The sword demon

Ch-1, a unfortunate child

In a old village in azureworlds mason empire, there was a kid bieng beaten up by a group of people.

Just then a beautiful red eyed lady who was flying in the sky noticed this perculiarity. At her level of power there were few things that could make her interested and this just happened to be one of those. Shouts saying things like you thief! and urn this trouble maker!could be heard. Now curious she Tapped a bystanders shoulder and asked ”what did he steal to deserve such a beating ” the man he asked this of was quite bulky. altough startled by the sudden voice he recovered quite quickly and said ”this brat has tried to steal a sword from the blacksmith quite a few times, because he is a orphan and because the sword he tried to steal was merely worth 2 silver when it had been in perfect condition but now it was not even worth 5 coppers we forgived him but this time along with the sword he tried to steal a rune guide. Do you know know what its price is. A whole gold bar

Its not a gold coin but a gold bar. That thing is worth more than what a average family earn in 3 generations! I think they will kill h ” a loud voice suddenly echoed throughout the village interepting the bulky man from completing his sentence ”Archmage Amanda ” a man suddenly suddenly appeared near the red eyed women. He was a tall, mean looking guy and he seemed to have come here to pick a fight.

Exeeding every expectation he behaved politely and asked ”may I ask why your asteemed self has come to this dirty place ” by now almost all the people had noticed that the mean-looking man who was also a duke was bowing towards a red eyed women. Even the chubby blacksmith who seemed like he would breath fire backed away from the now badly bruised and unconscious boy.

The duke who had noticed the red eyed beautys Intrest in the boy looked towards the bulky man and asked ”who is that boy and why was he getting beaten ” by now the bulky man was mumbling the word archmage over and over. Thinking about how he had talked so casually to a bieng almost at the peak of the world he was scared senseless. Slightly trembling and with a very pale face he answered ”first of all I deeply apologize to lordess archmage for any mistakes that I may have committed. ” Amanda simply said ”no problem ” ”lord duke if I may be so insolent to give a suggestion. I ask for permission to save the poor boy,s life. He may have stealen something precious but he did so unknowingly. He is too smart to willingly put his life on line for something he knew he will not be able to hide ”

”permission given, bring that boy and come with us ”

”yes lord ”

Amanda watched amusingly how this bulky man was quite kind on the insid

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