now Leo? ” Tobias asked as he summons a claymore from his sub-space.

”Stick to the plan. Now! ” Lheon said as Claire proepls herself to the air, her spear poised to strike from above. When she landed, it pierced the hard exoskeleton like it was nothing. It shrieked again and flailed around wildly, Causing her to dismount from the monsters back.

Tobias followed up by slashing one of its legs like it was made out of butter. Green liquid was splashing around violently.

”Hey, if you
e just standing there like an idiot, get out of the way! ” Lheon pulled me down and fires a bullet infused with pyroclastic material. The bullet bursts and engulfs the scorpion into an inferno, but… It just turned the flame into an armor.

”Why isn this thing dying?! ” Claire asked, and she and Tobias can close because of the flames. tt then sent them flying with a whip of its now burning tail. Claire and Tobias were suffering from burns, but they were still standing.

”B-but the intel said that Scorpions are weak against fire. ” Lheon was taken aback for once.

I wondered, why didn fire work. Then I remembered and activated:


-Due to a high level difference, skills and traits have been rendered hidden-

Desert Emperor Scorpion

Battle Rank: C

Level: 7

Weakness: Water

Water?! Wait… My sub-quest. But… I don know how to use my magic. It just said, say something related to water. Like what?

Then something appeared, like a piece from my memories when I started my writing career, my friend always say:

”Spellcasters are better than most mages. They can create their own magic using their imagination alone. I like them because they
e so original. ”

It was a gamble, but its all I got. I took a deep breath, and opened my Grimoire. Particles of blue energy began to gather around me and an orb begins to spiral from the pages. I then recited an incantation with a shout:

”Raging cascades: Aqua Edge! ”

I closed my book with one hand and the energy orb dissipates. Then in front of me, azure blades made out of water billows forth towards the Scorpion, dousing it and removing the fiery exoskeleton, making it extremely brittle.

The others were looking at me with surprise. And Lheon was the first to recover.

”Hey! Can you make a sigil? ” He shouts as he loads on another bullet.

I gave him a nod and focused water energy again from my book. I then punched the air with that energy and made it stationary, like a gate made out of water.

”Energys at max capacity! ” I called towards Lheon and he steps behind the gate and aims.

”Full throttle! ” Lheon shouts and pulls the trigger. But instead of a bullet, a beam of pressurized water blasts forth. Engulfing the Scorpion whole and defeating it.

”W-we won? ” I asked and then a screen appeared:

-Sub-Quest cleared!-

You have leveled up!

You have leveled up!

Title: ”Speaker of Water ” received.

Talent: Hydropathy received.

I then checked my newly received talent:


Water Spells that hit allies will now heal them.

Tobias, Lheon, Claire and I were relieved as the simulation ended, and we
e back to the empty gym. So we were the first ones back.

”You okay Toby? ” Lheon asked and Tobias gave him a brave smile.

”Just a bit burnt, other than that Im fine. ” He said, but he kept wincing.

Claire isn doing too good, her arms were suffering from extreme sunburn and now actual burns.

”I… Maybe I can do something about your injuries. ” I offered and they all looked at me. I didn wait for their reply and just channeled the spell:

”Oh spirits of harmony, purify our ailments: Recover! ”

I directed it first to Claire, who was engulfed by a fresh blast of cooling energy. Sure enough her wounds closed up and her burns… were all gone. Her expression was that of relief and happiness.

I then repeat the same to Tobias and Lheon, and both of them felt actually relieved.

”Thanks Yman, that was great to see. ” Tobias said.

”Your magic… It felt different from what other mages use. ” Claire notes and I laughed nervously. Spellcasters are pretty rare in my novel after all. Since Mages here don use incantations and just rely on the element their staff has.

”Still… That last Water Magic of yours. I couldn believe a Unison Art would manifest. ” Lheon pondered and gave me a warm smile. ”Looks like I made a wrong assessment of you. ”

”Ill say, you pulled your weight there… Y-Yman. ” Claire stuttered when saying my name. ”Sorry, Im just not used to say your name. ”

”Its fine. Im not used to it either. ” I admit, whoever named this body must be laughing really hard.

”Hey, Yman. Wanna hang out after school? ” Tobias asked and I was taken aback. Hang out? Back when I was in reality, I sacrificed my social life for writing. Now… I am living inside my discontinued novel, and who knows if I can go back or not.

But I don want to live the same way as before. This time, I want to try it. Have a social life, even if I am an introverted person.

”Sure… Tobias. ” I smiled.

”Call me Toby. ” He said and we shook hands.

Maybe things will be different around here. And to be truthful, even though I never finished the novel, that means, the events in my knowledge can only get me far. And who knows, the tory mustve changed at some point.

And for once, Im not scared.

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