Hello everyone, my name is Vince, well its Vincent but even calls me Vince or V. Okay, no one calls me V. I just wish they would. I am heading home after another great day at the Y. I can complain, I am a personal trainer at one of the high end YMCA centers in San Antonio. Not the one you might be familiar with but one two thousand years in the future. Like flying cars and teleportation. Well we have teleportation but no flying cars. Flying mounts if you
e rich or lucky enough to tame or capture one. Flying mounts are pretty strong and big. Me, walking my sweet ass home, just a few miles.

I live with a house full of estrogen, my aunt, mom and older sister when she is home. Aunt and mom both are widows. My Dad died on a mission when I was three and my aunt lost her husband a few years ago during a monster flood outside San Antonio. The capital is fortified by a few big guilds plus a 50 foot towering wall, patrolled by mages. Each major city has similar defenses, some guilds are branched out while other cities have local guilds.

Questions? A little history will help clear up the muddy water. Well we are on Earth. About two thousand years ago the Earth erupted and one thing led to another and elves invaded Earth. Yeah, so the humans nearly destroyed the Earth and obviously the Elves thought their greed was a major issue so the extermination of humans began. Years later demons and a few other races helped the humans fight back. Tanks and planes weren very effective against drakes and griffons. Magic destroyed the old technology. Well after a few hundred years of war finally stopped when Earth was smashed into another planet. The elves had opened a portal and put the planet right in route of Earths rotation. The survivors were more than the Elves expected and unfortunately the elves dropped a ”dead ” planet that was full of mana. After that event, nearly every race condemned the Elves and put an end to the war.

With the help of a few races, Earth ended up nearly seven times larger than the old Earth. Lots of races moved to Earth, even the Elves. Portals between major towns and planets are in every major city. The further the trip, the more resources it will take, making trips to other planets are only for the extremely wealthy. After mana overloaded the Earth, not only did humans mutate but so did the animals. Some became intelligent, eventually becoming human-like and Others became mana beasts. Intelligent beast that could use magic and hated ”humanity ”. Hordes of beasts out of the forest would flood areas killing all sentient life. You would think that after thousands of years sentient creatures would overtake the wild. In theory its easy, in reality its impossible currently. Mana creates ”Dens ” that spawn/breed anything from wildlife to mana beast to orcs and goblins. In higher concentrations of mana regions, dens have spawned dragons. Dragon dens require a small army of high level magicians to destroy. A good army will return with 70% of the army. A bad group won return.

Now for the levels


Lvl 0 Non awakened are Individuals and beasts that couldn use mana but bodies still absorb mana. 30% of population

Lvl 1 Awakened but no progress, no sub levels

Lvl 2 Newly awakened who haven formed mana cores

Lvl 3 forms mana core

Lvl 4 mana cores splits in two or more and develops elements

Lvl 5 mana cores harden

Lvl 6 mana cores develop spirits (spirits are intelligent beings) within them. Not every core develops a spirit

Lvl 7 Spirits gain strength increasing the strength of elements (everyone can fly)

Lvl 8 Spirits break their cores, Does not damage the user, cores are absorbed into the body. No longer able to be crippled by damaging the cores

Lvl 9 spirits could form tangible bodies (protectors of large cities)

Each level the magicians body would soak up more mana, strengthening their body and while making the magic more powerful as well. Imagine a balloon filled with air. At level one it can hold 2 lbs of pressure (mana) and at level 9, the same balloon can now hold 20 thousand lbs of pressure. The balloon didn get bigger, just stronger and the pressure/mana on the inside is more dense. Making it stronger.

Each level had three sub levels which were noob, pro, and hacker. Noob you were getting an understanding of your current new level. Pro is you understand the details of what the level can do. Hacker is you completely grasp what your level should be able to do. These intermediate levels were based on ancient writings found in some ruins.

Anyways I think Im going to end up stuck at level 1 the rest of my life. It has been 2 plus years since my ceremony and I still haven made any progress. My awakened ceremony went well in theory. When awakened, a symbol appears in your mind that has to do with your powers or nothing at all, that only you can see. Now symbols change from person to person. One mage may see the ocean while others may see a raindrop. Both will be able to use water magic and either can be powerful, it all depends on the individuals ability to comprehend their own path. The symbols give the hint on how to develop your core. The guilds have a lot of people around the awakening center to help identify your path. This also helps the guilds in recruiting. The more magicians we have the better off the fight against the wild is. Each person is awakened on their 16th birthday.

Well my symbol was the Y. I had over 20 guild members try and help me. The closest thing they could come up with is the YMCA or known as the Y. Its the biggest fitness center on Earth. Well anyways, that is how I got my job two years ago. Am I stronger now? Very much so. Have I formed my core? Not even close.

Finally getting home is relaxing. I went straight to my room to change and shower. Our place is pretty nice. I share a bathroom with my sis while mom has her own room and bathroom on the first floor while aunt Deb has the master bedroom. Its already well past midnight and thankfully I don have to be at work till 4pm.

Laying on the bed I pass out and enter the typical dream I have nearly every night. Me staring at a damn spirit that is telling me the answer is right in my face. Not actually talking to me but making gestures and mocking me during my sleep. What does it look like? Its a floating ball that makes squeaking noises. After so long I have figured out the mocking tone and her high pitch laughter. Even with this happening each night I always wake up well rested.

