right hand.
With a blasting sound, his hand that used to hold a squirrel in it only had a handful of bloodstains remaining.


Runaan screamed and sank to her knees, but nobody could hear the sound because of the energy barrier that Syria had put up.


Syria approached Runaan, who was on her knees.
He whispered in her ears with a lifeless voice.

“You are mine.
Until that day comes, don’t do anything dangerous or difficult.”


“Just keep breathing until I need you…”




As Syria was about to brainwash Runaan, a thundering noise resounded throughout the alley.

A blonde-haired boy appeared through the dust rising from the crumbled ground.
His red eyes were staring at Syria.

“Who are you?”


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