he idea that he became the psychopath he is now.


Of course, it takes some effort to convince the main character of the setting, but…


“This is nothing.”


For a better life than before, it wasn't that difficult.


* * *


“Boss, did you get home safely yesterday?”


“Ah, Assistant Manager Jung.”


Lee Jaehun blinked as he looked at the main character asking how he was doing with an awkward expression.


'As expected of the main character of the novel.'


My career that I trembled like breathing is not going anywhere.


Apparently, he couldn't organize all of Lee Jaehun's appearance he witnessed yesterday, so he seems to be trying to recall it today, but it wasn't a bad approach if you think about the outer appearance he usually conveyed.


It is a line that suits Assistance manager Jung In-ho, a sincere and friendly but ordinary employee.


Lee Jaehun frowned and replied as usual.


“I almost died from being sore.”


It doesn't suit him at all, but he was also pretty confident in being coy.


It reveals a bad habit of mixing basic inferiority and rudeness toward people lower in rank than him, and answering them with annoyance no matter what they ask.


The old-fashioned boss, who only grumbles despite being asked the most basic regards, is unlikable even when riding the KTX.

[Note: Korea Train eXpress, often known as KTX, is South Korea's high-speed rail system, operated by Korail.


However, this kind of behavior that aroused dislike was a very natural thing for Lee Jaehun in the past, and even when he recalled his previous life, the vibe that came out from time to time did not disappear.


He continued, playing his old self very naturally.


“Rather than that, did you post what you were told to post last week? I think I said until today.”


This was a line that also appeared in the novel.


The main character, who subconsciously suffered a trauma the day before, becomes disillusioned with the manager who is urging the documents the next day.


He took on a task that was not supposed to be done, and it was only recently that he had been given it, and he would be annoyed by anyone hearing the order to produce results without giving even a few days of rest.


Isn't it the tone that implies 'you can work on weekends instead of resting'?


Of course, the main character, who is good at hiding his true feelings, answered with a clear face and a hint of embarrassment.


“Ah, the cleanup is almost done.
I'll send you an email as soon as I'm seated.”


“… okay? Then it's done.”


Lee Jaehun stiffened his expression with half wonder that the work was finished so quickly and half dissatisfaction with losing someone to criticize.


The main character in the novel should once again feel a familiar disillusionment here.


However, the situation with the novel has changed due to yesterday's incident.


“By the way, sir.”




“Are your wrists okay?”


This bastard is a crazy person pretending not to be like that.


'I expected it, but it's even more annoying because it's as expected.’


Lee Jaehun clicked his tongue inwardly.


The main character does not know about Lee Jaehun now, but Lee Jaehun knew the current protagonist.


Considering the appearance of Assistant Manager Jung In-ho, who he has usually seen, and the novel he read in his previous life, it was not very difficult to depict a human image.


The human named Jung In-ho was generally a good person, but he had a shady side.


He becomes obsessive only for his beliefs, and sure enough, yesterday Lee Jaehun acted in direct opposition to the justice established by that belief.


Maybe the main character was really curious about what the hell this idiot is doing.


But like the main character, perhaps even more so, Lee Jaehun's outer skin was extremely tough.


Since they parted ways yesterday and asked how they were the next day, he remained calm, so he must have judged that he wouldn't be able to get the information he wanted by scratching gently as he had been doing.


So what can you do? If you want to know, you have to poke your opponent's weakness to get the response you want.


And considering the reaction shown yesterday, Lee Jaehun seemed to want to hide the fact that he was “accustomed to pain” from others.


Lee Jaehun blinked at the protagonist waiting for his answer with black eyes.


'Anyway, what an annoying bastard.'


No matter how hateful he was, it was really unfavourable to openly poke at a weak point.


Perhaps Jung In-ho would have lived well, even if he had been born in the same world as Lee Jaehun’s previous life.


And the reaction Lee Jaehun could show to such a question was limited.
Hide it like you always have, or show it however you want.


The answer to that question was also decided by Lee Jaehun last night.


