(TL’s note: btw the story is told in first person’s point of view)

On the eighth day of June, it is suitable for marriage. 

I straightened the last crease on the red wedding dress of the woman in front of me, and helped her put on a gold tasseled crown.
This was the best brocade, embroidered with the highest specification of a phoenix pattern in the Song Kingdom, symbolizing the future dignity of a bride.
This is probably the wedding dress that most women yearn for even in their dreams, but my sister is not happy at all. 

My sister is the widow of the destroyed Qi Kingdom.
She has the honorific name as the top beauty in the whole world——Jiang Qiqi.
In order to get her, the four kingdoms fought in chaos, and the ultimate winner, the monarch of the Song Kingdom, was at last able to defeat the remaining three kingdoms.
In the end, he is able to marry my sister. 

The woman in the bronze mirror has a shockingly beautiful appearance, like a celestial being, even a painting can not draw out this perfect silhouette.
Under the vigorous makeup, she was even more beautiful.
Qiqi touched her hair bun, and lightly said: “Jiujiu, you still can’t comb hair into a bun.”  

I smiled and stroked her silky hair: “Sister has always known that I am foolish.
How about I ask Mo Lan to come and recomb it for sister?” 

Qiqi grabbed my hand, and turned her head to look at me: “Why does it matter? This hair bun was personally combed for me by Jiu Jiu.
Besides, this marriage is not going to happen anyways.” 

After saying that, she was silent for a while, and tears gradually started to emerge in her eyes: “It’s finally over, right?” 

I hugged her, and patted her on the back: “Yes, it’s almost over.” 

My sister can finally end her grand revenge.

“Are we going to die?” She hugged me and asked in a trembling voice.

“We will both live.” 

She raised her head, and looked at me blankly.
She has been doing whatever I say for the past few years, and I knew that she had been prepared to burn herself to death from the very beginning.
To survive well, one does not know how to go about it. 

Everything my sister did was all for revenge, and everything I did was all for the both of us to live well, nothing more. 

That’s all I can do. 

The wedding is prosperous and bustling.
I heard that there are more than ten nations, large and small.
Each nation sent gifts and envoys to attend the wedding of the Monarch of the Song Kingdom.
I took my sister’s hand, and led her though the long red carpet. 

The fluttering petals and grand drumming passed through all the eyes of curiosity and contempt.
Naturally, everyone’s eyes were on sister.
In the end, everyone wanted to see what kind of moving face did this rumored beauty who caused chaos between the four kingdoms have.

The Monarch on the seat, who was over 50 years old, and still wanting to wear the red clothes of a groom, smiled in pride at one’s success.
He wanted nothing more than to show off his achievements in the defeat of the three kingdoms and his beautiful concubine.  

Between the bustling figures of guests, a man with an appearance of a guard suddenly appeared, and with extremely quick steps, he rushed towards the steps, and threw himself on the Monarch of the Song Kingdom.
Blood spattered three feet, and the smile of the Monarch of the Song Kingdom froze, looking in disbelief at the dagger on his chest that was pierced indirectly into his heart.
With one move, the assassin cut his own throat, fell to the ground and died. 

It was as if time stood still.
There was no sound in the mall hall, only the drums of celebration continued to play enthusiastically, absurdly celebrating this tragedy. 

I did not know who loudly shouted, “Your Majesty!”.
All of the guests seemed as if they had woken from a dream, and started an uproar.
I looked at Li Yan, the prince who ran to the dead body of the King of the Song Kingdom with an anxious face, yet an indifferent expression in his eyes, not being able to refrain himself from smiling. 

The scene was truly bloody, and it came faster than I thought.
It could be assumed that such a talented and ambitious person like Li Yan would have long been unable to put up with his father.   

Even more, if he still does not make a move, his father will have married his beloved woman. 

Qiqi tightly grasped her hands, as she has always been kind-hearted and innocent, and would naturally be frightened when seeing so much blood.
Although I have long told her that this marriage would not be successful, she certainly would not have expected such a situation.
I calmly whispered to Qiqi: “The fourth kingdom that destroyed the Qi Kingdom has perished and its Monarch has also died.
Li Yan did not participate in the battle against the aligned kingdoms.
He loves you very much, and you can reassuringly follow him from now on.” 

