Unravel The World

A Super Villain is Born, Lol

bat ability? An Uber driver? Whats all this? ”

”Sigh. I figured somebody tricked you into it. The only thing space mages are good for is logistics, everybody knows that. ”

Me, Me. I didn know that! Shouldn Space Mages be able to use the power of space to cut anything clean in half

I decided I was glad I didn awaken to this class, what was I hearing? Logistics? Am I the 24-hour delivery guy of this world, ptueeh. I reject it.

”Thank you Miss. I don know who I offended to tell me that being a logistic guy was a good class. ”

I flashed back to today I believe Space Mage is the class that will revolutionize the world emphasis on WILL, anyways that has nothing to do with me. I transmigrated so if the story is progressing normally I would probably get the strongest class. That reminds me…

”So which class did I get, and whats the good news and bad news ”

After saying that she looked at me with a pitying look Poor baby~ is what her eyes were saying right now.

”Ill start with the good news. Congratulations! Your Energy Acclimatization Rate(EAR) is rated as perfect! That is a score that is hard to see even in those stuck up higher-planed upstarts. Just as I thought when I saw your heroic stare today. So if you could just sign this form to make me your referrer

”Wait ” I felt as if she was leading me towards a different direction from my original in a hurried manner, hence, shes hiding something.

”Whats the bad news, then… ” in the middle of my thoughts a flashback from less than a day came to me

”Haha. You didn Visualize but you awakened, and to something unknown too, so the talent you
e fated with might just be the talent for shit.

Talent for shit…

For shit…



”Im a Space Mage. ” I spoke with half doubt and half hope to be told I was wrong, nut no such thing came.

”Well, I might not be an expert on how this machine works, but Im from a dwarf family.

”And besides, ” take a look here

She showed me the blue dots scattered around my body and zoomed into a random one in my stomach. It turned into a smaller set of blue dots bonded together in formation. The machine then scanned it before writing out: SPACE MANA STRUCTURE

e a Perfect Affinity Space Mage, which is basically the Crown Prince of Space Mages all around The Tree ”

”Im the Crown Prince of Express delivery guys? ”

I just went from prince of a country to prince of Express Delivery guys? its okay, don cry. Its okay, don cry. You don know what youve had until you lost it. I know this saying to be true.

I opened my eyes to notice the kind hearted dwarf lady was handing me a piece of paper to dry my tears.

Sniff, sniff. At least someone cares about my situation

”If you sign this referral form, you get a 10% off on a Mana Emmisser, it comes in blue, black and three other colors ”

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