Unravel The World

SHIT! Discovered

”Imnotgoingtodie. Imnotgoingtodie. Imnotgoingtodie ”


Ever since a while back my body and mind has been going through a number of horrific changes changes.

One second Im a normal, regular human, another second Im a cloud of white gas flowing freely before turning back to my regular self

Normally I would have been protected by a transparent barrier which just so happened to pop up every now and then, followed by a pretty explosion around me but strangely enough a while back it disappeared, then my body disappeared into white powder shortly after, but i was still moving forward

The speed that i was moving slowed down like i was moving through a quagmire before i emerged from a second gate.

I clearly saw a glowing bridge in the direction i was headed, but the speed that slowed down picked up again propelling me through passed through an invisible bubble before continuing

Just sometime back the strange dissolving feeling ended. It felt like my cells were doing the Samba on the microscopic level.

i felt the sensation of my feet hitting ground, albeit barely. My current condition was a cross between, stumbling drunkard and someone high on cough syrup.


Just where the heck-

Opening my eyes I found myself in the yard of some sorts with a tree and my eyes were immediately drawn to two people sitting on chairs having a leisurely conversation.

A man and his kid were talking about something. The man was still talking even till now but the boy seemed to have noticed me even before I noticed them.

The entire environment was strange. The air I was used to was gone but I could still feel something sustaining my breathing. Like breathing through my pores or something…

The entire feel of the area I could see from the yard was all wrong, the style of the garden chairs they were sitting on, the house and even the lights that seemed to just exist as floating lights in the air above the yard(?)

”Your Uncles have been pestering me to get the products in sooner so im looking for someone to transport them for me, they just need to- ”

e not humans.

Their body structure resembled that of humans but their skin had a pinkish hue, not a barely noticeable one. Their skin was definitely pink bro, their facial features were also a bit different from was used to, kind of like…unnatural beauty. No homo tho, i just call it how i see it

I grabbed all that in a split second of my arrival

My first plan of action was to leave this place and find a sewer or something, investigate where exactly I ended up, avoid dying a sadly funny death just after my transmigration.

Unfortunately, I notice that all my muscles from the neck down are paralyzed, I would have fallen if the man didn lend me his invisible and oddly-longranged hand

”An intruder? ” The pink- I mean, man of…color spoke

But I was too bust confused as to how i was suddenly over here. Am I hallucinating

Dark Elf? ” the tall man spoke. I was definitely standing further away from here! Am I now capable of moving through the skies like a bird~

”No, a half-ling dares try to steal from me? You must be quite a strong one to be sent on a mission like this ”

”I didn steal anything! ” I try to get my bearings straight. Where in the world did I just end up in? Who are these different colored aliens, steal? I can only deny it…, looking at the scenario I must have landed in another world straight into these alien peoples yard which as far as normal logic here goes, identifies me as someone breaking and entering

”Then what are you doing in our yard? ” the man who looked middle aged with silver colored hair spoke up this time. An overwhelming pressure emanated from his body, looking into his eyes it felt like any wrong answer would mark the end of my life.

”I-Iam…Im lost ”

”You really expect me to believe you
e lost? Okay, goodbye- ”

”Wait! Hes being honest. ” In that split second between the mans final words and his boys first words, Id never sensed death so near to me before. It felt like a snake coiling around me, sealing my movements, I couldn move or breathe.

Goodbye? just like that? You think you
e Post Malone?

”I can sense overwhelming confusion from him, his mental state is all jumbled up but hes not our enemy ” looking closer the dude with short silver hairs eyes were facing me while glowing a dim silver. I spent a moment lost in that picturesque scene before realizing that the pressure that was coiling around me was gone.

I could breathe again… but now what?

I looked to the two who seemed to be standing there motionless except it didn feel like they would just stand there motionless doing nothing

e communicating?

Then the man faced me again.

”Did you get here by mistake? ” I nodded my head.

”How? ”

”I jumped through my dream portal and ended up here ”

”Your dream portal? ” okay, now that I can think clearly that doesn make sense, and did I really jump into a strange portal because I had a dream about it, Im just grateful for

”You! Explain how you got here without marking this location? NOW ” apparently my silence led to his patience wearing thinner

”I don know? Where is this place? I just had a dream about a portal appearing and when it appeared in real life I jumped into it, I really don know anything other than that ”

”WHAT! You mean you had a Visualization! ”

”What is a- ” and… they
e talking silently again.