Qiqi’s voice was slightly trembling, and in the middle of all the noisy commotion, I could not hear what she had said.
I only felt her grasp my hand tightly, and it hurted a little.

My gaze swept over Qiqi, and met the gaze of another person. 

He was a young noble wearing a brocade attire with a pair of phoenix eyes that were like a smile yet not a smile.
His lips were slightly hooked up, and the color of his eyes were not pitch-black like an ordinary person, but instead was a translucent clear amber color.
I thought that I would never think of anyone else as beautiful after seeing such a beauty like Qiqi.
However, he still amazed me.
That type of slender, prideful beauty, and elegance that radiated from his bones.

This was the type to have one easily be captivated, like a lamp in dense fog1“lamp in dense fog” = dazed and misleading.
I could guess that as long as he smiled, there would be countless young ladies who would be willing to throw themselves into fire, and fall into an abyss2Self-destruction, and be deeply trapped in love. 

Looking at his hairstyle and clothing, it did not resemble the style of any nation, but more like a tourist who often travels to various nations.
Eight beautiful maids stood behind him, and all had their eyebrows lowered, completely aloof to the scene of the wedding. 

Seeing that I was looking at him, he tilted his head, and slightly smiled.
Under the gentle outward appearance, he looked like a hunter sizing up his prey. 

The voices around finally calmed down, and Li Yan said in a deep voice to the guests: “My father was assassinated, and died.
I will definitely help him find the real murderer.
As for Lady Jiang of the Qi Kingdom, who brought on this misfortune and ominous, will be dragged away and ordered to commit suicide.” 

Over the years, Qiqi’s reputation has not been good, and the war between the four kingdoms arose because of her.
The name of the source of calamity will raise a tremendous stink3tremendous stink = great fuss and displeasure.
In the name of giving death to Qiqi, it was just him giving an explanation to the common people and his ministers.  

I motioned my lips to say to Qiqi: “It’s okay, he won’t hurt you.” This time Qiqi’s voice was very clear, asking me: “What about you?” 

Her tearful almond eyes stared at me.
She pulled me, and refused to let go. 

I smiled, and let go of her hand: “We are going to part with each other here, Qiqi.” 

Just when the soldier was about to drag me away as well, someone spoke: “Wait a moment.” 

I watched that brocade-clothed young noble come out from the crowd, and saluted to Li Yan: “Don’t know if it is possible for Your Highness to spare this humble one an honor, and gift this maid to this humble one.”

Li Yan glanced at me.
Who he loved was only Qiqi, and I am nothing more than just an unimportant existence to him; therefore he said: “To just give a maid, Young Master Ji Yu is speaking too seriously.” 

There was an uproar among the crowd as soon as these words were said. 

Young Master Ji Yu, such a famous figure also came.
He was originally the son of the second wife of the present-day rightful emperor of the Zhou dynasty.
Five years ago, his mother and elder brother were deposed, and after the emperor established a new empress, he left the capital, Luoyang, and traveled around among the princes.
Ji Yu is a person that is very unpredictable, and does not accept an official position of any country.
Where you come from to which country you are in, is to put forward plans and ideas.
The plots are mostly related to the matters of war.
Hearing that he is gentle and cultivated, yet his words are shape and penetrating, quick-wittedly disputing to suppress others.
There was no plot that was not accepted, and after being accepted, there is nothing that is not effective. 

One does not know how many wars have been fought because of Ji Yu over the past few years, and how many nation’s rise and fall were because of him.
As soon as he was in rage, the feudal princes4Feudal prince = appointed by the king to have control over a certain area or territory   were afraid, and when he calmed down, the world would be in peace.
This is the world’s number one lobbyist5Lobbyist = also known as an itinerant political adviser, means a person who persuades others to accept a certain proposition. 

The palanquin was a little bit jolted, and I don’t know how long it had been, but suddenly it stopped.
When I stepped out of the palanquin, I saw Ji Yu standing in front, and eight maids standing far away on the side.
He was dressed in a purple attire, and was as noble as jade, perfectly fitting with his name.
He smiled charmingly with his phoenix eyes, and saluted to me: “Ji Yu has met Her Highness, the Ninth Princess.” 

I waved my hand: “I’m just a princess of a vanquished kingdom.
Your Highness, with your status, you do not need to salute to anyone.” 

