Unravel The World

The B.M.E stomps the Pentagon

ng at least 10 floors or so.

”This, this, ah my eyes! ”

The Bureau was a gigantic pentagon!

What is this it was as tall as a skyscraper but still as long as one- no, five stadiums. The building was about the same height as the Statue of Liberty! The people walking all around the football-pitch pavement looked like ants surrounding the periphery of an anthill but the anthill was still like a mountain compared to the ants.

The large building could probably receive a meteor strike head on, no it could destroy the meteor itself!

Was there a need to make the building stupidly big? I could only tell it was a pentagon because our driver drove around four sides of it for some reason. And I could only approximate the height because when I reached a certain height the sun was shining directly in my eyes!

”Its humungous. ” I softly exclaimed. I knew of a Pentagon in my old world too. Rumor had it that one hid a 50 foot tall mechanical robot. If both of them were to be compared… this one could easily hold a dozen 50 foot mechas! And thats not counting hidden underground storage or whatever technological advances these people may have cooked up to make it more compact.

The side we were on had a dozen transparent 360 doors, and also the walls were tiled windows that reflected light so you couldn see others inside but they could see you. I could feel my heart beating faster. Its the perfect device to use to get my daily dose of life outside a phone.

”Ah calm down, you haven even seen the inside yet, or watched the building float during a parade ”

Getting back to my senses I discovered that I had been staring hungrily at the building for some time.

”Oops. –Wait, it can fly? ” this solves a lot of loner issues.

Okay, Ive decided. I want something like this! A floating pentagon? Nah, Ill get a tower, s floating tower with stealth!

I snapped out again and found Amir directing a knowing smile towards me ”You also want a floating building? ” he sounded as if he knew where I was coming from, could we be kindred spirits…?

”Lets go inside ” he steered me towards one moderately crowded entrance

The inside was coded a light blue color hue and had an attendant and a receptionist with a short queue.

Amir directly led me past the two of them and into a room that was plain except for a few unrecognizable gadgets and a man in a white labcoat.

We just walk in?

”Hes here to see what he awakened to. ”

”Oh a Visualizer, those are rare. Come stand over here. And you
e not allowed to be here during his testing ”

”Ill be outside. Its just a few scans so don dillydally. ”

”Wait- ” but he had already left, leaving me with this stranger.

”Come stand by the scanner ” he motioned to a device that looked like one of those extremely precise drills used in either brain surgery or certain horror movies

I directly did as he asked. Because, what could go wrong.

”Have you been added to the registry? ” I responded no

”Then this scan will be for your Body Profile. Basically scanning for blood type, Bloodline Tracing, Health and Mental Disorders and any injuries ”

”The next scan will be for your Energy profile. That scan includes your; Energy Type, Energy sub-class, Energy Acclimation Rate, Energy Expectancy.

Thats all went over my head. I nodded to signify that I was ready.

”Alright I will proce- ” At that moment the door burst open.

”Hes mine. Leave. ” A woman wearing a dress suit walked in with smooth strides and made a big declaration.

But she was only about 49.

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