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I transmigrated into myself.
Let go of the past and be reborn.


Maybe because of the little girl's low IQ, The memories of the past are blurry, like fading black and white picture.
As if the richness of love and hatred have been taken away, most emotions filtered out, As if the this life was really as long as the last life.
And things that belong to the little girl have also become hers.
Even in retrospect, it's a bit incredible, is that really her?

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Ye Yu took half a month to bid farewell to the past and accepted her new identity.
Her name is Chu Yu now, and she is only five years old.
She was originally a fool.
And hence, her silence did not arouse suspicion from others.
Her mother was a concubine.

Chu Yu was called the third lady by the servants.
It is said that she became a victim in the house fight six years ago.
Her health is not good.
She gets sick from time to time, but eventually gets better.
Before this, Chu Yu had a high fever and Ye Yu turned into Chu Yu.

“Little fish, you are awake.” The woman who looked to be around twenty-five walked in.
The unpleasant smell of Chinese medicine immediately made Chu Yu on the bed, frown.
The third lady took the spoon, put the medicine to Chu Yu's mouth, and gently coaxed her.

“Little fish, drink the medicine obediently, you will be fine after drinking the medicine, mother's good baby…”

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Chu Yu knew that she was in poor health, so she endured her dislike of traditional Chinese medicine and took a slow sip.
And when she did, she felt as if her whole body was about to ascend to heaven.
This kind of bitterness hits the soul directly, how can someone bear this! Even after drinking it for half a month, she was still not used to the smell.

“Mother was finally able to get this medicine for you, drink it, little fish.”

Chu Yu reluctantly took a sip, she was unwilling to open her mouth again.
The third lady's eyes turned red and she almost cried.
With that familiar face and expression, she seemed to have seen her mother.
Chu Yu did not want to let down third lady, so she reluctantly sipped from the bowl of Chinese medicine that her mother took so much effort to buy.

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Then she lay back on the bed, closed her eyes, and pretended to be motionless.
The third lady sighed and left.
It wasn't that Chu Yu didn't want to pay attention to her, it was just that she felt that, as long as she moved or opened her mouth, she would spit out the medicine in disgust.
The medicine that she finally drank with so much effort, she didn't want to throw up.

It took two full hours before she could control the nausea.
But feeling the taste in her mouth, Chu Yu decided she couldn't go on like this.

Drinking it again, she was afraid that before dying of disease, she would be disgusted to death by the medicine

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Chu Yu studied biomedicine in his previous life, she had dabbled in the human body and it's various diseases.
she had a doctor's qualification certificate.
And she could open her own clinic.
She had passed all kinds of examinations of Western medicine, and all kinds of examinations of Chinese medicine.
she herself made medicines.
Even if she had to make traditional Chinese medicine, she made sure that it would be made into a medicated meal or rolled into a pill.

This kind of Chinese medicine soup/drink is simply too anti-human.
Chu Yu got dressed, staggered out of the big bed, and walked out of the door for the first time.
Fresh floral fragrance blowed in.

Chu Yu was a little stunned, the courtyard in front of her was not what she thought, it was as desolate as a cold palace.
The yard was very large, full of various flowers and plants, and there are two big trees with purple leaves.
There is a maid in Tsing Yi who is taking care of the yard.
The flowers and plants are neatly trimmed and look prosperous, and there is a well not far away.
The courtyard wall is more than two meters high and
not too dilapidated.

“Aiya, third young lady , why did you come out? It's cold in March, be careful or you would get sick again.”

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