Ji Yu only smiled, and did not say anything, but it was just that his smile contained a bit of contempt.

I was silent for a while, and then asked: “Why did this gentleman save me?” 

The corners of Ji Yu’s mouth hooked up: “If I did not save you, you would also have a way to get away, right? With the cleverness of the princess, it would be a pity to fall into the hands of others.” 

I laughed: “My cleverness?” 

“Everyone knows that the Seventh Princess has very good methods.
To be able to lead the four nations that were originally allies, to massacre one another.
However the monarchs of the four nations are not fools, and the Seventh Princess is just the bait.
The huge plan behind all of this comes from your hands.” 

I was stunned.
This matter is only known by me and Qiqi.
He is just someone from a foreign nation, how could he know? 

He seemed to know my suspicions, and smiled: “I have also met the Seventh Princess before.
She is indeed worthy of being the world’s top beauty, but it’s a pity that Her Highness, the Seventh Princess, has a pure heart, and is inexperienced, more like an ordinary daughter of a family.
How could Her Highness have come up with such a plan? As for the Ninth Princess, I have heard a friend mention you before, and judging from my observation this time, Your Highness is definitely not an ordinary person.” 

“So as soon as the matter with Qiqi spreaded out, you were guessing who the mastermind behind all this was.
You came to the wedding today, but in fact, your purpose for coming was for me, right?” 


“Your Highness has gone through so much trouble.
What exactly does Your Highness want?” 

“I want a maid, and also at the same time, a helper6could also be called an assistant, and refers to one who acts as a subordinate.” 

I frowned: “Why do you think I will agree to this?” 

He laughed: “Because the Ninth Princess is a smart person, and knows her limits.
There was poison in the water that you just drank, and there is no way to eradicate this poison.
Every three months, one has to take the antidote.
If one is overdue on taking the antidote by five days, they will be poisoned to death, and I am the only person in the world who knows the antidote.”  

He said the threatening words very calmly, and with ease.

But I did not feel angry either.
Since being born in this world, there would not be any assistance for no cause, and no reason.
He could not be considered a gentleman, and instead has the frankness of a vile person. 

“This maid pays respect to the young master.” I bowed my head, and saluted. 

There was a sense of approval in his smile, but his voice dulled as if stating a fact: “The Ninth Princess has died from now on.
You are a maid that I got from Jiang Qiqi, and you will be called A’zhi.”

“A’zhi understands.” 

I bowed my head.
In the corners of my eyes, I saw the edge of Ji Yu’s clothes, dark purple color silk embroidered with an inwardly flowing cloud pattern.  

Flowing clouds of the past, clouds of smoke passing the eyes.
All kinds of things in the world are nothing more than historical books that have a few lines of ink.
In the past, the grand scribe lord of the Qi kingdom had always said this to me. 

From now on, there will be no Jiang Jiuqing in this world, and no one who will warmly call me “Jiu Jiu”.
Jiang Jiuqing will be buried in the dust along with the Qi kingdom, in completely silence.
Maybe there will be someone someday who idly recalls the past of the Qi kingdom, Jiang Qiqi the beauty, the fall out between the four kingdoms, and another story a person who loves the beauty, but does not love the river and mountains7“loves the beauty, but not the river and mountains” = this means someone who loves a beauty, more than the love for power and status). 

No one will know that at the wedding banquet that shook the entire world, there was a woman named Jiang Jiuqing who died. 

(TL’s note: btw the seventh princess is the female lead’s sister, Qiqi.
It sounds a bit confusing here so I wanted to clarify it in case anyone was confused.)

Hello everyone! This is a novel that I read quite a while ago, and I remember really liking it! I will be working on this and “Capture the Jade” at the same time.
I posted a little review of the novel on NU if anyone wants to learn more about the story! 

1“lamp in dense fog” = dazed and misleading2Self-destruction, and be deeply trapped in love3tremendous stink = great fuss and displeasure4Feudal prince = appointed by the king to have control over a certain area or territory  5Lobbyist = also known as an itinerant political adviser, means a person who persuades others to accept a certain proposition6could also be called an assistant, and refers to one who acts as a subordinate7“loves the beauty, but not the river and mountains” = this means someone who loves a beauty, more than the love for power and status)

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