The sword demon

Ch-2, Augustus\'s story

his didn even think the why and how and enrolled in army as a blacksmith. There he too died leaving me alone. And the twist is, the 2 bastards who told my father that lie died in a pandemic. And evil spirits dissipitate in a few days after cursing someone. Ha ha ha! Aren I a fool played by fate. ”


Amanda applauded him with a sad look plastered across her face

”such a sad story, and I can see that you are not lying. So, why are you narrating this story as if you have nothing to do with this story ”

”well miss Amanda the world teaches everyone and gives every one a choice. A choice that changes the trajectory of lifes. I got my choice when my parents died in the form of village elder. He visited me and told me that he wants my house and the blacksmith shop. I had 2 choices either wallop in sadness and self-pity, rent both the things he wanted to him and live my life commonly, or sell it to him for 5 gold coins and struggle for my life. And as you can see miss Amanda I chose the second path. When I was 6 the magic academies sent people with orbs that can see someones talent. I had low-grade mana control and low grade fire talent. That is even less than that bulky man, even he have intermidiate grade talents. When I try meditating mana literally runs away like a child seeing some ghosts. I had already Imbarked on the second path and I travelled further. I went to the library and searched for paths to power that don require talent. ”

” let me guess, you found that weapon and rune mastery paths are slow but can be treaded by those cursed by nature and played by fate ” Amanda said excitedly. She was fully emerged in the story

”you guessed right and so, here I am caught stealing, and bieng forced to narrate my life story by a beautiful women. But now, that I think about is not that bad ”

”now thats a good story! Now I will fulfill my promise ” she said handing augustus a sword and a book

”but before I drop you back answer another question will you? ”

”anything for you miss ”

”oh, how endearing!. Ok so why do you want to become strong ”


Augustuss pov*

After getting hold of the sword and
une guide I was really happy. Well i had nearly been killed by that fatty but now that I have received a fine sword and a book that guides me to power nothing can stop my rise to the peak of the world. Well, except death but that is not something I can control.

”why do you want to become strong ”

huh? I didn said anything but she saw everything with this stupified face of mine.

”I asked that you want to become strong right ”

”yup ” I answered without hesitation.

”so tell me what do you want to achieve by becoming strong ”

I knew I had to become strong but what do I want? I thought as I rememberd the story of nightwalker and Thomas the last swordsman to achieve mastery in under 90 years. I Knew what I wanted, what I wish to achieve

”I ”

”hmm? ” she was about to touch my head to teleport us back but stopped clearly not accepting a answer from a 9 year old as even many masters don know there goal, know there will.

”I want to stand at the peak of the world, as then and only then I can get what I wanted ”

”which is? ” she asked curiously

”The world ”

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