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Calastro\'s Wooden Spoon

The Assessment Exams ended when the last students came back battered and bruised. There were medical teams on stand-by so those who were grievously wounded were transferred immediately.

The Headmaster, Mr. Valkyris, stands in front of us and looks at the results. He then gave a hearty laugh that made everyone flinch.

Headmaster Ivar Valkyris. I wrote him as the same troupe as any other elderly characters. Wise, fun, extremely vague with the answers, and extremely powerful.

”Announcing the Top Ten Entrants who will now advance to Class A indefinetely. Regardless of their previous ranking. And to make you believe the results yourselves, please look at the screen as we recorded the Battle data! Ranked 1, Tobias King! ”

The video shows off Toby hacking the Scorpions legs like butter with a claymore, his icy stare was cool and enamouring for everyone. Toby on the other hand, was a bit embarassed because of his facial expression when green blood splashed all over him. His face was brick red while standing in the podium.

”Ranked 2, Lheon Khalid! ”

The feed switches to Leo, who pulled me aside to shoot at the scorpions eyes, and then when he shot that beam of water towards the scorpion. A collective gasp of admiration went towards Leo as he proudly presents himself in front of the crowd.

”Ranked 3, Claire Venus! ”

The feed switches to Claires aerial mobility and her elegance in aerodyanmic combat. The guys cheered as she brandished her spear with finesse. Everyone also applauded her sky assault, her landing was easily the highlights of that feed. Claire proudly walks to the stage, and she smiled calmly at the cheering crowd.

”Ranked 4, Yman Caliesto! ”

Silence filled the whole room, then an uproar of protests clammored. But the Headmaster snapped his fingers and the feed changed.

It showed me casting Magic effectively, as well as creating the Extend Gate for Leo to fire at. It then showed me healing my teammates when we were outside the simulations. My teammates beckoned me to head in front. The other students were still not convinced about my skills but decided to keep quiet.

-Main Quest Cleared!-

-You have leveled up-

-You have leveled up-

-Proficiency with Grimoires ascends to Rank A-

-Proficiency in Water Magic ascends to Rank C-

-Title: Not just a Side Character-

-Talent: Late Bloomer obtained-

-Due to a huge Rank Leap, the reward has been converted to a Unique Talent-

-Talent: Spell Charge obtained-

My mind was already swirling from the surreal experience so I turned off the window for now and focused on the rankings again.

”Ranked 5, Charles Aspersa! ”

I froze. Charles?! I looked at him and sure enough I knew, he was Tobys shadow. The Final Boss.


-Due to similarities in Level, Skills, and Talents have been revealed.-

Name: Charles Aspersa

Level: 7

Weapon Proficiency: Swords

Class: Entrant (Possible route Swordsman)

Academy Ranking: 5

Title: Scion of the Darks Bane

Skills: Midnight Phantom, Severing Wind

Talents: Supreme Authority

Yep… I made this guy op for absoluetely no reason. I want to slap my 18 year old self. Why did I give the final boss an OP talent at the start of the story?!

-Supreme Authority-

Grants the weilder a strength boost when facing a foe with a higher level.

Charles stood beside me, and he towered over us. His silver gray hair and ruby red eyes stands out even amidst the sea of faces.

His feed shows him dominating a Dullahan, a Rank-C phantom class monster. His Academy sword piercing the armor like it was nothing, probably the effects of Supreme Authority. But I didn think about it a lot. Charles was giving our group a glare, his eyes fell on me and he I heard him click his tongue.

Rude… I thought to myself as the Headmaster read through all the remaining ranked 10.

When the whole ordeal was over, Leo and Toby pulled me aside, Claire also made sure our route outside was clear. They led me towards the grounds and all four of us were breathing heavily.

”That was some escape plan Leo. ” Toby laughed as Leo takes a breather at a nearby bench.

”You know the drill. Once you get to the rankings, the others will hound you until you come into terms with their begging. ” Leo said. And we all laughed.

”Still… Im surprised you pulled your weight there Yman. Why didn you use the Book when you first started out? ” Claire asked.

What I say might affect my relationship with them. So… I told them the truth:

”I… was forbidden to use it. ” I said. Thats not even a lie, Spellcasters are so rare, that only a handful of families use them. And thats an easy story to spin.

The three of them understood about that situation and Leo pats my shoulder.

”Sorry about being too harsh before. ” He said, his eyes sincere and filled with sympathy.

”M-me too… I was taught to never judge a book by its cover, but I guess I still have much to learn. ” Claire sighs.

”Hey… Guys its okay. Im not mad. ” I said and they all sighed with relief.

