The darkness Within

Chapter 3: A painful past is always hard to forget

ss that she wore during the incident.

e not real… ” Beatrice stated in a monotone. ”Moms words felt warm when she said something to me, but when you say those encouragement… it felt empty… nothing sparked. ” She spoke what she feels.

Her mothers figure stayed silent. ”Not even fathers words matter to me anymore… for all I know, he probably cheated to mom ” Beatrice continued. ”No one cared… no one even see who the real me is, they just see the happy go lucky me… it doesn even matter to me anymore, if I die no one would remember me because they are all fake. ” She finished and chuckled bitterly.

”Why am I saying this to you anyway? Your not real, your just a hallucination. Nothing more, nothing less… your not my real mo- ” the hallucination of Beatrice mother cut Beatrice sentence off.

”What about Crisanto then? ” The hallucination of her mother asked and Beatrice got confused. ”Why him? ” she spoke.

”You smiled when you saw how pure he is. Didn you feel something? Something like a pull? You wouldn have saved him without a good reason right? ” The hallucination of her mother vanished after said those words.

Beatrice walked away from the place and went home that her family used to stay. The warm house from the past turned into a cold and eerily quiet one.

She went in the bathroom and took a warm shower so she won get sick. While showering, Beatrice noticed that the bracelet she keep and treasured disappeared so suddenly. The bracelet was gifted to her by her mother, so she can afford to lose it. She immediately washed her hair and went out of the house after she wore her nightwear.

Since the rain had stopped and its already dark, she had to bring a flashlight to use to light up the way so she can see, she also bring her phone with her in case theres a message.

Beatrice begone her search by going back to the places she went and if she were lucky enough, she will manage to find it in one of those places, but her search goes in vain as she still couldn find it. She even went back to her school hoping that she had accidentally dropped it there, but theres nothing.

”Just where did I dropped it?! I promised mom to not take it off, ever! But here I am, I couldn find where is it anywhere! ” Beatrice whispered in frustration. ”I can afford to lose it too! ”

She sat down on the nearby bench, helplessly and hug her knees. ”Thats my treasured thing because mom gift it to me when the whole family was complete… that was the happiest day of my life in my fifth birthday, but I managed to lost that remembrance. ” She stated as her voice got muffled because she buried her face at her knees.

”That is the only thing that comforts me when I miss mom. ” She mumbled as she felt the cold wind of the night pass by. ”Mom… Im sorry… I broke my promise… I lost the bracelet… Im such a fool. ”

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