Chapter 4- Second Grandfather’s Partner


Wu Wenping, his second grandfather, had only seen him a few times and he was still a child at that time.

He knew the Uncle Zhou who had opened the door.
This is the man who was with his second grandfather.
His name was very tacky and popular.
His name was Zhou Daniu, and as his name implies, his personality was that of a stubborn and brutal cow.




He has only met Zhou Daniu once and it was at his grandfather’s funeral.
The relatives of the Wu family had a bad attitude toward the second grandfather who suddenly returned from abroad.
If no one was there to stop him, Wu Qinyuan knew that this bull would not hesitate to directly hit someone. 



Hearing Wu Qingyuan’s self-introduction, the expression on Old Man Zhou’s face changed, and he showed his disgust as he had no good impression of the Wu family.


But when took a second look at Wu Qingyuan and scanned him from toe to head, and when he heard him mention his own grandfather’s name, his face improved a little, and he said, “Aren’t you the grandson of Xiaoguo’s? Then, come in.” And he finally allowed him to enter.



 It was obvious that Old Man Zhou didn’t want to see the Wu family.



“Ahem, Brother Niu, who is here?” 


As soon as he entered the yard, and before they could enter the house, Wu Qingyuan heard a slightly sick coughing sound, and then looked up and saw an old man walking out of the next room.


The old man is about seventy years old, all strands of his hair were white, and his face was wrinkled, but he can still vaguely see the handsome appearance he had when he was young, and he also had a gentle bearing. 


Wu Qingyuan recognized who the old man was at a glance, but before he could speak, the Old Man Zhou rushed over and hurriedly helped him sit down, scolding the other with a black face.


“Didn’t I just let you lie down on the bed? Why did you come down? Can’t you see that you have too few clothes on you, is it because you want to visit the hospital again for a few days?! Sit down and don’t move, I’ll bring you a bowl of water.
The son of Xiaoguo’s kid has come to visit you, you two talk first.” 


As he scolded and lectured, Old Man Zhou took off his clothes and wrapped them around the other.
Then as he saw his wife obediently looking at him as he scolded him, his heart softened and he couldn’t help but point to Wu Qingyuan in the yard.
He hurriedly moved to the back room to prepare things.



“You- you are the grandson of my eldest brother, Qing- Qingyuan? Quick, come here and let your Er-Ye take a look.” 

When Wu Wenping heard his partner’s words, he noticed Wu Qingyuan who was behind him.
He turned his head and when he saw who it was- his old eyes became wet, and his voice trembled.

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Wu Qingyuan nodded and walked up immediately without saying a word.
He let the old man touch his face and arms to check.
Although they hadn’t known each other for long, he instinctively felt close to this second grandfather.
After all, they were all family.


When Wu Wenping was satisfied from examining this grandson, his eyes had become tired and he kept sighing in satisfaction.
Old Man Zhou also walked out with the bowl of water.
When he saw that his wife’s eyes were red, he couldn’t help but start scolding him again and although his tone was arrogant, his eyes showed distress.


“Yes, yes, Brother Niu, I already know- quickly prepare a few more dishes and bring out a bottle of wine.
Let’s celebrate at noon today.
Go quickly.
Don’t just scold and scare people all day long.”


  As he was just listening to the same old teachings, Old Man Wu pushed and encouraged Old Man Zhou with a smile.
He was scolded every day but it still made him feel warm and sweet.


The old man Zhou hummed and although his attitude was still not very welcoming, he did not refuse.
He quickly got up and went into the kitchen.
After half an hour, he ran back with a few dishes.
Don’t just assume weakness by looking at his age- his body is still very sturdy and healthy.


Old man Zhou’s cooking skills are very good, and the few home-cooked dishes are made with delicious spices and flavors.
Wu Qingyuan has very high self-control, but he can’t stop himself from stretching out his chopsticks more and more as he sat at the table.
Smiles appeared on the faces of the two old men.


“It’s the same as your grandpa back then, but this kid is not as manner less as that grandpa of yours…”


Old man Zhou stared at Wu Qingyuan, nagging at him while picking up food for his wife.
He didn’t say anything about his craftsmanship, but he was happy in his heart.



Elder Wu was even happier.
Although Wu Qingyuan is not his biological grandson, he is still related to him by blood.
It was very rare for him to see his own relatives- at this moment, he is the happiest, and he keeps recalling the past and sighing.


Wu Qingyuan listened patiently, answering a few questions occasionally, and he was in a good mood.
After living in the apocalypse for so long, he rarely enjoyed this kind of warmth.


Compared to the relatives of his aunt’s family who would abandon him in the face of danger and in the time of his great need- his second grandfather who has little contact with him is one who really cares about his relatives.
As for the affairs of the second grandfather and his liking of men, let’s just say that many of his life views were weakened in the last days.
Now that modern society is very open, this is not something so unacceptable, not to mention that he himself likes men.


After eating, Wu Qingyuan put down his chopsticks and said his intentions directly after the two old people’s fluctuating emotions calmed down.


Although a little sudden, the end of the world is coming, he does not have much time to waste, so he must deal with everything in the fastest and most efficient time.


