This Is Not Time Travelling

The Guardian: Replica.

They cautiously approached the large stone door and saw it. The beautiful carvings.

”Woah. Whats this? ” Remy was fascinated. A figure of an angel with her eyes closed and her hand on her chest, she was wearing a long dress. She also had beautiful wings and a large dragon was standing at her back. The rest was filled with trees, flowers, and two notable butterflies, one of which was a dark color that stood out the most, very intriguing.

”Is she Eve? ” Dylan asked.

”Eve? You mean Ruin of Eve? ” Remy was confused.

”I don know. Maybe they used her name as the ruins name? Ruin of Eve, who knows. ” Dylan tried to explain it logically.

”Yeah, its plausible. ” Aurielle agrees. She tries to push the door, and immediately Remy holds her hand to stop her.

”Wait! What if its a trap? ” He asked. He was not gonna take his chances.

”Also possible, but do you think its best for us to just stand here and wait for the other guardians to arrive and massacre us or go inside and possibly get killed by anything inside there? ” Dylan said sarcastically with a straight face. They were taken aback.

”Wow! No need to be so critical! ” Remy felt dumbfounded, while Aurielle was laughing hard. Remy punched Dylans left arm, maddened by his sharp tongue.

”Hahaha! Well said, Dylan. Well said. ” Aurielle smacked his back.

”From his perspective, looks like we don have any choice, only miserable endings. ” She wipes the tear from her laughs.

”Im just saying. ” He raised his shoulders.

”Don ! Say anything! Youll jinx us! ” Remy eyed him. Aurielle can help but feel light-hearted, making jokes out of their dire situations. They know, they might die with every step that they take, but having them messing around wasn that bad. Now everything doesn seem so bleak.

”Okay, okay, enough. Come, give me a hand. ” She pulled both of them to help her. Together, they pushed the heavy door, and slowly, an opening began to widen. A cold breeze was felt leaving the room. They didn care to open the door all the way, it was massive and weighed tons!

”Its empty again? Where did they hide the treasure anyway? ” Remy frowns, getting irritated by their wasted efforts again.

”Im sure there are treasures but Im a bit worried, about why this room is ominously empty, and I also see an ominous stand, in the middle of the room. ” They turned their head to see a stand just at the spot where Aurielle mentioned.


The door loudly closed from the inside. Their heart felt like they would have popped out by now.

”What the hell?! That almost gave me a heart attack! ” Remy cursed. Dylan went to check on the floor, he pushed and pulled the stone door but it won budge.

”Looks like we
e stuck in here. ” Dylans voice had hints of concern.

”See?! I told you! Youve jinxed us! Looks like we need to say our prayers now! Hah! ” Remy felt flabbergasted.

”Look. Its suddenly glowing. What is that? A sphere? ” Aurielle didn mind them arguing and started to walk toward the stand. The stand was inside the circled stone floor.

”Interesting. ” She stood at the edge of it and lifted her foot, only then they finally realized what she was doing.

”Aurielle! Wait! ” They shouted. The moment her foot touched the circled floor, the floor began to pulse with redness, and black smoke rose from the gaps in the floor. They pulled her back.

”Oh no. Looks like trouble. ” She said while watching the black clouds swirl in the air.

”No! You
e the troublesome one! ” They knew she was very impatient regarding new things, and mostly the troubles they got into were because of her.

”Sorry. Hehe. ” She apologized goofily. They can only sigh at her carelessness.

”One day, I might really get myself killed because of you. ” Remy pinched her cheek.

”I think that day, is today. ” Dylan felt defeated too.

”Sorry! Sorry! ” Aurielle hits Remys hand to let her reddened cheek go. Then, rubbed it softly, relieving the pain.

”You don think, thats. ” Aurielle hesitated but at the same time felt thrilled, there was a smile on her face, another adventurous experience added to her life, thats what she thought. The black smoke now got vacuumed into the sphere. From clear glass sphere to pitch black.

