Ch15 – Zhuang Yu

Mu Yuanhang looked at Mu Hong with a grim face, “Mu Chen gave Mu Yuanfeng the map that we put in his book and now Mu Yuanfeng is already on guard against us.”

Mu Hong’s eyes widened.
He couldn’t believe it, “How could this happen?” 

Mu Yuanhang took a deep breath, “Mu Yuanfeng is already on guard about the Spirit Breaking Pill, so I’m afraid it will be difficult to strike again.”

Mu Hong gritted his teeth, “This is impossible.” Mu Chen, who had never had any brains, had suddenly become smart.



“Mu Chen has advanced to a nine-star martial apprentice.” Mu Yuanhang said.

Mu Hong’s face suddenly changed, “How is that possible?” Mu Chen had just been promoted to an eight-star martial apprentice and in just a few days, he had been promoted to nine-star. 

Mu Yuanhang held his forehead, “This guy, Mu Chen, after being rejected by Zhuang Yu, his heart has changed drastically.
Now he cannot be underestimated.”


Mu Hong gnashed his teeth, “Was being rejected by Zhuang Yu such a big stimulus to Mu Chen?”

Mu Yuanhang shrugged his shoulders, “Who knows, but Zhuang Yu is really a talented person and many people are fascinated by him.”

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Sjmt alwf, atf qfbqif tf yglcur bnfg jgf vloofgfca, yea atfs jii tjnf atf rjwf ubbv dejilalfr.” C’Ze rjlv rbegis.


Ye Shi’s face changed, “Is Zhuang Yu good-looking?” 

A’Mu nodded, “Naturally, he is.
Otherwise, there wouldn’t be a succession of people around him.”

Chen Da’s face changed, “Is Mu Chen, young master Mu, here?”

A’Mu shook his head, “No, he’s not here.
It’s strange, Young master Mu Chen hasn’t shown up much lately.
He used to be the most fun-loving person, but lately, he’s like a different man.”

Chen Da looked at A’Mu, “What’s he been doing lately?” 

A’Mu shook his head, “Who knows?”

Chen Da glanced at Ye Shi, “Shi Tou, are you going?”

Ye Shi shook his head decisively, “No.” Sneaking to see Mu Chen’s sweetheart, he wouldn’t do such stupid things.

Chen Da looked at Ye Shi and shook his head helplessly. 


Zhuang Yu sat at the table, surrounded by a circle of teenagers.


“Brother Chen, I haven’t seen Brother Mu lately, what has he been up to?” Sun Yu asked curiously.

Chen Moran laughed coldly, “This guy has been hiding at home like a young maiden lately.
Maybe he’s hiding at home to give birth.” 

Sun Yu laughed, “Brother Chen is really joking.”

“The auction is coming up soon and Mu Chen will be there.” Sun Yu said.

Chen Moran nodded, ”I guess so.”

“I don’t know how many spirit stones Mu Chen has at the moment.
If a few of us chip in, we might be able to buy the Ice Lotus Water.” Sun Yu thought for a moment. 

The Ice Lotus Water that Zhuang Yu wanted was really too expensive.
They wanted to please the beauty, but the price was too high to afford!

Zhuang Yu smiled awkwardly, “Thank you all for taking care of me.
The Ice Lotus Water is too expensive, so you should not break the bank.”

Sun Yu disapproved, “A’Yu, don’t say that.
If we have the chance, let’s fight for it.”

Zhuang Yu bowed his head and smiled bashfully. 

“In fact, Mu Yuanfeng is an alchemist, so Mu Chen can just sell two of his father’s pills to get the spirit stones.
Unfortunately, this guy is being stingy lately.” Chen Moran said without good grace.


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