This time the talk seemed to be lasting a bit longer and I was left waiting for up to a minute. When the man spoke up again his tone seemed to change

”Well, young friend. It appears to all have been a misunderstanding. You really appear to have been intruding accidentally and you are NOT the thief. Exits that way ” he pointed me to a gate and I could finally breathe(?) again

”Im glad you see Im not a thief, Im just confused about a lot of things because I just came from another- ” I was about to say I came from another world before I stopped myself

STUPID STUPID nobody to have ever done what I was about to do has ever not regretted doing it!

But wait… what of the little boy over there, he always uses some unknown means to verify the truth, could he be a mind reader.

Looking there and seeing the same nonchalant expression on his chubby face everything turned out alright I guess?

”Came from another what? ” and there came the same pressure again making it difficult for me to think.

”Its nothing ”

”Out with it ” it didn seem like he was asking again

What of this then? ”Came from another…world! ”

”World? A different planet you mean ”

”No! world! ” I shook my head, well visit the topic of planets again because that sounds interesting AF ”We are two people from entirely different worlds,. I was an orphan there and had to fend for myself only barely managing to survive all those years you guys are a bit…better off. ” Its not a lie right? these guys are definitely better off than a prince from a third world country.

This was my best bet, no matter which world it is for someone to be lounging in his backyard while sipping juice under their patio light there had to be at least a hundred others who belonged to a different world.

”I come from a place that is not as lavish compared to your fancy garden and lights, even if i didn have parents it was still my home… I think I should be heading back now sir ” but the restraining feeling didn leave. I could move my body but I was stuck in that same spot

He looked at me, his gaze lingering on the tattered clothes Dark Uncle made me wear to sell the Mental Patient look, and were now in rags after passing through the portal.

Then he looked over to his garden table under the umbrella with the fancy lights

”So, Ill be going then… ”

”I see, I didn realize you didn have parents, where are my manners. ”

”Ill be adopting you now ”

”WHAT? ” ”Took you long enough, old man ” the kid seemed to be in support, so they were in cahoots?

”Space magic might be a non-combat class but I just happen to have a need for a space porter… ” he started talking to himself.

Space Magic? Thats my favorite magic! Am I really a Space Mage

”Oh, do you like the gardens décor, former-orphan ” Ah, Ive already leveled up to former orphan, thats fresh.

”Uh- yeah…? ” he was smiling, a really weird kind of smile and where was this going?

”The large house ” he pointed behind himself to the two story structure behind him a house with remarkable architecture (if I do say so myself)

”Where is this going…sir? ” I asked, not hesitating to show impatience also how were we both speaking English? Never mind, its not important.

His smile grew even wider ”Hey, kid, you clearly have no plan for your life ” an offer to work? I seriously considered giving up my independence because I didn know anything about this world but declined anyways.

Ill manage with my pride and the clothes off my back

”I don want to sell myself off, so I would like to politely decline ”

”I wasn offering to buy you or anything, its just some work. You may not know what Visualization is but it means youll probably be able to use Space Magic better than average peers but currently, you
e still weak, you understand what Im saying right? ”

My jaw dropped. Was I being threatened he was clearly still smiling but if I read the invisible fluctuations tingling off the back of my neck hairs correctly I have no say in this. Also his kid just stood there watching uninterestedly, even picking his nose too!

”Can I leave?… ”

”Sure, once you graduate from your job naturally or pay a large amount of money you can leave ”

”What do I do ”

”Once you learn how to move through space youll officially begin work

”Hmm I don know… ”

”Until then you get food, a place to sleep, and Ill even send you to school. ”

WHAT? I didn think about it before but I just transmigrated to another world, I was all alone with no idea where I was. All the stories on how people who transmigrated survived the beginning phase and none of them told you what to do when mistaken for a thief and about to be executed on the spot in foreign land. Damn

He then stopped and smiled at me before whispering

”Of course, if you don want to live a better life working for me, you could sleep in the citys jails tonight. Teleporting into a city is a federal crime, even IF its an accident. ”

”Ill do it ”

e hired. ” The middle aged man spoke. But before I could jump for joy at escaping my body starts to feel weird.

Im beginning to find it difficult to catch my breath, my muscles are contracting rapidly on their own. It feels like something in my body is beginning to change entirely! the pain that comes with these feelings is, ah, too sweet to describe

I end up falling to my knees because of the pain

I look to the man for an explanation on what is happening but he looks calm and mouths the word Awakening while smiling. What Awakening? and why are you smiling, for crying out loud it hurts!

Everything is throbbing and I promptly fade to the darkness while twitching in pain.

My last thought is ”Id rather be tortured verbally please ”

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