ness: Light and Fire

Note: Their hard Shells absorb Magic

Of course… The quest system really does know how to give useful hints on what to use. But I have a problem… Their shells are capable of absorbing magic.

”Shit… Arthur, watch out! ” I yelled and grabbed Arthurs collar as the Turtles barrel through the counter.

”Yman… what are they? They look like beasts but… I though Calestro Academy won have any beasts because of the barrier put up?! ” Arthur stammered. But I can reveal it just yet. I need more evidence if I want to prevent an even greater tragedy.

”Arthur, can you fight? ” I asked him and he looked at me with a huge concern face.

”What? Shouldn we wait for the seniors and evacuate? ” Arthur panicked, but I took out my grimoire and proceed in a battle stance.

”Im not the only one whose thinking of waiting for the Seniors. Plus, if we can distract them long enough, then we can keep the damage to a minimum. ” I said, and right on cue, three bullets suddenly shot from our backs, and I imbued it with Light energy, it pierced two of the turtles heads, but the third one managed to block it with its large arms. The two turtles were staggering yet they still lived, the bullets didn dig too deep I suppose.

”Yman! You good? ” Leo asked as he reloads again. His head was bleeding and he can only use one of his eyes.

”Yeah… I am, where are Toby and Claire? ” I asked, but not taking my eyes off the turtle.

”Taking care of the wolves, only they can keep up with their speed. ” Leo cussed, clearly it made him bite his pride as a marksman, but Ill give him effort points for seeing his limits. ”What are they Yman? They don look like any beasts in the Beastpedia? ”

e artificial… And I don want to use my magic at these turtles all at once, those shells… I don think my magic can break them. ” I said while hiding my ability to inspect. Not because I don trust Leo, but I think someone else might be watching.

”Got it… Should we try that Water Beam again? ” Leo asked and I shook my head.

”We might hit the unconscious students. ” I warned and he cursed his oversight.

”Yman… I want to help. ” Arthur said from my back and he was wearing his academy bracers, he was still shaking from his feet but his face was filled with determination.

I admire his bravery, but couldn help but tease him a little bit:

”You really want to fight despite shaking to your boots? ”

”S-shut up! Your magic can even touch them! ” Arthur flared and I laughed.

”Don worry… Once we get rid of those shells, then well be able to do whatever to them. ” I reassured him.

”Those shells look hard… I don think my bullets will be enough to pierce them. ” Leo cursed under his breath.

”Leave it to me. If you give me the signal, Ill pull through. ” Arthur said as he runs for the second floor. I have to hand it to him, he needs momentum to deliver a precise and devastating blow.

”Got it. Leo, lets try and distract the turtles. ” I said and Leo nods and fires a pot shot at the turtles. They made their noise again and charges towards us.

Light and Fire magic can hurt them… but Magic is useless on them unless I break their shells. But Leos bullets were imbued with light energy.

”Yman stop day dreaming and focus! ” Leos voice snapped me out from my overthinking, and I barely dodged the barreling of the turtles, despite their size, they were a bit fast and could hit hard.

”S-sorry… ” and I mentally slapped myself. This is no time to be overthinking. I don want to hit their shells, so I just have to take away their sight.

”Leo, Arthur! Close your eyes! ” I called out and I was hoping they did as I recite the incantation:

”Light, shine down! Photon Flash!! ”

A blinding light erupted from the faces of the turtles, and all three of them were staggering and stumbling backwards. Their arms covering their eyes and they were wailing in pain.

”Arthur, now! ” Leo shouts as he reloads his gun. Just then, Arthur comes from above:

”Armor won save you! ”

Arthurs fist made a resounding sound when it connected with the shells of uninjured turtle, smashing the shell to smithereens.

”Nice one Arthur! ” I said and fired off a sword made out of light from my grimoire. Easily evaporating the chimera. One down, two to go.

”Holy crap that actually worked. ” Arthur exclaimed as he comes closer to me and Leo.

”Dang, doesn your fist hurt after that? ” Leo asked.

”Nope, I feel fine. Now that the element of surprise is gone, only two turtles left! ” Arthur said, and he wasn shaking from fear anymore.

”I have an idea. But I need you to trust me on this Arthur. ” I said and Arthur nods.

”What do you want me to do? ” He asked, I smirked and he shuddered.

”Y-Yman… why do you have that creepy smile? ” He shivered.

”Lets do a Unison Strike. ” I said and Leo understood and steps forward.

”I can give you at least a few minutes. Whatever you
e planning Yman, better make it count. ” He said as he strafes on the Turtles.

”Yman… dude, I trust you and all. But… ” Arthur began but I gave him a reassuring smile.

”My magic won hurt you. Don worry, Ill be imbuing your whole body with Light Elemental Magic. ” I told him and he nods.

”Okay. I trust you. ” He said and offers his fist, and we did a fist bump. This is it.

”Leo, stand back! ” We called and Leo fires a smokescreen for the both of us. Now!

”Demons Descend! ” I cast the spell and it envelops Arthur in pure light as he propels himself towards the Turtles.

”Coming through! ” Arthurs fist collides with both Turtles and a blast of light envelops around them, melting the turtles into non-existence.

Three down, four more chimeras to go. But as we turn towards the wolves, a scream cuts our moment of victory.

”LUCY! ” Arthur called as the Lion Chimera was closing in on Lucy McGillan. And he gets in between her and the beasts claws.



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