“Sect Master!”

Su Baiche was so angry that he couldn’t speak clearly, “Why do you want the Immortal to take risks for me? Why not just let me be captured!”

He had planned so hard this morning to create a coincidence and fall into the hands of Nan Yaoquan, just to live a comfortable life above tens of thousands of people in the Demon Realm.

But now, his cherished plan was shattered before it even started!

Ling Ye let go of him, “I know you’re worried about your Junior Brother, but you can rest assured, Nan Yaoquan won’t hurt him.”

Who’s worried? He just wants to ruin his good fortune!

Su Baiche gritted his teeth and was on the verge of losing his temper, wishing to tear off his face right away.

Tong Xi’s repeated warnings barely kept him calm.
He softened his tone and said, “Sect Master, let me go to the Demon Realm to save the Immortal.”

Ling Ye replied, “I’ll go.”

He had already placed a tracking spell on Shen Liuxiang and could sense his movements.
Right now, he was heading towards the Demon Realm.

Su Baiche was furious.

If he wasn’t allowed to go, was he supposed to stay in Qingling Sect forever?!

Angered, he couldn’t control his words and said with a hint of sarcasm, “I never thought that in Sect Master’s heart, the Immortal is more important than me.
I’m truly flattered.”

Ling Ye frowned slightly and looked deeply at Su Baiche.
After a moment, he said in a low voice, “I chose you because you fell into Nan Yaoquan’s hands, and most likely, you would die.
But it’s different for Junior Brother.
Even if Nan Yaoquan is dissatisfied with him, he won’t harm him.”

Su Baiche sneered inwardly.

Who are you trying to fool? Tong Xi made it clear that the Demon Lord treats himself as his own brother, trying to make up for past regrets.
How could he possibly harm him?

Moreover, why was Ling Ye so sure that the Demon Lord wouldn’t hurt Shen Liuxiang, but he himself was in danger? Did his face mean so little to Nan Yaoquan that he couldn’t rival Shen Liuxiang in his heart? It was simply laughable!

Ling Ye didn’t say anything more and just advised, “You stay in the sect.”

After that, he stepped into the void and was about to leave when he suddenly thought of something and looked towards a corner.

He didn’t know when the young man had disappeared, leaving only scattered melon seeds on the bed.

Shen Liuxiang’s eyelashes trembled slightly, and as his consciousness returned, he faintly heard some conversations, and among them, Nan Yaoquan’s voice.

Liu Shenyun glanced at the person on the bed, “Who is this?”

He had been watching from a distance, and when he saw the Demon Lord pushing Su Baiche away for this cultivator, a storm surged in his heart.

Liu Shenyun noticed the joy in Nan Yaoquan’s eyes when he saw someone who looked like his brother.
He saw through it all.
So, who was this person who suddenly appeared and made the Demon Lord give up on his own brother?

Nan Yaoquan put down his teacup and tapped the table with his fingertips, making a heavy sound.

After a while, he said, “He is my adoptive father’s son.”

Liu Shenyun was surprised as he had never heard of the Demon Lord having an adoptive father.
His gaze returned to the bed, and by accident, he saw the fair, long fingers on the blanket move.

At the same time, Nan Yaoquan coldly snorted, “Open your eyes when you wake up, behave yourself, don’t you only have the cultivation base of the Golden Core realm left?”

Shen Liu Xiang had certainly noticed.

The saliva from cursing him in his heart was about to drown Nan Yaoquan.

This was one of Nan Yaoquan’s unique spells, the Spirit Binding Art.

The black cord wrapped around his wrist was the Spirit Binding Cord formed by Nan Yao Quan’s spiritual power.
Anyone with a lower cultivation base than the caster would have their spiritual power controlled by it, forcibly suppressing their cultivation base.

Shen Liuxiang sat up, his waist-length ink was scattered behind his back, and he frowned slightly.

He was contemplating how to escape when he heard Nan Yaoquan speak calmly.

“Take off your clothes.”


Shen Liuxiang widened his eyes slightly, crossed his arms, and looked warily at Nan Yaoquan.

What did he mean by asking him to undress with just one sentence? From what he remembered, this habit wasn’t something Nan Yaoquan would do; it was more like that of a certain fox.

Seeing that the person on the bed didn’t move, Nan Yaoquan’s tone grew heavier.
“I said undress.”

Shen Liuxiang frowned and made no movements.

Nan Yaoquan smashed the teacup in his hand with a crisp sound and his face turned angry.
“If you don’t undress, I’ll come and strip your skin off myself.”

He indeed found this cultivator unpleasant.
Those who didn’t obey orders didn’t deserve to live.

After thinking for a moment, Shen Liuxiang suddenly realized something.

He spat inwardly.

If Nan Yaoquan wanted to see the jade pendant, why not just ask him directly? Why did he have to go in circles and force him to undress?

Shen Liuxiang loosened his collar and took out the warm jade pendant from inside.
Just as he held it in his hand, the cord around his neck snapped and it was taken away by Nan Yaoquan from a distance.

