Undead uprising

Chapter 5: training methods from the ghost

chant ”DEATH BY MY SIDE DEATH IS ME AS I SAY THIS SHOW ME YOUR SELF WORLD OF THE DEAD ” After the chant a marble sized rock appeared and the skeleton started cultivating the marble world inside the lichs body the slow process countiusly while repeating the chant of the book, after it the lich took another one book but this one Is just a little Hand book naming of undead minion after reading the book the black screen appeared in front with a notification of [Youve learned[ Undead summoning: summoning a undead soldier a max of five times have randomized stats not lower Than the normal stats of the Undead soldier Mana cost 10 cooldown 30 minutes Proficiency 0%] ”neat, so what now ” said after reading the notification and the ghost answered ”cultivate the undead world with the skeleton of yours until it become a small world to inhabit all the undead that you summon, spawn,

capture,recruit the undead kin to your small world to enhance and ensure your future as an undead ” after hearing this he was dazed unsure how to do all of that and how can it help me secure my future then questioned ”how and I don have a guide to do all that ” the ghost answered ”you already forgotten about me but you can find more ways than one so create a path and I shall guide you so now lets start ” the training began. (2 chapters per week)

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