Transmigration To Another World While Being Cursed

Chapter 4 : In The Cave, There Was...

Ayzurei continues to walk in the woods, searching for another prey.

His HP and stamina is already back to full, so he is ready to start another fight.

After a while, he find an alone monster. But its quite difficult opponents, its body is burning but it doesn seems to be harming it.

[ Blazing Tiger

Level : 2

HP : 290

Stamina : 230

Mana : 100

Grade : Uncommon


Strength : 37

Agility : 27

Vitality : 23

Intelligence : 13

Defense : 9

Skill : Burning Bite, Flaming Slash, Fireball, Burst Rush

Discription : A literal burning tiger, almost all of its attack is combine with fire ]

Its only at level two, but its already so powerful… Troublesome… he thought

Even though the enemy is much more powerful than him, he doesn even think to run away.

As if he is a warrior going to fight on a war, not showing any fear whan facing the enemy, not that he feels anything.

The tiger seems to be eating, it didn notice that a human is already behind it rising his sword.



[ – 10 ] (Critical hit!)

[ – 10 ] (Critical hit!)

He hit the tiger on its head twice and immediately put some distance.

”Roarrr!!! ” the tiger roared, turn around and growled towards the human that disturbing its meal

After a while doing some staring content, the tiger finally lose its patience and rush toward the human.

”Roarrr!!! ” the tiger roared

The intensity of the flame on its body increases, making it look more furious.

Although the tiger is faster than the Wind Wolf, this time hes prepare, so he didn get caught off guard this time.

The tiger pounce at him, when it coming closer he quickly dodge to the side, he take the chance and slash on its body.


[ – 2 ]

Only 2?

He put more distance between them.

”Roarrr!!! ” the tiger roared in pain

The tiger then turned around and stare at him, didn move as if its leg is stuck on the ground.

What is it doing? he is confused, not understanding why did it suddenly stop after a few exchange

It didn take long for him to get his answer, a small ball of fire at the size of a ping pong ball slowly grow on top of the tiger.


It didn take long, the small ball of fire than grow to the size of a basketball. The tiger than shoot it at the human. The fireball is rapidly approaching the human.

”Roarr!!! ” its roar follow after it release the fireball

Ayzurei didn take much thought and immediately dodge it and rush towards the tiger

The tiger stare at the human with anger. Its claw begin to lit some fire.

”Roarr!!! ” it roared and rush towards the human

”Shut up ” the human said coldly at the tiger

They clashes, the human able to land a hit on the tiger head and the tiger slash at the human arm

[ – 10 ] (Critical hit!)

[ – 46 ] (Damage received)

[Burn effect trigger, lose 3 HP each second for 3 seconds]

That hurt! he thought

He just being attacked for one time, but its take more than half of his HP.

He looked at the tiger that is ready for another round.

I can face it head on…

This going to be tough

”Hah… Hah… Hah… ”

”Ggrrr… ”

Both the man and the tiger body is covered in blood. They both are injured but the tiger is doing better than the man.

The man clothes is a mess. Its already been tear badly and is full of holes. His pants somehow survived through the whole fight, or else he will be no different than someone that wear nothing at all. They currently staring at each other.

Ayzurei takes a look at his health and stamina.

[HP : 23]

[Stamina : 16]

He click his tongue. Its too low. The HP recovery is to slow to keep up, and he didn have any potion left.

He somehow able to dodge most of the tiger attacks while counterattack each time.

He than take a look at the tiger status.

[HP : 162]

[Stamina : 57]

[Mana : 28]

Its stamina and mana is about to be depleted. Then Ill just tired it out

After a couple of moments of slashing and dodging, the tiger fall to the ground, unable to stand up again after trying multiple times.

The human than goes near the tiger from the back and rise his sword, than stab the immobilised tiger to the death.

”Roar… ” the tiger let out a small growl before letting out its last breath

The man closing the tiger eyes using his hand.

Hah… Finally he thought

By taking advantage of its low intelligence and slow movement after it being injured, he finally able to take it down.

[ You has killed the Blazing Tiger ]

[ Congratulations Player for killing an enemy higher than your level alone, the rewards is double ]

[ Curse Trigger ]

[ The EXP receives is reduced to 1% ]

[ EXP+1 ]

”Double rewards? ” he ignored the curse notification and focused at the new notification

”So I will get more loot by killing stronger enemy… Not that its changed anything ”

He look at his HP

[ HP : 5 ]

”I… Almost died… ”

Although at his current state, he supposed to not feels any emotion, but the threat of death still makes him feel the fear of walking between a thin thread of life and death.

He than search for the loot drop from killing the tiger.

He get one silver coin, an equipment, and two potion.

The silver coin starts to float and shine with a blinding light, he closes his eyes because of the sheer brightness of it

Than the lights fade away, what remains is copper coins scattered on the ground.

[ Curse Trigger ]

[ The coin player obtained is half ]

”… ”

”Whatever ”

He look at the his other gain. Surprisingly, the curse didn erupted this time.

So the curse only effecting my EXP and coins… I wander where did it go

Well, it doesn matter. At least I can get something he give up on thinking about the reason and checking his gain

[ Blazing Sword

Grade : Rare

Attribute : Strength+15

Special Effects : Each attack has 15% chance to give burning effects on the target.

Discription : A sword that can deal burning damage to the enemy, deals more damage to water or ice type monsters. ]

[ Small Health Potion

Grade : Common

Effects : Heal a total of 35 of HP

Discription : A potion that heal small injuries and add small amount of HP ]

Its the same potion he get from the Newbie Gift Pack earlier.

He keep the potions inside the system inventory, and check on the new sword.

It is a black sword, one can see some fire sometimes coming out from it.

Nice sword… Itll be easier to deals with other monsters he thoughts

He stand up and put his sword in his inventory before getting away from the battle scene, even though the fight against the tiger takes a long time, theres no sign of monster coming toward this place.

Weird… Anyway he looks around but didn find anything, so he put the thought at the back of his mind and proceeded to search for a place to hide and rest.

He decided not to use the potion and let his natural HP recovery do its work.

[ HP : 12 ]


”Why… Did my HP recovered much faster then before? ”

He keep thinking about the reason but theres nothing be can thinks of.

”Whatever… At least its a good thing ”

( Author note : Okey I know the fight is quite weird as he didn suppose to be able to defeat the tiger and it doesn make sense. Well, that fantasy world for you : ) )

As he walks through the forest, he sometimes heard the sound of another players fighting against some monster.

Some fight against a group of monsters, while the other is ambush the monster off guard.

So thats why theres no monsters approaching me, all of them is being hold up by another players

[ HP : 26 ]

After a while, he found a dark cave big enough for him to fit into.

This is good enough he thought, as he was checking the place, suddenly, he heard something


”… ”

”Im hungry… ”

Than he heard another sound, but this time, it wasn his stomach.

”Chit, chit ”

”Chit ”

”Chit… ”

Rats? he take out his sword from the inventory

But he forgot that it was a literal fire sword, it immediately exposed his location but it also help him seeing the enemy better.

”… ”

Calm down, don start cursing now… he takes a deep breath and put back his focus on the enemies.

He count theres a total of 5 rats at the size of a cat.

When did rats get this big? he thought

The rats growled at the invaders with wary, thay sense that the thing thats the human holding is dangerous.

Are they afraid of this sword? he looked at the sword with a puzzle expression

Anyway… Here goes nothing he stare at the rats and rise his sword.

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