“Jung In-ho.”




“Let’s keep the line, yes?”


If you were going to get caught anyway, it would be right to show for it in advance.


“You’ve been doing well so far, why are you like this?”


Lee Jaehun suddenly laughed at this situation.


They were about to be eaten by the Underworld.


Of course, he didn't the who the current protagonist is, but that was the set situation.
In such a case, you'll do everything you can to live apart from the world.


Is it funny that they are engaged in such a war of nerves without knowing what will happen to them in the future, or is it funny that they are doing this kind of play even though they know everything?

[Note: first part is referring to Jung In-ho, second part is referring to MC.]


Even in the midst of that, a rootless laugh leaked out as he acted without letting go of his reason to try to live until the end.


Of course, it was only for a short while.


“Deputy Manager Jung, you should be promoted quickly.
Do you think you can afford to quarrel with the manager?”


“… No, I just asked because I was worried…


“If that's true, Deputy Jung should be a little more delicate.
Can you have a social life because people are so ignorant? Be careful, huh?”


Lee Jaehun, who finished his usual taunting, left the hallway and went to his seat.


It wasn't that there were no people listening to their conversation, but it seemed like it was a conversation between an ordinary old man and a poor employee, so there shouldn't be any major problems.


Above all, Lee Jaehun could not afford to engage in a war of nerves with the main character.


'In the next two hours.'


There are only a few hours left before he is eaten by the underworld.


Lee Jaehun, who knew that he would fall into a world similar to that time, was psychologically quite insecure because of the memory of struggling to survive while trembling with those damn things in his previous life.


That doesn't mean he's gone crazy or lost his nerves.


For him in his previous life, being threatened with death happened every time, and he learned to think calmly because he couldn't just scream in fear every time.


Wouldn't it be much different now that he’s reincarnated in the world of fiction?


He didn't want to uselessly waste his energy in a situation where he may be on the verge of his death.


If the other person hadn't been the main character of this world, Lee Jaehun would have pretended not to know his reasoning.


Lee Jaehun, who sat down, turned on the monitor as usual.




He blinked slowly at the sudden dream-like sense.


The past life he just recalled was strangely realistic.


Maybe it's because he was possessed by the book he read then, or maybe it's because of his original personality.


Even if it rolled quickly, the hat only made his head go blank.


In his hand, he checked what he had to do today, but was absentminded


Lee Jaehun obligingly played with his mouse and stared at the white window on the screen, then placed his free hand as if to cover his mouth.


Anxiety and nervousness combine with the half-baked reality that seems to be floating in the air, slowing awareness.


“Department head, would you like some coffee?”


“Oh, yes.”


He just nodded his head and passed the time.


For Lee Jae-hun, who does not work particularly hard, the company's working hours were boring.


It must have been because he passed on the work he should have done to other employees.


The main character was also a common victim of such an old-fashioned manager.


In this case, the employees would report the work they had done as if he had done it.


The work that the manager had to do had already been completed, and there was nothing to do in the remaining time, so Lee Jaehun sat in his chair with a languid sentiment.


* * *


30 minutes, 1 hour.
And 2 hours passed.




A slight tingling sensation passed through his limbs as if he had been eaten by electricity.


“… What, what?”


“The computer is off.
Is it a power outage?”


“Where are you?”


Lee Jaehun blinked at the dusty desk that you would only see in a collapsed building.


Electricity was gone.
Of course, the computer didn't work, and for the same reason, the automatic door on the first floor would have stopped too.
Elevators and escalators too.


The old and broken building, as if it had been neglected for more than 10 years, felt a little strange.


Lee Jae-hun approached the window and checked outside.


“… Huh.”


He let out a familiar sigh from his mouth.


A world in which black and white descended, the world seemed to have been deprived of color.


The loneliness of seeing the world decades later, where people were all gone.




and weirdness.


Lee Jaehun's gaze met the jet-black eyes staring at him.


“… Boss, what's going on?”


“… Well.”


They were devoured by the underworld.

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