The story of a secret agent and a Ceo

4 . Meeting Mo Jinzhi for the first time

Suddenly Mia pounced on Anna started wailing loudly ” No you can leave us , you can leave us woo woo ”.

Anna pushed her away ” Don say such things I will come back now and then you know I will come back for all the festival if there is no emergency. ” Country I has a vast culture they have many festival throughout the year they have many different languages and different gods.

”No you should not leave us no matter what I am not letting you go ” Mia was the youngest so she was more willful among them . Everyone had the same opinion as Anna they were reluctant to part with her but everyone knew in their heart that they can stop her from leaving.

” Come back and sit down on your seat ” ,Rock Pulled her back .Mia looked back at Rock with an aggrieved face but still sat down on . ” Take care don drink too much coffee to relieve your stress take care of your body when we are not around and here is a sachet it has fragrance to treat insomnia and here are medicine to treat your headache don forget to use both . ” Ava started instructing her .

Rock, Jhon and Mia didn say much but all of them had sad expression on their faces.

” Ok guys its not like we don meet again this is an opportunity to live your own life in your own ways instead of being sad start your new journey I want all of you to be happy so cheers for our new lives ” Anna comforted everyone.

Maybe if there is someone else present right now might think Anna doesn have any feelings but only those close to her could feel the sadness for parting with them after all 13 years is not a small time they grew up together fought hand in hand they had a relationship of life and death. But who was Anna she always had an indifferent expression on her face but only few knew about her kind heart.

Off the story

Guys I have changed The FL name to Anna I thought It was more pleasing and the Anna who is one of the fl friend who is best at making weapons turned into Mia.

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