It slowly rose to the air, meanwhile the stand descended into the ground. With eyes of fear and anticipation, they saw how the ruined walls stone rise from the ground and gathered to the sphere. One after another, combined and stacked on top of each other, until they formed the shape of the most terrifying creature in the world.

”A dragon?! ” While Remy screamed in terror-stricken. The Replica swings its tail causing them to scatter around, avoiding getting hit by its massive 3-meter high tail. The Replicas height almost reached the large rooms ceiling lessened by a few feets high. This is now their mission impossible.

”Its Replica! ” Aurielle exclaimed.

”Look what have you done, Aurielle! ” Remy was outraged, but she just laugh to her hearts content.

”Hahaha! What are the chances to meet a dragon-like creature?! ” Aurielle wasn afraid, she was consumed by the rush of adrenaline of pure excitement. The Replica roared dreadfully and more stones were levitated into the air, before charging toward them at accelerated velocity. However, they are well known for their agility, thus dodging the stones was still manageable.

”Remy! Dylan! ” She called out to them. They looked at her gymnastically evading the rocks. Then she pulled out her bow while running on top of the Replicas tail, before jumping higher and closer to the Replica.

”Its fight or flight! Come on, lets do this! Target: Boom! ” She laughs mischievously while flipping herself to the back once again, away from what to follow after that. Her arrow struck the Replicas head, causing an all-powerful boom. It crumbled to the ground, the Replica was now headless.

”Hahaha! You
e crazy! But fine, lets have some fun! ” Remy exclaimed. Dylan smirked enlightened by them.

Remy runs near the Replica, and they noticed. Despite being headless, it still can attack them with accuracy.

”Looks like we need to destroy its core, the sphere. ” Dylan put forward. More stones were levitated upward to create a new head. Remys grimoire glows with blue light before floating in the air beside him.

”Oh no, you don ! Ice Magic: Absolute Zero! ”

”Ice Magic: Frozen Icicle! ”

”Ice Magic: Icy Lance! ” He cast his spell continuously. The Replica becomes immobilized when large and sharp icicles of ice appeared above the Replica falling and hitting it.

The crystallized Replica shattered as if it was pieces of glass, and what was left was the core still hovering in the air. A lance appears in front of Remy, he took it and sprints toward the Replicas core, he must destroy it.

”Hiarghh!!!! ” He screamed and trusts his lance to the core, but his attack was stopped. As if there was an invisible wall. He can get his lance to touch the core. Remy jumps back to the ground.

”Thread: Lock. ”

”Thread: Weft, Warp. ”

”Thread: Slice. ” Even though unseen by the eyes, the loud clashing and slashing sounds can tell, that even Dylans strongest threads cannot pierce through the invisible wall.

”What do we do now? ” Remy asked them. The Replica began to rebuild itself. At that moment, Aurielle began to feel the fear, she supposedly felt from the beginning of the fight.

The Replica finally completed its shape and looked at them with grim.

”Argh! ” Without notice, Dylan was thrown to the back, he got hit by a surprise attack; The Replica used a large stone. It caught them off guard, Aurielle was shocked to see him bleeding and collapsing near the wall.

”Dylan! ” Aurielle souted.

”Watch out, Aurielle! ” Remy pushed her hard to the back. She saw him getting whipped by the Replicas tail and went flying far to the left side of the room.

”Remy! ” She called out. Remy has taken a deadly blow, all because she didn pay attention to their enemy. The Replica slowly approaches her. Aurielle was now glued to the floor, petrified.

”Ice Magic: Ice Arrows! ” She heard Remys voice. The Replica stops as the arrows kept hitting it, and some of its parts fall to the ground. Aurielle looked in the direction of the coming arrows. Remy was limping with drops of blood dripping from his head.

”Yo! Don touch our, boss lady. ” He smirked. Aurielle was touched to see him still alive. She felt her body get pulled up.

”Dylan… ” Aurielles voice shakes, holding her tears.

