The darkness Within

Chapter 2: The evil is always lurking

, causing it to break. ” Beatrice made up a fake explanation to cover up that she is the one who punched the mirror.

”Oh, thank goodness. I thought it was some kind of robber getting in. ” The other nurse voiced out, as all of them sighed in relief. ”A robber? Pfft-! I don think they will risk climbing something this high to b honest. ” Beatrice giggled, the nurses laughed in realization.

”Oh right *chuckle* my bad… are you okay throwing that shards away? Or do you want one of us to call the janitor to clean that up? ” one of the nurse asked her. Beatrice shook her head.

”Don worry. I can do it alone. No need to worry and call the janitor. ” She answered the nurse honestly. ”Okay then… have a nice day miss Finley. ” They bowed and walked out of the room. Beatrice dropped the façade and look at her bleeding hand, she grabbed a roll of bandages from the drawer and wrapped it to her hand.

After bandaging her bleeding hand, she started cleaning the scattered shards on the floor. When it was only the last shards left, she noticed that theres a CCTV (closed-circuit television) camera watching the room. Beatrice instinct screamed danger.

”I got to throw that record tape away before they will report that I was lying. ” Beatrice whispered to herself as she grabbed the last shard and throwed it in the trash, she didn notice that her reflection is crying before she closed the trash bin.

She look back to her mother longingly and back at the CCTV camera. ”Im sorry mom but I have to do this because they will think that I was mental. ” She said and kissed her mothers forehead.

”Please wake up sooner mom, things are getting different without you. ” She spoke one last time and left the room. As Beatrice left, her mothers finger moved slightly.Beatrice walked in the CCTV room, but when she did, she saw that the guard who is in charge of the camera is already dead leaning at the wall. Beatrice senses is on high alert as she fell that someone is creeping towards her from behind. Without any second, the person that creeped behind her drop to the ground dead.

The head of the person got twisted to the other way because the ambusher didn expect Beatrice to notice and attack immediately. Beatrice noticed that the person she instantly killed is a male with a snake tattoo at his neck.

The Snake Organization Beatrice thought as she heard a clap causing her to look towards the noise, the noise is coming from the chair that is facing the CCTV screen.

”Well, well, well… ” The chair turned around and faced her. ”If it isn the Beatrice Finley. The mafias so ever talented young executive. ” A short fat bald male said, as Beatrice glared at him.

”Where did you get that information? ” She asked, the bald male raised a folder. ”Its all in here. ” He said with a smirk. Beatrice took a step forward but a knife was throwed at her from the dark part of the room but Beatrice had a quick reflex so she managed to dodge it.

Beatrice look to where the knife comes from and two men came out of their hiding spot, which is the dark part of the room since they are wearing a black cloak.

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