Unravel The World

The B.M.E stomps the Pentagon

As soon as the door shut the awkward smile I was maintaining could finally go taut. ”Wake up! ” I spoke out loud, even going as far as pinching my arm to confirm if it was a dream.

”Oh, god its real ” my breathing turned rugged.

”Haah, breathe, breathe, calm… ” finally Im calm.

”Its all real, huh ” If Im being honest, the dream I had about the portal is more vivid than the past few hours.

I was just a troll why did my life have to be so hard!

Id been put into a metal hospital because I was speaking the truth on the internet. And those family members were so quick to label me sick! What if they saw my browser history then? Wouldn I be quarantined for Bubonic Plague!

It was probably going to be a very short and miserable life from then on if the portal didn come at that time. Even before I ended up in that situation, my old life wasn really as fun as it used to be. I was at that point in life when I wasn getting the same thrills from triggering people. Maybe this is the last phase of my life or maybe it isn .

”Ill find out as I go ” it really wasn easy for me to get to this place and survive

”That portal was also off ” I don know for sure but if Im remembering my dream correctly that wasn supposed to happen. The part where my body was reconstructing and deconstructing itself was too abnormal and should have been an accident that almost took my life!.

”Another thing to be grateful for ” after saying that my breathing had already calmed down to normal levels, my heart was beating normally, the old smiling face was now replaced by one as blank as a robots.

I was adopted taken under by someone with reasonable wealth, which was a good thing but I couldn relax my guard or things won end well. Ive seen it before. I wanted to leave my old life behind or I might end up in more trouble.

What this experience has thought me is that if I had personal strength I wouldn have been put in a disadvantageous position.

There can be no Light Uncle to save you from all your troubles.

”Lets just see if I can gain that strength I need to survive in the form of Energy. ” I spoke out loud already imagining a picture of me destroying all the people I didn like.

Lets just find out tomorrow.

The drifted to sleep in a strange bed with the lights still on.

And dreamt of the scene of the pink-skinned boy he met today.

Except when he fell into his arms he turned into a full grown woman with waist long hair cascading down her hips. The clothes she was wearing were fully stretched out revealing an ample figure. Her expression towards him was one of a teasing smile.

”Dear ” she spoke to him with a voice similar to the boys own but filled with feminine charm.

The poor boy spent half the night struggling over the bed deciding if the dream was actually a nightmare


After leaving the room she turned to an adjacent room and opened the door to meet a man sitting on a desk chair writing something on a journal.

”I sent him upstairs like you asked ” she spoke with little reservation for the older man

”Yeah, I could feel your Pulse Aftermath from all the way here. ”

Oops shed been busted. Over the course of her conversation shed accidentally almost hypnotized him by accident and hed found her out. She may have just glossed over it in the discussion but any Psychic(even teens) who were at her level of power were to be banned from Energy Training any further if they were discovered to be using their Energy outside legal bounds. She couldn afford that!

”Im sorry about that ” she spoke very sincerely. If a neighbor sensed it by accident-

”Its okay, you
e underestimating his resolve a little bit ” the man didn look like he cared about outsiders, he appeared more concerned about her unwilling victim. Hearing that caused her to re-evaluate the importance of the boy to the man

”I know, the real reason why you adopted him ” the girl said looking sad

”I expected that ” the man still wrote on his journal nonchalantly

”Happy Anniversary, Goodluck ” she said simply and left

”Happy Anniversary ” he spoke to himself, his palm clenching his pen tightly.

He turned his head slightly to look at a portrait of a silver haired man, a dark skinned woman and a toddler on the mans back with his own silver hair.

”Tomorrow determines everything I guess ”


My bodys internal clock woke me up the same time I used to wake up to read comments. Human 6:am.

Everywhere was still bright because of the light but I wasn fooled.

Sitting up from bed I observed the changes in my body. It was like all my thoughts became clearer now that I had a good night sleep. I knew what I needed to do.


A silver head appeared in the door followed by a muscular feature.

”Oh, you
e up. We
e leaving in ten minutes, come with me downstairs, hurry up.

His voice wasn imposing but I still hurriedly got out of bed.

I followed him downstairs. At the living room a different silver haired person was there dressed in a white robe with an ornate metal badge on the chest, sitting on the couch while tapping away on a phone.

”Hello, Zayn ” I said awkwardly and turned my head away for no reason whatsoever.

He turned his head my way and gave a smiling response ”Sup, Pet. Whats…wrong? ” seemingly confused as to why I was acting strange he asked me.

”So how are we getting there? ” I asked the man changing the subject.

”Me and you are going by road, its a five minute drive so its aiight. ”

ayns not coming with us? where was he going? I directed a questioning glance his way

”Training Academy ” he replied in those two words.

”You start tomorrow Space Mage—whats your name? ”

”Eze ” its strange how we already exchanged names yesterday but the person who claimed to adopt me was still unaware

” ”Ay-ZAY? ” ” both of them asked in unison

”Yes ” I replied blandly, Its actually better than expected

”No I think it sounded more like A-zay ”

”Its okay. Second one is better though… but you guys can just call me anything you like ” I replied to them

”Well, youve already met your senior sister Zayn, you can just call me Big brother Amir ” ah, if you insist- wait?

SENIOR? Sister. That can be right

”How old are you? ”

”Im sixteen, Pet ” hen why are you so short is what I wanted to ask but held back

”What are you still going on about? ” What has this short kid been going on about since yesterday is he communicating

Sensing something behind my back I turned around to catch Amirs face transition to a clueless face. He was making a face just now wasn he?

”Im not a pet, right? ”

”No, of course not! ” somehow his words didn seem very reassuring.

”Thanks ” I turned back to Zayn ”I will go for the testing. And then the result. Will come out Talented. ” i told him.

”Okay, I believe you, but don cry if it comes out as Space Mage, my intuition says you will become a Space Mage one way or another ”

”Yeah, and I will gladly take it if offered ” hehe, no matter what anyone told me I knew Space Magic was the strongest class, these people must just be ignorant about the truth. Activate knowledge of webnovels from another world!

Just at that moment I heard a noise from outside, Zayn in his sharp white robe and short silver hair directly walked out with a quiet Goodluck~

”Come on, our ride is almost here too ” walking outside the house and out the gate I was just in time to see a bus full of students disappear into the void!

My first real glimpse of magic! okay Im over it

”You see that… ” suddenly an arm was around my shoulder what was this? What was I seeing

”That, is the power of Space Magic. Don listen to Zayn, I believe that Space Mage is actually the sub-class that will one day revolutionize the world.

”Wait? Does that mean that right now Spac- ”before I could finish my sentence a fiery red hot rod zoomed right onto the front lawn stopping a few inches from us.

”Did you bros call for a ride to…the Bureau of Mana Energy? Uh I hate that place ” the light-skinned man who should have been the driver spoke out.

Is that our ride? The driver had elf ears and had blonde hair with piercings.

You don see that in lord of the rings

He must be an elf. one race down, 38 to go

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