Unravel The World

It\'s Too Soon To Decide Goals

Opening my eyes, I found myself lying in an unfamiliar room.

It is decorated with some photos of the father and son pair on a shelf, Im sitting on a couch in what must be the living room

My mind quickly processes just what happened the last few hours.

Teleported through some kind of space tunnel, experiencing turbulence and landing safely only to be accused of theft and forcefully adopted. Wow! Sounds like a bad name for a book(shortened version)

Also Visualization? What even is that? I decided I needed answers and I needed them now, even if I ended up revealing I was from another world! Maybe it might end up working out. There could even end up being a special Grant or something for foreign.

”Well, Im technically a foreigner on foreign soil ” I mused.

Are they nearby? just as I had that thought I heard a voice from outside the living room

”Do you think hes up yet? ” a voice sounded from next to me, I heard the sons voice who now that I can focus on properly sounds androgenic, but I don judge.

”Who knows. But did he really mean World world when he said come from another world, the Celestials are still battling the Satreya Upper World, if a new World were to appear maybe one of the Original 8 will rush for it? ”

”Pioneers of a race apparently receive briefing on what their official mission is and I can tell you, that boy had no clue what was going on ” isn that tone a little high for a kid who isn even at my shoulder

”You seem cocky for someone who isn all that ” silence

”Im sorry… ” wow, I really wanted to punch that smiling man right in the face and put my hand over her- I mean his shoulder.

”Im also sorry, it was insensitive of me to ask more from you when youve already come so far ” ??

After that his tone suddenly changed as if trying to change the topic ”Now you have an adopted brother, don do weird things with each other when Im not around, haha ”

What is this person even talking about

”No interest ” never mind

”[Its Okay because we
e not related by blood]

”Are you even an adult! ” I heard boisterous laughter coming from the man

”Dark elves are socially associated with being free with who they choose to- ”

”Alright, hes probably a half-dark elf, weve established that, but what are you planning ”

”Whatever do you mean dear? ” I couldn use my eyes to directly confirm but I pictured the face of a middle aged man smiling coyly

Then silence, it felt like the two were having a staring contest

”Okay okay, sheesh, just like your mother…. So it happened like this,

Your Daddy here picked up a hidden gem while lounging in the courtyard, haha,

Just imagine this, before I had even spoken the words I need a space mage then poof! A free agent pops up, on the cheap, too. Hahaha, just thinking about it is filling this daddy with joy. ”

”Stop calling yourself his daddy all the time, its weird ”

”Well, you told me to stop calling myself your uncle last year, and your daddy….? I wouldn dream of it ”

So that was what all those conditions were about! Damn, exploited on my first day in a new world. I knew something was off when he started smiling, it meant I was losing. The only thing worse than a person who smiles too much is the interest rate of a shady loan sharks.

Whos he calling cheap!

”He may have lost years in his future training and come from humble beginnings but he just might have the potential to catch up to you if you continue slacking off ”

”I thought you might have these thoughts, too bad you happened to pick a Space Mage, are you expecting the second coming of Space King? ” silence

”Why don you check on our guest, maybe your disrespect woke him up. Also, who said space mages were weak in the first place ”


”Oh, and if hes up, might as well take him upstairs, tomorrow we
e going to The Bureau to check the Potential Profile, Im heading off to bed ”

After that I heard adjacent footsteps at the same time the old one reached the door.

Closing my eyes back and pretending to be asleep… didn work

[I know you
e awake.]

What da… I could directly hear the voice of what I assume must be the boy? How did he discover me Is he Psychic?

[I see… No Im not psychic. Im A Psychic]

A Psychic? Whats that but before I can answer that I receive another instant message

[I know you
e not from another world]

What! How does he possibly know- but before I can complete my thoughts

[I know you
e from another World]

Im ruined, my cover was blown, I could only accept my loss and open my eyes.

”Well- ”

[Don speak loudly!]

Don speak? then how do we talk?

[I can hear you this way]

Oh great, so thats what she meant by Psychic

[How did you really get here]

Im actually someone who comes from another world- which you already knew, I don know how I came here, I had a dream of a portal opening up and when I awoke the portal was right there and I jumped right into it, then I was here

It may not be the smoothest explanation but its exactly how it went down

[You know? This makes you sound like some kind of mental patient!]

”… ” Do you believe I won – go back to my hometown angrily!

[Wait! You said you jumped through a portal? How long was the portal there for] he sounded anxious for some reason

Ok if Im counting the time I woke up, from the time I finished my badass form… About… a couple of minutes?

[A couple of minutes! Visualization my ass, why not just connect a portal to the Cosmic Tree with that energy drain!] Swearing over something so little… and it was strange how I could feel the spike in his emotions flow over to me from his head, like bass pumping

Whats wrong

[Someone who isn even a User doesn Visualize for a few hours, I knew something was off! A space mage being able to sense a barely open portal in their dreams during Awakening and jump into it is shady as hell]

Im not the one who came up with the explanation though

e not a Space Mage, you didn visualize, someone sent you here directly but you still awakened to something…]

[When you go to the Bureau to check potential tomorrow also check your energy type and sub-class]

Ill do my best I responded drily. Today has been a real rollercoaster.

Can you tell me information about this world? Like magic and the talent for it, I feel I might be fated with lots of talent

[Haha. You didn Visualize but you awakened, and to something unknown too, so the talent you
e fated with might just be the talent for shit] after saying that he started laughing like he heard something funny.

Wait, is that real is there a shit talent or is it just an expression


PLEASE tell me about this world

Ughh, I just remembered why I preferred being alone

[Okay, okay, pfft. But not-haha- not now. Go up to the guest room a while later, its the last one on the left] after saying that he left while holding his stomach and laughing a feminine laugh

I thought I could hear a conversation upstairs

”Is he up?…. Are you holding in a shit? ”

”@#*% ”

Shit again?

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