The world wasn fair.

It never was.

Life for some, meant death for others.

The world truly-

Was not fair-

”Sigh- not good enough- ” She threw the naked man on the floor-

There were four others on the floor-

Soft thud-

Two men- two women-

And now five in total.

All naked- all spent.

Locked doors, little to no light-

A hefty perfume- and the scent of spent love and fluids.

The scent of fun.

With a sigh-

The woman lit up a cig and crossed her legs sitting on the bed.

Breasts plum, nether leaking.


Not from her juices, no.

Knock- knock-

”Albert? Come in. ” Her voice- sweet.

”Excuse me- ”

A man came in.



And definitely rugged.

He sniffed the air- looked down- and then at the woman- not flinching even once. ”We
e leaving. ”

A scar covering half of his face-

What he got it from?

No one knew.

”Already? ” She whined a bit. Her hair danced a bit as she moved about-

As did her chest-

”Yes, and haven you had enough fun? ”

”Not really… ” She said, giving herself a tease with a finger; spreading her legs- full on display. ”Care to join me? ” A wink followed by a sweet whisper-

The horrible scent in the air disappeared- replaced by a sweet- sweet smell.

The smell of delight.

And the smell of love-

”No thanks. ” Yet- Albert just- turned around. ”Marcus and I are waiting in the lounge. ” Exposing those two massive axes on his back.



”Too bad- ” The woman licked her lips.

Getting up- putting on underwear- and then clothes.

Shower wasn necessary- she loved her smell anyway.

She walked out of room, and made sure to walk on top of the naked spent people while she did so-

Not a single groan came out; moans did though- they were in bliss-

”Later sweeties- ”


The lounge.

The lounge of the fallen kingdom- Borshall.

Even just a month ago this country was so prosperous-

So bountiful.

And now-

The capital devastated- hundreds of cities destroyed- thousand of villages plundered… a country of ruin.

People dying, monsters ravaging- death and disaster everywhere.

Yet, no one opposed the Overlords- at least not anymore.

After all- all who did- were no longer in this world.

And though it was a large room. There were two people here- and three foot-tables. Living foot-tables… the former royalty.

”Sorry Im a bit late- ” A woman walked in-

Golden locks, fair skin, perfect figure-

Beautiful- in her own words.

”Now that we
e all here- ” The team leader- spoke up. Black leather shirt- leather pants and sunglasses- even indoors. ”Monica, take a seat. ”

”Sure- sure. ” She chuckled, taking a seat- and spreading her long plump legs- a short miniskirt. Stuff was definitely visible and perhaps that was intentional. ”And Marc- Its VerMonica. ” She insisted, giving the girl under her feet a little rubbing- exactly on her groin- her bare groin…

The girl held the sound in-

Marcus, the team leader, rolled his eyes- ”Theres not much else to do here. So, I was her thinking wed head over to Cerbric and kill some sea dragons. ”

”I don really like getting wet- ” Monica shrugged. ”At least not from water, if you know what I mean… ” A grin. ”I don mind going there but Id be just staying indoors the whole time. ”

Meanwhile the third man- Albert didn bother saying anything.

”I heard there are quite a few merfolk in that sea as well. ” Marcus explained.

”Oh? ” Her interest sparked. ”Then theres mermaids and mermen and- ”

”And Sirens, yes- ” Marcus grinned. ”We should be able to level up by killing the dragons too. So, win-win. ”

”But don they consider the dragons sacred and worship them? ” Albert said- finally speaking up.

”Cerbric has already surrendered- so it shouldn be an issue- ” Marcus smiled. ”Besides, who cares about some overgrown sea lizards anyway. ”

So, the decision was made.

”Ill open a portal then? ” Monica said- but didn wait for confirmation and started chanting anyway.

”Then my lord- ” A meek voice came from the bottom of Marcuss feet. ”Ive done everything you asked me to… Would you at least spare us? ”

The three royals-

Or rather former royals-

Stripped of their clothes- stripped of their status- and their pride-

Made to be just foot tables-

Ordinary foot tables-

He, the former king, had been quiet this whole time.

And there was a reason for that.


”OF course- ” Marcus smiled. waving his hand once-

And though the former king, queen, and princess smiled-

Their heads slowly slid off and dropped on the floor along with those horrified smiles.

blood slowly poured out- staining the ever-glistening marble floor red…

A bloodline of thirteen kings-

The bloodline of the chosen kings-

”Evil- ” Monica giggled, opening a door sized portal.

”Not really- ” Marcus again shrugged. ”He was just getting on my nerves; besides, in what world do foot tables talk? ”


Hysterical laugher.

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