The darkness Within


Looking at Dalia, Remi glared at the women. ”What do you want and what did you do to me!? I felt that I lost a piece of me when you sacrificed me in t-t-that strange ritual! ”

Dalia laughed, her deep laughter echoing off in the distance. ”My dear, I merely opened the doorway for you to enter the underworld. What do I want? That is something for you to find out on your own. As for the sacrifice? You are a valuable commodity here and I just wanted to ensure you were offered the best opportunities. ”

Remi frowned and looked around. Everywhere she looked, she saw strange and unfamiliar creatures. A creature with the head of a bull and the body of a man caught her eye. He seemed to be staring right at her.

”What is that? ” Remi asked, pointing at the creature.

”That is a minotaur. He is one of the many creatures that inhabit the underworld, ” Dalia said.

Remi gasped, her eyes widening in shock. ”What is it doing here? ”

”It is here to guard the entrance to the underworld and ensure no one who is not meant to enter can make their way in, ” Dalia replied.

Remis heart raced as she took in her new surroundings. She had no idea what dangers lurked in the underworld, or what she would encounter on her journey. All she knew was that she was now part of this mysterious place and she had to find a way to make her way back home.

Kneeling, Dalia placed her hand on Remis shoulder. ”Remi, as I said before, you are a valuable commodity here. You are gifted with an affinity with the underworld and that can be used to help many peoples agendas. It is something that no one else has and it is why I chose to bring you here. ”

Feeling the blood rush to her head, Remi yelled out ”You chose to bring me here! I never asked to be here. I was kidnapped and dragged into this against my will. Don you dare tell me you chose to bring me here! ”

”I understand that it must feel like that to you. But I had to make sure that you were here for the greater good. You must understand that. ” Dalia responded.

”You don understand anything! You took away my life and my freedom. I don care about some greater good or your agendas. All I care about is getting out of here and getting my life back! ” as she vented her anger Remi felt her body heat up and her strength return at a faster rate.

Her hand still on Remis shoulder, Dalia grimaced ”Remi, I understand your frustration. I can assure you, that I had to ensure you were here for the greater good. Its why I chose to bring you here, despite the fact that it must feel like you were kidnapped and dragged into this against your will. You will thank me later. Besides, would you have really lived to see the daylight if it weren for me? ”

Remi felt a wave of anger and sadness wash over her. She knew that while she might not understand why she was here, she had to accept the situation and make the best of it. She was here for a reason, and she had to come to terms with it.

Taking a deep breath, Remi looked up at Dalia and said, ”I may not be happy about the situation, but I understand that Im here for a reason. Ill make the best of it. ”

Dalia smiled and nodded in response. She knew that it had taken a lot for Remi to come to this realization, and she was proud of her.

”I think you
e ready to face this situation head-on, ” Dalia said. ”What do you say we go out and explore the area? I think it will help you understand why you
e here and what we
e trying to do. ”

Remi nodded in agreement, standing up with some effort. Though she was still reluctant and uneasy, she knew she had to move forward. Thinking, ”If Im going to make the best of this, I have to take action, ” Remi realized that even though Dalia had caused her to be in this situation, she was still a wealth of information and she couldn run from her yet.

Suddenly Remis body started to heat up an overwhelming sense of power filled her being for a brief moment before leaving just as fast as it showed up. Whispers tickled her ears, calling her deeper into the underworld. Begging her to move. To act. To take control. Remi shook her head, trying to rid herself of the voices that were pushing her forward, but they just kept coming back, louder and more insistent.

”Maybe I should listen, ” She thought to herself, her heart pounding in her chest, ”This could be my chance to really make a difference, to prove myself. ” Despite her inner turmoil, the voices kept calling to her and she knew that she had to answer. If only to quench her curiosity about her newfound powers.

Gazing intently at Dalia, Remi asked, ”Where do we go now? ” With a mischievous smirk, Dalia gestured toward the looming figure of the Minotaur in the distance. Remis eyes widened as she took in the sight; the Minotaurs powerful muscles rippling under its fur, steam billowing from its nostrils, it seemed to embody the very image of a predator at the peak of the food chain.

Firmly gripping Remis wrist, Dalia began to march closer to the Minotaur, apprehension etched on her face for a fleeting moment before she quickly regained her composure.

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