He always wanted to know where she was and what she was doing like he had a vision that

shed run off or something.

She decided to go talk to her mother. This bullshit had to stop.

She got into her slippers and went out walking down the hall and taking a left turn that led to the

office. She figured they must have been done with their meeting and she planned on sneaking

in to scare her mother when she heard something.

Someone was crying.

The door was ajar. She pushed it a bit and slipped in as still as a mouse.

”Im so… so..rry. ”

She heard a voice whimpering. She looked and what met her eyes made her freeze.

The man knelt on the floor with terrible bruises. He looked like he had been tortured… badly.

He had different cuts that were still leaking blood and there was a gun and a knife to his throat.

Her eyes traveled to the one holding the gun and the knife and her body went weak. It was her


Her sweet caring parents were monsters.

Kayla cupped her mouth with her hands and she kept her voice from escaping. She couldn

believe her own eyes.

”The gun or the knife? ” The alpha —her father asked in an acerbic tone.

The man kept weeping and seeing a grown man like that shed tears made her question what he

had gone through. She couldn take her eyes off him.

”I ask for your mercy… Id get you the money… I —I promise. ” He trembled as tears drained out

of him.

”Mercy… ” The Alpha repeated.

”Mercy it is then, ” The Luna said as she looked at the Alpha who nodded. She removed the gun

from his throat and turned her back to him.

He was about to speak when the Alpha held his hair and slowly cut open his throat. Kayla held

her breath in fear.

Her eyes widened as her knees threatened to give in. What was happening in front of her was a


The man held his throat trying to stop the blood from gushing out. His efforts were in vain and

before he could try making a sound the Luna turned and shot him in the head.

Kayla screamed! As she stood there shaking in horror looking at the now-surprised Luna and

Alpha. They looked at each other rooted to the spot, eyes wide open and eyebrows raised.

Kayla fainted. What had she just witnessed?

Kayla slowly opened her eyes.

She felt this constant, sharp throbbing sensation on one side of her head.

”What happened? ” She groaned to herself.

Suddenly it all came flooding back, her parents had brutally murdered a man. A shiver coursed

through her as the horrific image returned to her brain.

It was so shocking and bloodcurdling because they had a law firm!

All her time with them and she saw them as role models. Helping the needy and wrongly

convicted. The thought of her sweet mother… Stepmother —she rephrased, hurting someone

was so ineffable.

Kayla looked around. She wasn in her room. Wait.

She sat up and turned her head and saw her parents sitting down, staring at her with loving

eyes. She jerked back in fear.

”Relax honey, ” Mrs. Alexander said. She reached out to touch Kaylas head who immediately

backed away.

e not going to let mommy touch you? ” She asked, giving a dejected look.

Kayla couldn figure out if it was genuine or not but she didn care. They were murderers who

put up the facade of good law-abiding citizens.

”I saw you! ” Kayla breathed. ”You killed that man! ”

Tears began to form in her eyes. ”He begged you, mom… ”

She pointed at her stepmother before turning to face her stepdad, ”…And you too dad. ”

Tears were rolling off her cheeks at this point as she struggled to get a grip on herself. She gave

in and wept profusely. Her parents quickly sat beside her on both ends and hugged her, with her

stepdad patting her on the head.

She didn even kick against them. She just sat there and cried her eyes out. She couldn get

herself to truly hate them as much as she wanted and she felt mad at herself.

They were the only people that had shown her true love and affection but that didn mean they

weren bad people. She had to get out or they might end up making her kill someone too.


His eyes. Did they make him do that? Oh god!

She sat there calmly but her mind was in total chaos. She needed to leave, fast. To where tho?

She knew no one and nowhere thanks to Marcus of course.

Where could she possibly run to?

Kayla was a smart young woman. She knew that if she told them what she was thinking, they

could kill her too. After all, she wasn their flesh and blood like Marcus.

She would have to play them.

She wiped her tears and looked up at them with a small smile.

”I don know what that was and how you guys are so calm about it but Id let it go, ” she stated

with a sniffle.

”Look here my honey bunny, ” her mom said, placing a finger under her chin and raising it a bit.

”Your father is the leader of this pack and I am his partner. Together we eradicate bad things

and people of course that threaten our existence and yours too my love. ”

”By killing them? ”

The Luna looked at her husband who answered for her.

”Yes. When necessary, ” he said in a baritone voice. He didn sound as threatening and

menacing as he did a few minutes ago. He was Kaylas sweet father again.

”But- ” Kayla started to say but his thunderous voice shut her up.

”Enough! ” The alpha growled deep in his throat.

He stood up and Kayla noticed how huge he really was compared to her. She had never been

so close to him because he was mostly away for business trips and the fear in her when he got

up was so visible.

”You are no longer a child. ” He hissed, anger suddenly radiating off him as he clenched his fists.

”Stop acting like one. The high time you connect with your inner wolf the better. Am I clear? ”

She tried answering but her tongue was glued to the roof of her mouth in fear and the strength

she mustered was only enough to nod her head.

