Episode 1 Hell Hound (1) 





His Life has always been a struggle. 

He was a bastard, a concubine's child. 

He was not born with a surname such as 'Ra' or 'Le', which half-brothers in the family were given free of charge, so he had to work hundreds of times harder than others. 


But it didn't end well. 

Spy, assassination, kidnapping, intimidation, smuggling …
He crossed over 500 big and small lines for his family, but luck abandoned him in the end. 

The moment when he was accused of being a spy of the demon tribe and was executed with an unfair accusation. 

He thought intensely. 

want to live 

I want to live again. 



~Awi Awi Aiiiiiiiii

The cry of a baby echoes throughout the large room. 

Dozens of slopes overlapped with the Baskerville family, the iron-blooded swordsman. 


The owner, Marquis Hugo Baskerville, lifted his indifferent eyes and scanned the children born this year. 

“They don't seem worthwhile.” 

It was quite harsh for a father's first evaluation of his children born this yea 


at that time. 

Hugo's feet stopped at one point as they passed the cradles in the nursery. 

Vikir Van Baskerville. 

An illegitimate child who doesn't even deserve to be here. 

Unlike the other brothers who have reached the age of 6 or 8 months, he has only just completed 100 days of being born and has barely entered this room. 

The baby was not crying. 

He just closed his eyes and lay still, as if dead. 


Hugo looked at Vikir like that and softened his complexion a little. 

It's not that he was happy because Vikir's qualities were superior to those of the other children. 

However, he was thinking that if there was only garbage lying around, a less noisy garbage would be better. 

Before long, Hugo spoke to the dozens of nannies behind . 

“Move the children to the 'Cradle of Swords” 

Children of the Baskervilles was put to the test from the moment they was born until the time they die. 

From cradle to grave. 

The first of these tests has just begun. 


What is the Cradle of Swords?”


It is a unique rite of passage for the Baskervilles. 

Countless knives were placed on a round hill like a maze, and a baby was dropped in the middle. 

The baby is trapped and wanders in the maze created by the blade. 

A situation in which even if he moves, the blade will cut the body and injure. 

In this environment, the baby has to crawl on the floor

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