”So you
e another bleeding heart. ” A new voice sent a chill down my spine. I turned around and I was face to face with Charles. His blood red eyes were penetrating my own.

”What do you want? ” Toby got in between us, his face was unreal without his usual smile.

”Im talking to the wooden spoon here, King. So beat it. ” Charles said, sizing up our whole group.

”What do you want? ” I asked as I beckoned Toby to back off for a bit. Charles then let out an amused sound.

e not scared? Thats good. Then I request a duel. ” He said and a screen appeared before me:

-Character Quest: Aspersas Challenge-

Clear Condition: Force Charles Aspersa to admit your strength in combat.

Rewards: Academy Reputation +50, EXP, and Invocation: Way of Darkness, and Talent: Spellthief.

Failure: Reputation with Aspersa Clan -50, and Title.

”What? ” I was taken aback, why me? And this quest is pure bull crap. Why would I want to have any ties with the main Villain?!

”Ive yet to fight with a Mage like you. Plus, Tobias and his posse seem to regard you with high expectations. So, fight me. I won take no for an answer. ” He said as he activates Supreme Authority. We have the same level so it won work on me. But Charles is a swordsman, on par with Toby, so if I were to accept his challenge, it would be a like accepting and signing a free death sentence and cremation ceremony.

”Thats completely unfair, Yman is a magic user. Against you, its like letting a child fight a war. ” Leo intervenes but Charles shakes his head.

”Ive already requested the venue. Unless, you want to make an enemy of the entire Aspersa family. Accept the challenge, Caliesto. ” Charles threatened me, but when he said my last name, it had so much venom that even I began to question who Yman Caliesto really is? Yet, I shivered like a rabbit in front of a wolf. No scratch that, a rabbit in between a wolf, a lion, and a tiger. And an Eagle somewhere at the sky, ready to unsheath her talons.

”I accept. ” I said reluctantly, earning the concerned looks of my friends and a smile from Charles, who pats my shoulder.

”Stadium 2, tomorrow noon. Don be late. ” He said, his shadow trailing behind him and seems to be engulfing me.

Once Charles is out of earshot, Leo and Claire pounced at me.

”Are you insane?! ” They both screamed at my ear and I shuddered.

”What else was I suppose to do then? ” I asked. And Toby just reassures me.

”Whats done is done. All you have to do is give it your all, you got this Yman. ” He smiled and I nod. ”Great! Now, lets go back to the dorms and change. Im feeling generous so well grab a bite out to the Shack! ”

Dorms? I cursed… Yman Caliesto is just a minor character, so I have no clue where this guys room was.

”Hey Yman, you coming? ” Toby asked, his eyebrows arching with concern.

”I… uh… forgot where Im staying at. ” I laughed nervously and all of them sighed and grabbed me by the wrist. All four of us were heading for the Boys Dormitory, the big Silver building near the training complex. While the Girls Dorm, was the neighboring Gold Building near the Cafeteria Complex.

We sped through towards the dorms, talk with the landlord, Omar, who was a dwarf with flaiming red hair and beard, and he just looks at the sheet of paper.

”Yman Caliestos room assignment is floor 3, room 8. ” Omar said with a bored expression. ”So Caliesto survives another day huh? Pity, I was about to take you in if youve failed. I am in need of a kid who can man the counter. ”

”Floor 3? Eh, youll be transferred to the 5th floor in no time. Meet us back here Yman. ” Claire winked and heads onward to the Girls dorms.

”Thanks Omar, but Yman is going to be busy from today onwards. Come on dude, its dinner time and I am starving! ” Toby laughed as Omar gave a faint smile on his bushy lips and jokingly told us to get lost.

After minutes in the shower, I changed to a more comfortable set of clothing, I don know what the deal was, but Yman and I have the same taste in clothing. A black dress shirt and white pants, paired with leather boots.

When I got down, Leo was already waiting. And he looked pissed.

”Finally, wheres Toby? ” He asked and I shrugged.

A few minutes later, Toby barrels down from the staircase, his forehead sweaty and his grin was taking up his face.

e getting our weapons next week! ” He exclaimed.

”Wait, what? Really?! ” Leos usual cool demeanor melted instantly.

”And thats good news because? ” I asked and they both nod at each other.

”That means… No more lectures Yman! Well be cadets instead of entrants now! ” Toby said and the doors swung open, and revealed an extremely annoyed Claire.

”I have been waiting for you three idiots… FOR THIRTY MINUTES! ” She screams and we followed her out towards the cafeteria.

And suddenly, my fight with Charles tommorow doesn bother me. Right now, Im enjoying the time with Toby, Leo, and Claire.

But who knew that night will be filled with dread more than the fight with Charles Aspersa tomorrow.

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