as over.

“I don’t know, but…”

After a moment of silence, the well-forged man stood up slowly.

Contrary to his languid gestures, his eyes were sharp, like a beast accustomed to dominion.

“Anyway, we can finally meet.”

An obvious anticipation flickered across his face as he grinned and muttered.

“After a very long time.”

* * *

We ran nonstop for days and days.

It was midnight when they arrived at Rapahan, the capital of the Tailies Empire.

I grabbed Pyeol, who was looking out the window with his soft hips twitching.

“Wait a minute.”

I took out a small note from my pocket and put it in Pyeol’s beak.

“I have something else to do for you.
I have somewhere to pass this on.”

At my words, Pyeol flapped his little wings and immediately rebelled.


I pressed Pyeol’s chubby cheeks and kindly informed him of the reality.

“If i tell you to go, Shouldn’t you go? I’m your master now, not Melissa.”

And once again kindly gave advice on life as the owner.

“You can’t try to suck honey under me like this.”

t/n : It’s korean slang when you describe a situation where you do nothing but only take an advantage of it., so she is basically telling Pyeol to dont expect of taking advantage because she won’t let him.

As soon as Pyeol saw my eyes, he was taken aback and then cried and protested.

“I know.
Anyway, send this secretly to P.O.
Box 1135.”

“I know that too.”

The summons each have their own abilities.
And Pyeol’s ability was ‘secret delivery’.

He was able to carry small items wherever he wanted without being noticed by anyone, but great distances were not possible and it took some time.
According to Melissa’s recollection, it took about a week.

Pyeol had a dissatisfied expression on their face.


I said with a straight face.

“The soul has no capillaries, so it cannot be bruised.”

<… >

Pyeol murmured as it flew helplessly out of the window.

It was a really cheeky self-talk, but it was okay.
It was because even if Pyeol cursed for a hundred days, magic engineering will not be ruined.

After the beeping was gone, I, who was left alone in the carriage, took a deep breath.

‘Empire…Capital Rapahan… Duke Prelai’

It was the first I returned home after leaving on my own at sixteen.

My heart was pounding.
I don’t have any good memories here.

No, to be precise, I didn’t remember being proud.
Especially when I recalled the splendid and antique duke’s residence, I felt like I was already breaking out in a cold sweat.

‘It’s fine… you are okay.
You just have to try, you are okay.
let’s try,  I can try.’

As I tried to calm my upset stomach, a carriage arrived at the gate of the duke’s residence.

It was the middle of the night, but the duke was very busy.
This was because tonight, the grandfather’s maid attempted to assassinate him with a poisoned dagger.

Of course, the Duke of Prelai was no easy place, so the assassination attempt was failed.
Anyway, the important thing is that when I arrived, the duchy was in a state of panic.

When I appeared in the garden, the servants of the duke’s residence were horrified.

“Hey, princess? You are Princess Kiana, right?”

“No, princess… Suddenly without contact… !”

“I’m sorry, princess! Now, of course, an assassination attempt has taken place and the duke’s mansion is in a mess.
If you wait a moment, the Duke…”

Well, since it suddenly appeared after six years, it was only natural.

“Everyone looks busy, but don’t make a fuss about it.
Anyway, I’m tired from traveling, so I’ll go in right away and sleep.
I will say hello to my grandfather tomorrow, to let him know.”

I walked past them with a sly expression.

It was even fortunate that the duke’s house was cluttered and i had to  delay saying goodbye to my grandfather.
However, the meeting with my grandfather could not be postponed forever.

‘I can’t just avoid my grandfather just because he’s awkward and uncomfortable like before.’

I took a deep breath once again.

‘Because Grandpa is the only trustworthy head of Prelai… We have to get even a little closer and somehow warn of the crisis and prepare together.’

I walked slowly and entered the huge mansion of the Duke of Prelai.

To my uncomfortable home, a place I never thought I would ever get back on my feet.

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