Kiana ‘s pet! Pyeol was stolen by Melissa!”

I woke up early in the morning because I kept having nightmares.

‘Since I graduated from the academy, there’s no paper pressure, so I wanted to sleep in.’

“It’s unfortunate I’m really, really unfortunate…”

Not to mention the young mother, who looks just like me, lying on the ground and crying…

“Marquis Cesare Levine has donated a huge research fund this time.
I picked Professor Kiana Prely.
Your place is the Academy.
The academy can’t be without a princess, ha ha.”

It was a nightmare that had even been upgraded, with the dean’s face appearing at the end.

Anyway, when I woke up, I was already assigned a dedicated maid.
She was a tall, well-muscled maid for her size.

I glanced at her hard forearms and asked softly.

“Is Grandpa awake?”

“The Duke fell asleep at dawn.
Won’t you be up in the afternoon?”

“Really? I see.
I’ll say hello in the afternoon.”

“Yes, I understand.
Ah, the Great prince, the Little prince, and Princess Melissa… No, the priestess isn’t there either.”

“I know.”

My first brother, Alex, must have left for the province yesterday at the order of my grandfather, and my second brother, Joshua, had moved aways long time ago.

Melissa had also gone to the monastery the other day, so it was only my grandfather and me at home.

“And I got a bunch of letters from the academy last night.”

“Oh yeah? Just throw it all away.”

It was obvious what the academy would send.

They must be talking about what to do with the ongoing research.
It was to the point where there was almost no research going on at the academy without me.

Since I’m so smart and hard-working, I’ve been flooded with research assignments since I was a doctoral student.
It was to the point where, when requesting a research from outside, there were cases where they put my name in the request.

‘I was a co-researcher on all kinds of projects, so without me, the academy would be in complete emergency.’

And by now, it will be a fuss to know that I have applied for cancellation of all the patents I had agreed to before the academy.

‘The dean hates being pushed for money the most, so he must be in great pain right now.
I’ll make them suffer as much as I want, and then I’ll torment them at a higher level later.’

I did not forget the grudge I had against the dean, what I did last time was only  a short-term resentment, now I was going to do long-term bullying.

As I was grinding my teeth, the maid asked politely.

“Then can I prepare breakfast for you now, princess?”

“No, I’m not very good in the morning.
Just a cup of coffee, please.
And I’m going out, so get ready.”

At my words, the maid looked very shocked.
And she asked cautiously.

“Huh, princess? You’re not feeling well..

My status before returning was a professor.
Therefore, I was genuinely surprised and praised the novelty.

“Are you talking back to me just now? This is a situation you’ve never even imagined?”

The maid immediately shut her mouth.

I added nonchalantly.

“I know it’s from grandfather, but you’ll still have to listen to my orders.”

“… What?”

“No? You’re the spy my grandfather put on me to watch.”

To my words, the maid did not respond.
However, she had a look of embarrassment with a face as if she had been caught and folded her waist down.

“I’m sorry!”

“It’s okay.
You didn’t want to do it, you were told to do that, I know from my graduate school days.
I don’t need a sincere apology.
Can you go and get me coffee?”

“A-aren’t you changing maids?”

“What are you doing? Then she’ll have another spy, but you’d better keep doing what you’re doing.
It’s not going to be a career for you either.”

“For what? Then another spy will come, so it’s better if the one who was doing it continues, that’s your job”

It was an era of unemployment.

I spoke attentively and kindly, caring about her maid’s career as I had treated my students when I was a professor.

“It takes at least a month before you can proudly say, ‘I have a history of spying on an ignorant, naive princess who obeyed the highest authority in the family.’”


“Thank you for your consideration.
So hurry up and get some coffee, spy.
And I warn you, if the phrase ‘bring me coffee’ comes out of my mouth again….”

And I was an advisor with a balanced perspective that also showed the coldness of reality.

“I know how to fire dishonorably and making you say ‘I know how to do a real spy job, but I am a fool who can not bring a cup of coffee in my job.’ ”

“I-I’ll be back right away!”

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