He strutted out of the room leaving his wife to deal with Kayla.

She looked at her stepmother who smiled at her and whispered. ”Hell come around. ”

Kayla smiled back but deep down, she didn want him to come around. All she wanted was to

be far away from all of them, Marcus included. She gave a wry smile and headed to her room,

leaving her stepmother behind.

As Kayla walked back to her room, she saw her stepfather return to his wife and she knew they

were probably going to speak more on the issue.

She pretended to be heading to her room but as soon as the man crossed the corridor, Kayla

changed directions and went after the man.

”I can believe she was there. I didn even notice her come in. ” The Luna sighed, rubbing her

temples in circular motions. Her husband went closer to her and pulled her to himself.

”Shhh now. Don be too hard on yourself. She was bound to find out one way or the other. None

of this is your fault, Adry. ” He said, stroking her cheeks with his thumb.

”But Alex.. ”

He ran his hand through her hair and held the back of her head softly. He tilted his head to the

side and placed her arms around his neck pulling her closer, he kissed her.

Kayla rolled her eyes at her foster parents make-out session and returned to her room. Their

conversation only started up a lot of questions in her head and she wasn going to rest until she

found out what exactly was happening.

Meanwhile, her foster parents continued making out until a call disrupted them.

Her father paused and his face creased into a frown. He took the phone out of his pocket and

answered the call.

”How dare you call me without permission? ”

He paused and the frown on his face deepened. He hung up and put the phone back on the

table. He looked at his wife and said, ”It has started. ”

She seemed shocked but regained her composure almost immediately as she stood up and

arranged her hair.

”Rachel! ” She called her secretary who bolted into the room like she had been waiting to hear

her name.

”Yes maam? ” She replied, eyes glued to the ground.

”Arrange the jet for us, we leave in two minutes. ”

”Yes maam. ” She dashed out as quickly as she came in.

”We have to tell Marcus.

”No. We don say a word till we
e back, Adry. Not a single word do you hear me? ”

”Yes, Alex. ”

There was a knock on the door.

”Come in. ”

The secretarys head popped in a second later. ”Its all set sir. Shall I tell sir Marcus that you

won be around? ”

”Yes. Inform him immediately. Kayla too. ” Adry replied as she grabbed her bag and walked out

with Alex.

A couple of weeks later, Rachael had a long time to breathe given the fact that the alpha and

the Luna had been away.

Kayla was giving the last touches to her painting when she heard a knock on the door and

someone calling her name softly.

”Miss Kayla? ”

She dropped her brush and cleaned her hands on her apron. ”Come in Rachael. ”

The door creaked open and the secretary entered.

”Ive told you times without a number Rachael, its Kayla. Don call me to miss it. I feel old, ” she

said emphasizing on the old. She hated when Racheal did that considering she was five years

older than her.

Racheal smiled. ”As much as Id love to call you that young lady, your father would have my

head on a spike and use it as a Halloween decoration. ”

Kayla giggled. ”You don even like Halloween. You never celebrate it with us, why? ”

”I don do Halloween Miss Kayla because its demonic. ”

Kayla gave a playful smile. ”Demonic? ”

”Mmhm, ” Racheal replied. ”The Satanists have colored it so well you all don see the evil in it.

Rather you see it as a fun event but no thank you I don wish to participate in soul-sucking and

demon-summoning related activities, ” she said and then broke into a smile.

Kayla smiled back at her. She had this contagious energy and Kayla couldn help but be

dazzled by her personality.

”Well, I do not know much about demons but I enjoy the treats and I get to paint beautiful

children in their different little costumes. ”

”Marcus asked me to come to check in on you. ”

Kaylas smile disappeared. ”Of course he did. Do well to tell him I said he should probably install

cameras, quit his job, and take on my life as a full-time career. ”

”Come on Miss Kayla… ”

”Its Kayla! ” She shouted angrily before realizing it and regretting it immediately.

”Im so sorry. I didn mean to, ” she said looking at Rachael with remorse in her voice

”Its okay. I understand. ” She paused for a second. ”Kayla. ”

Kayla gave her a rueful smile and sat down to finish her painting. Her mind suddenly went to her

step-parents who had left the house without warning.

”Its been three weeks since mom and dad left, right? ”

”Today makes it five weeks. ”

”Oh really? ” She had tried to get what they did out of her head but it was stuck like spots on

dice. She couldn wait to be eighteen so she could have her freedom or at least partially.

”Yes. Theyd be back today though. ”

”What time would their jet arrive at the main house? ” She asked so she could calculate their

arrival and pretend to be asleep. She was so glad to be away from them for some time even

though deep down she missed them too.

”They should arrive anytime— ” A loud bang interrupted Racheal and she could hear people

yelling out orders.

She quickly ran out of the room, Kayla following right behind her. The guards were pushing two

stretchers with people on them and men in white followed.

It was the Alpha and his Luna.

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