Undead uprising

Chapter 7: undead dungeon

After the conversation ended the ghost left the little lich and after it left the little lich walked to every body of the adventurer group and after each adventurer the skeleton inside the lich left its place then carved each body with strange symbols then entered the little lich body after all of the adventurer was done and been engraved a symbol looking like its a skull with a silent sound after a few minutes as the sound reached its peak, the skull that transmitting the sound suddenly opened its mouth a spirit like gas came out of the mouth, as it tried to collect itself together and after a few minutes more, the souls of every adventurer as if it is being pulled out by something the souls started to fly up, before the soul can go up anymore the skeleton came out of the lichs body and started to chant by itself a book in his hand atop of the book is a small marble sized world, saying the second line of the book ”I death decides who will go to heaven and earth or hell and if someone intervenes they will suffer in hell forever even if they are mortals or Gods ” ignorant and domineering enough the souls was let go of the grip of something as to the rope that has been taking the souls and after that the souls and skeletons lying onto the round was taken by the skeleton as all of it was absorbed by the small world and a few seconds later a group of skeleton started to walk around the world and another skeleton appeared across the small world as it was just a normal skeleton it did the same and some other places have skeleton in them randomly appearing in the small world, seeing this he was surprised of how did a skeleton started appearing randomly in his or the skeleton small world and as the number of the skeleton increased the power of the lich and skeleton improved and revamped the [Undead summoning] turned to

[Undead incoming: |passive: automatically cultivates the small world increase as the number of intelligence the possessor of the skill has|, |[turn Undead: turning all of the remenant of the dead to undead it has no limit as the turned undead will be kept in the small world] ”neat ” after that he looked at the small world infront of the skeleton and sitting down then concentrated in the small world to enter it, being in the small world it can be called small its as big the dungeon that he was in now, looking around he saw a group of 5 skeletons walking around and walked into the group as he blended in perfectly walking in sync with the rest in to hill like structure starting to slowly rise from the desolate world and after a few minutes the group was near the hill and a cave can be seen in front of them walking right in to the cave.

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