Nan Yao Quan gazed at the jade pendant for a moment, his expression changing constantly, and the tips of his fingers holding the jade pendant turned white.

It was indeed a memento from his adoptive father.

He looked at Shen Liu Xiang’s face repeatedly, trying to find some resemblance, but obviously, the two father and son didn’t look alike.

Emperor Xing Yu was someone Nan Yaoquan deeply respected, and Ling Ye was right, he wouldn’t harm his adoptive father’s lineage.


Nan Yaoquan walked up to Shen Liuxiang, returned the jade pendant to him, and then turned his face away with a look of disgust.
“Xing Chen and Xing Lian are both dragons and phoenixes, are both outstanding individuals, worthy of being my adoptive father’s heirs.
But how come when it comes to you, my adoptive father’s lineage is less impressive?”

Shen Liuxiang: “???” If he wasn’t weaker, he would make Nan Yaoquan taste the wrath of society’s iron fist.

“In that case, can I leave?”

However, Nan Yaoquan held him by the shoulder and gave him a heavy pat.
“Although I don’t like you, I will take you back to the Demon Realm at the request of my adoptive father.
I’ll teach you well so that the lineage of my adoptive father won’t be lost in the cultivation world.”

He stared at Shen Liuxiang, frowning.
“Although it’s already a bit off track, it’s alright.
I can help you correct it.”

Shen Liuxiang felt chills down his spine from being stared at.

With a loud pat on his back, Nan Yao Quan scolded, “Stand up straight, why are you so slouchy?”

“And this,” Nan Yao Quan lifted a strand of Shen Liu Xiang’s hair and rubbed it between his fingers, “Where is your hairpin? It’s all scattered like this, how untidy.
Tie it up.”

Shen Liu Xiang’s mouth twitched.

In response, he deliberately tilted his body, falling on the bed and wrapping himself tightly in the bedding, covering his head completely.

“Why lie down?” Nan Yaoquan’s face turned stern.
“Get up!”

The response from inside the blanket was a muffled groan.

“I won’t get up, just reciting scriptures like a turtle.”

Nan Yaoquan was enraged and raised his hand to deliver a palm strike.
The black mist expanded in his palm, nearly suppressing the impulse to kill the person with one palm strike.

After calming down, the fingers hovering in mid-air curled up, making a crisp sound of bone joints.

If he changes his appearance to look like Su Baiche, then it’s a bit more bearable.

The door opened, and Liu Shenyun, who had been waiting outside for a long time, looked up and saw the gloomy expression on the face of the Demon Lord.
“Is this person an imposter?”

“If he were an imposter, do you think I would let him lie comfortably on the bed?” Nan Yaoquan coldly snorted, flicked his sleeve, and placed his hand behind his back.
“I’ll go out for a while, you go in and keep an eye on him, don’t let him escape.”

Liu Shenyun was a Nascent Soul Stage cultivator, so keeping an eye on a Golden Core stage cultivator was naturally an easy task.
Hearing the order, he complied.

Using his diminished spiritual sense, Shen Liuxiang sensed that Nan Yaoquan had left.
He lifted the blanket and got off the bed, tidying his disheveled clothes.
He walked to the window and looked outside.

The town was bustling at night, with lights everywhere, but there were also many places hidden in the darkness.

Shen Liuxiang’s eyes flickered, and he turned back to look at the figure by the table.
Without moving, the other person kept staring at him.
“Brother Liang, I’m hungry.
Can you buy me something to eat?”

Liang Shenyun replied coldly, “No.”

Shen Liuxiang raised an eyebrow nonchalantly and reached for the small black bag at his waist.

An alert look came over Liang Shenyun.

“I just want to buy a bun to eat.
Don’t be nervous,” Shen Liu Xiang pulled out the Star Flower Bag with an innocent smile on his face.
“You are a Nascent Soul stage cultivator, and I’m just a Golden Core stage cultivator.
Do you think I can overpower you?”

Liang Shenyun snorted, accepting his explanation.

Shen Liuxiang pulled the Star Flower Bag, tugging at it for a while near the window, then sighed.
“I knew I shouldn’t have placed any restrictions on it.”

He looked at the other person in the room.
“Brother Liang, could you help me open this? Only a Nascent Soul stage cultivator can open this storage bag.”

He had never seen such an ugly storage bag; it was entirely black.

Liang Shenyun took the bag and weighed it in his hand, finding nothing unusual.
He pulled the cord and opened the bag.
“Isn’t it straightforward?”

As he lifted his head, he saw a handsome young man in front of him, who slightly hooked his lips and softly recited a spell.

In an instant, Liang Shenyun’s vision plunged into darkness, and it felt like something was tugging at his brain, causing a rush of dizziness.

His figure swayed, and he fell out of the chair.

Shen Liuxiang caught him before he hit the ground, moved him onto the bed, and removed the black cloth bag covering his head.
Then he patted his butt, leaped out of the window, and ran away like a flash of smoke.

With the Star Flower Bag in hand, the world was his!

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