“I don't like you.
Follow me.” 



“Follow me.” 



“Follow me.” 



The 9-year-old triplets of Baskerville, Hiro, Viro, and Loro, had always had a low-key argument with the 8-year-old Vikir, who always listened to their words with his mouth shut. 



In his childhood before he returned, meeting these guys was as scary as meeting a grim reaper.



These guys were also involved in the deaths that caused decades of turmoil in the continent, and above all, they are the warriors who will become so outstanding that they will be 'Hugo Baskerville's triplets' in a few decades.



‘I guess they'll make a lot of great contributions to the Baskerville family in the future, So it is necessary to step on the bud in advance, to eat up the Baskerville in the future.’ 



“…I'm sorry…I’m sorry.” 



Vikir looked at them while crying like a poor child, and spoke to the triplets, who were standing there with pride.



“Do you want me to kick your ass here or would you rather want us to hit you where there is no one?”



The triplets giggled. 



“But you should remember that it will be an honor for you to get beaten by us.”






It will be troublesome even for the triplets to beat someone in the presence of others. 



They twisted Vikir's arm and dragged him into a secluded place with his mouth closed. 



Infant Palace was a castle that had been built a long time ago, so the buildings were built in the old architectural style, and there were many remote and secluded spaces. 



Crossing the basement entrance, they passed between an abandoned food warehouse that had cracks.



The triplets dragged Vikir into a secluded room in the no-man hallway. 



The leader of the triplet, Hiro, spoke with a smile. 



“If you scream, I will cut your throat.
But, If you can hold it till the end, we will take you to the nurse's office after beating you up.
What’s your choice?”  



“I can hold…..I’ll hold it in.”



It was hard to believe that he is a nine years old child after witnessing his shady smile along with a dagger in his waist. 



Young children are always so cruel. 



Laughing while taking off the heads or wings of bugs and stomping them to death. 



They say that children can be the cruelest creatures alive. 



It goes without saying for the children of the Baskerville family. 



The three little devils surrounded Vikir and spoke. 



“I heard that you held your breath in the Styx river for seven minutes.
When I heard that from my nanny, I laughed a lot.”



“I laughed too.” 



“I laughed as well.” 



Hiro gave a signal to his youngest brother, Loro, who was next to him. 



Loro grinned when he saw the signal. 



He nodded his head, went behind Vikir, and covered his nose and mouth with both of his hands. 



Hiro looked at Vikir's face and laughed meanly. 



“Seven minutes? If you can hold on to your breath for at least three minutes, we will admit our loss.” 



“Admit loss!” 



“Admit loss!” 



Loro tightly closed Vikir’s nose and mouth with his hands. 



Malice intent could be felt from the hands.



It was as if he would never allow him to breathe. 



Hiro and Viro smiled with their hands tightly clasped together. 



It was as if they were going to subdue Vikir if he tried to move.






But the triplets turned their heads in wonder. 



Because Vikir stood still and looked at the triplets without moving at all. 



The triplets stared at each other with a puzzled expression, because Vikir stood still and looked at the triplets without moving.



“Hehehe, you're having a hard time holding your breath, aren't you? You have a lot of spirit.
But let's see how long it can last.” 



“Let's see.” 



“Let's see.”


The triplets tightened their hands even more.



A minute passed just like that. 



As a child, Vikir should have been out of breath since he hasn’t even reached the stage of sensing Mana. 



But Vikir stood there with calm eyes just like the first time,



“ …you punk….You are really good at enduring.” 



“You punk.” 



“You punk.” 



The triplets were busy tightening their hands, not knowing that the smiles hanging on their mouths were slowly starting to fade. 



More than two minutes. 



The triplets were a little dumbfounded. 



A long time has passed since they surrounded Vikir, who was still standing without breathing.



“ What's wrong with him? Is he breathing?” 



“Is he breathing?!” 



“Is he breathing?!'”



Hearing Hiro’s suspension, Loro jumped up to check the situation and soon he shook his head.



The breathing organs were clearly blocked. 



And soon 3 minutes passed. 



4 minutes. 


5 minutes. 


6 minutes. 


7 minutes. 


8 minutes. 


9 minutes.


10 minutes. 



Vikir was still standing without breathing.



In the meantime, there was a chilling silence in the room. 



