The sword demon

Ch-3, admission exams for academies

”That… ” hesitation was clear on augustuss face

”augustus, an archmage is asking you question so answer properly ” Aron berated him after seeing the look on Amandas face. After all anybody would get angry after questioning a bieng as insignificant as an ant and not getting an answer.

”Ill speak, Ill speak ” augustus said frantically as it is not a good idea to anger a archmage

”As you know, my name is augustus and I am 9 years old. I tried to steal the sword to become strong ”

”become strong? Ha ha. You stole a sword not for money but to become strong. This is ridiculous. Then tell me, what about that rune guide. And don,t try to lie as I can see your soul ” amanda still laughing looked towards augustus, urging him to speak.

”I originally went in the fat mans store to steal a sword. I chose the rusted one because he would not have bothered to call jailers. As I was about to run off I saw a book titled
une guide I got interested so I read the first page and realized that even someone with low-grade talent could learn runes. So i picked it up. Who would have thought that it had a mana tracker installed. ”

”well that was anti-climatic ” Amanda said with a dissappointed look, but then her eyes sparkled mischievously

”brat come here ” she said pointing to her front. Then she continued

”gentlemen i will be taking this brat with me for few hours. Maybe I will find some exiting stories ”

”certainly miss Amanda ” the duke said in his usual polite manner. Aran just nodded his head like a chicken, not daring to say anything.

”ok then, bye ” she put her hand on augustuss head and mumbled something. A fire covered then and they disappeared.


In a forest some 30 km away from that old village a wisp of fire appeared and then grew and grew until it was 2 meter tall and 3 meter wide. The fire slowly disappeared and Amanda appeared with augustus. Augustuss eyes were wide open.

”now you see why archmages are so revered. Now don,t be scared i am not going to eat you or anything. I just don,t like that duke. He is a cunning fox. Now, tell me more about that sword thingy ehhh? ” augustus was lying on his stomach. His head towards Amanda. Very politely he said

”Oh lordess archmage, please teach me me what you have discarded, as those paper you throw away is enough for me to learn a lot ”

Amanda was dumbfolded by this braths shamefullness. But she liked the fact that she found something enjoyable.

”you know tell me about yourself and that getting strong thing and I might give you the same book you tried to steal, and even a good sword. ”

”really? ”

augustus who was clearly unhappy about his unsuccessful theivery asked in complete disbelief.

”yes yes so hurry up and start talking ”

”Ok, so you already know my name and age. My father used to be a blacksmith and my mother a gardener. He even made a rune sword which he showed to others like a baby. They both loved me and I loved them too. But, alas! Fate loves to make men fools I was a fool too to believe that I will always be happy. When I was 4 my mother became pregnant but died during childbirth due to the curse of evil spirits. Some of his competitors said to him that the devils controlled evil spirits. My father who was devastated by this didn even think the why and how and enrolled in army as a blacksmith. There he too died leaving me alone. And the twist is, the 2 bastards who told my father that lie died in a pandemic. And evil spirits dissipitate in a few days after cursing someone. Ha ha ha! Aren I a fool played by fate. ”


Amanda applauded him with a sad look plastered across her face

”such a sad story, and I can see that you are not lying. So, why are you narrating this story as if you have nothing to do with this story ”

”well miss Amanda the world teaches everyone and gives every one a choice. A choice that changes the trajectory of lifes. I got my choice when my parents died in the form of village elder. He visited me and told me that he wants my house and the blacksmith shop. I had 2 choices either wallop in sadness and self-pity, rent both the things he wanted to him and live my life commonly, or sell it to him for 5 gold coins and struggle for my life. And as you can see miss Amanda I chose the second path. When I was 6 the magic academies sent people with orbs that can see someones talent. I had low-grade mana control and low grade fire talent. That is even less than that bulky man, even he have intermidiate grade talents. When I try meditating mana literally runs away like a child seeing some ghosts. I had already Imbarked on the second path and I travelled further. I went to the library and searched for paths to power that don require talent. ”

” let me guess, you found that weapon and rune mastery paths are slow but can be treaded by those cursed by nature and played by fate ” Amanda said excitedly. She was fully emerged in the story

”you guessed right and so, here I am caught stealing, and bieng forced to narrate my life story by a beautiful women. But now, that I think about is not that bad ”

”now thats a good story! Now I will fulfill my promise ” she said handing augustus a sword and a book

”but before I drop you back answer another question will you? ”

”anything for you miss ”

”oh, how endearing!. Ok so why do you want to become strong ”


Augustuss pov*

After getting hold of the sword and
une guide I was really happy. Well i had nearly been killed by that fatty but now that I have received a fine sword and a book that guides me to power nothing can stop my rise to the peak of the world. Well, except death but that is not something I can control.

”why do you want to become strong ”

huh? I didn said anything but she saw everything with this stupified face of mine.

”I asked that you want to become strong right ”

”yup ” I answered without hesitation.

”so tell me what do you want to achieve by becoming strong ”

I knew I had to become strong but what do I want? I thought as I rememberd the story of nightwalker and Thomas the last swordsman to achieve mastery in under 90 years. I Knew what I wanted, what I wish to achieve

”I ”

”hmm? ” she was about to touch my head to teleport us back but stopped clearly not accepting a answer from a 9 year old as even many masters don know there goal, know there will.

”I want to stand at the peak of the world, as then and only then I can get what I wanted ”

”which is? ” she asked curiously

”The world ”

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