“…Second grandfather, I know that this news is incredible, but it is reliable.
The abnormal weather around the world is the best proof.
The above are all quietly preparing now, but people outside are still being kept in the dark, I heard of Grandpa Zhou’s origins, so second grandfather, I want to try to see if we can leave here together.
The earth is no longer suitable for human habitation.”


Wu Qingyuan didn’t mention anything about his own rebirth.
He only said that he had received news from his friends.
The last days were already shocking enough for the world.
He was afraid that the two old people’s hearts would not be able to bear it if he told them about the apocalypse that is to come.


The Wu family are all natives of the earth.
The second grandfather of the previous life was able to tell him the secret of crossing to another world, and the only way he could learn about this would be through his partner, Zhou Daniu.

In fact, he did hear something from his grandfather a few years ago, but it was not very clear.
He knew that there was a problem with the origins of the man his second grandfather brought.
Through speculation, it wasn’t difficult to guess that the second grandfather’s partner is probably a transverser.


Moreover, it is not unfounded that he dared to speak directly about the end of the world.
Now that the global weather is abnormal, behind the seemingly peaceful life and work, the people above have already predicted the serious implications of the changing weather and are quietly preparing, but those people did not think that the real end of the world are the terrifying Zombies who would soon come out of nowhere. 


“Boy, is this news reliable?”



When they were young, they experienced a lot of things.
The two old people’s receptive ability is still very strong.
Although they are a little shocked, they are not scared and speechless, but their expressions are very serious.
If Wu Qingyuan’s words are true, then it means nothing but bad things in the future. 


“Second Grandpa, Grandpa Zhou, this news is absolutely true.
It was told to me by one of my closest comrades in the army.”


“In the army…” 


Hearing Wu Qingyuan’s words, the two old men’s faces became even more serious.
If someone in the army revealed such news, then there is no need to doubt the accuracy of the news.
Who would dare to spread such serious news at the risk of imprisonment and besides, the news came from a soldier.


Is it true that the last days? …… 


The room was quiet for a while, and the atmosphere was heavy.
Even if you know the end of the world in advance, there is nothing to be happy about.
The world will eventually fall into darkness in the future.


That night, in the solemn atmosphere, the two elders did not give a reply for the time being, and Wu Qingyuan was not in a hurry.
After living for many decades, such serious and shocking news required a few days for the two elders to adjust. 


At the same time, as time moved forward, the external situation has become more and more severe.
Hot temperatures continue to rise, car accidents caused by the spontaneous combustion of cars, and the number of people suffering from heatstroke is increasing.
Many companies have also taken holidays or brought their work home as everyone stayed in air-conditioned rooms all day and did not dare to come out.


Even the crops in the countryside have died in the sun, leading to the rapid increase in the price of food and vegetables.
Eating a vegetable is more expensive than eating meat.
Everyone has complaints.
The only ones who can laugh are the businessmen selling air conditioners, cooling equipment, food, etc.
as they make a lot of money. 

Watching the soaring prices on the news and the flood of various news reports in the hospital, Wu Qingyuan sighed in his heart.
This is just the beginning.
The real ordeal was after the sudden heavy snowfall.



The two elders were also very uncomfortable when watching the news.
They no longer had doubts about the affairs of the end times.
The next night, they called Wu Qingyuan to discuss things in front of them, but the answer they gave was different from what Wu Qingyuan expected.
They had no intentions of leaving.


In fact, Old Man Zhou was more stubborn, and Wu Wenping tried his best to persuade him to leave.

“Why is there a need to leave? We are both of old age anyway, and we only have a few years to live, and it’s the same whether we leave or not, why even trouble ourselves and the kid?”


“But Brother Niu, don’t you still have a younger brother over there? This time, you have a chance…” 

“The life span of our people is not as long as modern people.
I am more than eighty.
I don’t know if my brother is still alive.
It’s useless to worry about it.
We won’t be leaving!”


  Old Man Zhou’s attitude is very persistent, no matter what his partner says, he refuses to leave.

His second grandfather’s eyes were a little red, and Wu Qingyuan could see it.
Old man Zhou didn’t want to go because he cared about his second grandfather. 


Although Old Man Zhou is eighty years old, he is in good health and will have no problem living for another ten years.
However, his second grandfather’s health is a lot weaker.
Province Y is far away from County K, and now the plane can no longer fly.
Old Man Zhou was afraid that his partner wouldn’t be able to endure the long trip.


There is also the matter of crossing to the other world.
As a traverser who has already gone through it, he is very aware of the dangers when crossing.
Even if his wife’s body survives the trip to Province Y, what if there is an accident during the crossing and they might just directly meet the king of hell? They might as well stay in this yard. 


As for his relatives, he doesn’t know if they are still alive after so many years.
In the beginning, his partner broke off his relationship with the family for him.
At this moment, he just wants to spend his last moments with his partner.


“Boy Qingyuan, your second grandfather and I won’t bother you at this age.
Go on ahead without us, even if time has passed from when I first came, you will be able to go back when the tiangou eats the sun.
Go there and have a good time.
And if you can… When you get there if you have the opportunity to go to Shiqiao Town, Jiangyi County, Xia kingdom- see if you can find my brother.
My younger brother and I just fled there.
We were separated only a few weeks after we got there.
I don’t know if he is still alive.
Many people starved to death that year…” 


Old Man Zhou resolutely expressed his attitude while sighing in remorse for his brother.




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