At this point, the backs of the triplets, who started the bullying, were now completely drenched in cold sweat. 



All this time, Vikir had been staring at the triplets, without blinking his eyes nor changing his composure.



There was nothing but grave silence



After a while, Hiro spoke to Loro with a forced smile. 



“ Jeeez, It's not fun at all.
Untie him.” 



“Untie him.” 



“Untie him.” 



Just as Loro was about to take his hands off Vickiard's mouth. 






A sudden scream was heard. 



It wasn't the breathtaking sound of Vikir, nor was it the sound of struggle. 



Blood started to pour out from Loro's index finger. 






Vikir spat out a finger from his mouth. 



And he grinned at the triplets in front of him. 



“ I'm going to have a stomach ache due to the finger?” 




Seeing Vikir smiling bashfully with a lot of thick blood on his lips, the faces of the triplets turned pale in an instant.



“Then, Hiro chewed out.” 



“…Hmph! That's not scary at all!”



“…I'm not scared!” 



“…I'm scared!” 



The last comment was not in sync like usual. 



As Hiro and Viro turned their heads, Loro lifted his palm and sniffled. 



“It was my fingers that got bitten!” 



The triplets began to get flustered.



Seeing blood is familiar to the children of Baskerville. 



However, the story is a little different when it comes to flesh that has been ripped off, along with broken bone fragments. 



The guys who were always in sync began to move out of sync. 



The eldest, Hiro, comforted the youngest, Loro. 



“Geez, calm down, bro, let's go to the nurse's office and ask her to put the finger back.” 



“Let's do it.” 



Quick, quick!” 



Viro carried Loro. 



When Hiro quickly reached out and was about to open the door. 



“Who said you could leave?” 



Vikir blocked their path. 



Hiro's grim expression got distorted. 






Of course, the distorted expression never stayed for long. 






Because Vikir's fist flew in and broke all his nose bones and teeth. 



Hiro lay on the floor with his hands wrapped around his face. 


Viro just stood there with a blank expression on his face, but soon turned his chin immediately at Vikir's incoming kick. 















All three of them screamed, groaned, and cried in different sounds. 



Vikir said, slithering in front of the door. 



“You will be crippled for the rest of your life if you don't get proper treatment within the next hour.
But I don't think you'll be able to get out of this room today.” 



“You will always remember my name when your teeth, jaws, and fingers start to ache.” 



The triplets stared at Vikir with fear.



'The brutal nature of the past nine years in Baskerville has not gone anywhere……But they're still children.’ 



Vikir grinned. 



If there is a person who doesn't listen to the winner, he’s no different than a corpse. 



This was Hugo Baskerville's view of parenting, and furthermore, it was the code of conduct for the entire Baskerville family.






Hiro, the eldest brother, mustered up his courage and rushed towards Vikir, with a dagger in his hand.









Hiro's dagger was not able to draw a single drop of blood, even though it properly pierced into Vikir's body.



“ …uh?” 



Hiro had a blank expression on his face. 



Vikir's chest, which had touched the dagger, seemed to have turned black, but soon it returned back to its normal skin color. 



Due to the protection of the Styx, Vikir's body has reached a level of indestructibility at the age of only 8. 






The sound was similar to when the dagger was pierced earlier, but the result was completely different. 




Hiro sat down feeling that all his remaining teeth were completely broken. 



It happened in just two punches. 






The clattering sounds of tears, runny nose, saliva, blood, air bubbles, and teeth within the mouth could be heard. 



A dark shadow of Viktor was cast upon the three trembling twins who were clutching their faces, jaws, and fingers.






A dagger was thrown in front of the shaking triplets. 



But no one had any thought about it. 



Instinctively everyone knew that if they grab it, their situation will get even worse. 



The triplets kneeled on the floor without even raising their heads and were only dripping blood, tears, saliva, and cold sweat.



All three seem to have wet their pants from pain and fear. 



At that time, Vikir said. 



“There is only one brother who can get out of this room alive.” 



The expressions of the triplets suddenly changed as they found a strand of hope, so they urgently asked. 












Vikir's answer to that was simple. 



“From now on, you guys have to decide on it.” 



At the same moment, the eyes of the triplets converged on the dagger in the center. 



Baskerville's triplets began to split from the inside.

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