”Don worry, Im fine too. Just caught me off guard. ” Dylan smiles, and he pats her head.

”We need to focus now. Lets figure out how to defeat that thing. ” Dylan suggested, she nodded to his statement.


Seconds, minutes, and hours have passed. The three of them were barely alive. Aurielle herself had gotten a few bruises and blood dripping from the Replicas attacks. It was unstoppable. Remy all of a sudden fell to the ground, unconscious.

”Oh no. Remy, wake up. ” Aurielle rested his head on her lap, trying to wake him up. He has been taking the most damage and using the most mana compared to the two of them. While Aurielle and Dylan can only focus on defense. It was a miracle that Remy was able to even stand after 2-hour long fight.

”This is bad. ” Dylan stood in front of them, to protect them. The Replica was acting weird too. It just stands there, looking at them for some time now.

”Im really sorry. ” Aurielle apologized which made Dylan surprised.

”Its not your fault. ” He tries to comfort her.

”No. Its mine, of course. I should have fought back then, to reject this mission. Now, look at us. ” She felt hopeless, looking at her friend injured like that, it broke her heart yet more.

”Its okay. I don regret it. Though I don know about, Remy. He probably regretted it. ” Dylan badmouthed him.

”Hey, don put words in my mouth. ” Out of nowhere, Remy responded.

e awake?! ” Aurielle was shocked.

”I was just tired and lose my grounding, didn expect you would put me in such a position. ” He whispers; as he mentions, the position where he can see and feel her curves. Remy everted his eyes from meeting Aurielles.

”Okay, thats it. ” Dylan stormed beside him and pulled his ear, forcing him to stand up.

”Ouch! Ouch! Thats hurt! ” Remy screamed. They were still arguing. Aurielle didn know how to react to their attitude.

”Pfftt. Hahaha! ” Aurielle couldn hold back her laugh, it caught both of their attention.

”Im so lucky to have both of you as my friends and teammates. ” She expressed gratitude. It made both of them blush a little.

”I know, right? You know, you need me. ” Remy said arrogantly, only to get smacked by Dylan on the head.

”You need to correct your attitude first. ” He lectured him. Remy was about to retort to his words before the Replica began to move once again.

”I guess, your bickering can continue later, if there is, a later. ” Aurielle pats their back and stands between them. The Replica stomps its feet and roared menacingly. A large black hole appeared before the Replica.

”What in the world?! ” They felt like being sucked inside the hole.

”Dark magic?! Who makes this thing anyway?! How can it have dark magic?! No, how come it has magic, to begin with! ” Remy screamed.

”From the beginning, it was already suspicious enough, that the Replica had magic, but dark magic? This is uncalled for. ” Aurielle pulled out her bow.

”Target: Clamp! ” She shoots her arrow and rope at the pillar behind them. Hoping it will be enough for her and the two of them, to hold on without being pulled away by the strong force.

”I don think we can survive this. This Replica has tricks hidden under its sleeve. No wonder, no one ever succeeded and survived here. ” Dylan said. The laying stones were already sucked into the dark hole. They noticed that the pillar beginning to become unsteady too.

”Is this the end already? I think Im too young to die. ” Remy didn have the will to fight anymore.

”Im sorry, both of you. But, thank you so much for everything that you have done. ” Aurielle tries to smile. Even if this was their last, she hoped that they didn bore resentment toward her. Dylan and Remy smiled kindly. Their faces say it all, it was enough.

”Yo! ” A voice alerted them. They turned their head to see two young men standing still, one of them was waving friendly at them.

Standing at the back, dressed in a white cloak covering his whole body, only showing his purple eyes. Meanwhile the other one, a young man dressed casually but smart looking. Wearing a maroon long-sleeved t-shirt but the sleeves are rolled to his elbow, with a vest, tie, gloves, pants, and pump loafers in the color black. He had shoulder-length and flowy red hair to the side, paired with yellowish eyes.

”Need a hand? ” The red-haired men asked playfully.

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