The smell of food woke me up. Looking at the alarm its 8 in the morning. Getting up and cleaning myself took a few minutes before heading downstairs in my gym shorts. Heading to the kitchen I see mom dressed and Deb in her sports bra and panties. Mom and Deb would both pass for 20 something year old fitness models. Mom has dirty blonde hair and red eyes and a perfect figure. Deb is a blonde with light blue eyes. Her figure is a bit more ”robust ” in the key areas. Both of them were lvl 3 hackers but neither have been able to advance to the 4th stage. 90% of the population that has awakened never make it past the 3rd level. There are meds and herbs that can help you advance but they are extremely expensive. Mom had us two kids, who recently both awakened. Mom and Deb put all of their money towards me and my Sister. Even though Deb isn our mom, she is still our Aunt and moms sister and lives with us. Deb works at the Y with me, well she is one of the managers who run it. That is how I got my job.

”Morning Mom, morning Deb. How was yalls evening? ” Smiled at them as I got into the kitchen.

”Good honey, we just sat around and had a nice dinner and just messed around in the garden. ” Mom gave me a kiss on my cheek and walked back over to the stove.

”Morning Champ, I didn keep you up did I? ” Deb smirked while looking at me. She always enjoyed teasing me but over the years I have grown used to it and it just makes me laugh anymore.

”Nope I didn hear anything, maybe the mana circuits have gone bad on your toy from overuse. Just fyi, Deb, you
e starting to grow outside the lines down there. You might want to trim it up a bit. ” I smiled at her and pointed at her crotch.

”Aww thanks Champ, Im glad you are looking after little ole me. After your run this morning, you can help me out. ” She spread her legs as she looked down, making sure to spread them wide enough to embarrass me, which worked. I left with a red face and ears. As soon as I turned the corner I heard both my mom and Deb bust out laughing.

After a relaxing breakfast I left for my morning workout. I ran a few miles to a public park gym. I would get a workout for an hour here before heading home again. By the time I got home mom would already be at work. Deb leaves at 11 since she works the 12-8 and I work 4-12. Mom works at the Spurs Guild in the finance department. They give out missions issued by citizens, the government, or businesses. The pay was great as all jobs could kill you. Jobs were rated by difficulty level. The request was submitted to the guild and they would approve and rate the request. Most were den extermination quests and resource collection quests, but some were escort and exploration. What could a den change you may ask? Everything

The lands have been known to change overnight. Either naturally changed by mana and nature or wild beast fighting. Dens would appear overnight and the beast that were created would shape the area for them. Goblins & Orcs had their own settlements since they found themselves on the other side of a wild beast feeding table more often than not. Of course they would raid civilized settlements as well to **** and pillage.

So why have settlements? Well the pay was amazing!! You could live in the settlement for a year then move back to the city and not work for 4 or 5 years and not have any worries. Lots or resources to collect for the never ending struggle.

Well enough about random thoughts. I need to get some lunch soon. Headed home to shower and grub. Stripped in my room and headed to the shower. Walked in and saw a big ole ass crack and shaved clam shell. I stood there in my birthday suit and enjoyed the view. ”Nice taco! ”

”AWWWW!!! ” Deb screamed. She spun around to see me in the bathroom

”Damn Deb, your tits are amazing.

”GET OUT!! ”

”I would but this is my bathroom, yours is in the other room. If you want to, you can get out or you can get my back. ”

I walked by her and smacked her ass as I got in the shower. This is not the first time we have seen each other naked at this point her reaction was more for show than her caring. So I thought

”As long as you get mine too. ”

She got in the shower, behind me. I didn have the nerve to turn around. I just started washing my hair facing forward. I felt an arm reach past me to get the soap off the shower hanger. I felt her large chest press against me for a second. I had no clue what to do. I know what I wanted to do but that is not what I should do. I really didn want to turn around as I was as hard as I ever was and it felt like my 9 inch tissue buster was about to explode. Not from an orgasm but from the pressure that was in it. I finished washing my hair when I felt her chest press against my back.

”Don move while I scrub your back. ”

I felt her nipples and breasts rubbing all over my back. Her breasts were so soft and her nipples felt like little rocks in the middle of those soft pillows. She rubbed her chest all over my back and moved down and rubbed down my back and butt. Her hands ran all over my ass and down my legs. When she stood up, her hands ran along the front of my legs. As she went up her breast ran up the back of my body. Her hands grabbed my dick and gave it a few strokes before rubbing on my abs then chest.

”Your turn to get my back Vince. ” She pulled me back and got under the shower head. She started washing her hair. I just watched the soap suds run down her body into her ass crack. I have never been so turned on in my life. I reached around her and grabbed the soap. My upright pole wedged itself in her soapy ass crack. When I finally grabbed the soap, her hands grabbed my wrist and placed my hands on her breast.

”Oh god, you feel so good Vince ” she said in a husky voice.

I couldn help but play with her breast. Squeezing them in my hands, making her breast spill out. She has at least a DD size chest. I pulled on a nipple causing her to moan. My dick was still wedged in her ass crack. She was pushing her hips back against me making my dick slide up and down in her ass crack. I couldn resist her soft moans as I played with her breast. I leaned forward and kissed the side of her neck. I slid my hands down her stomach and pulled her hips back onto me more. I stepped back so her ass had room to move back. She leaned forward against the shower wall.

I kissed my way down her back to her ass. I grabbed her ass cheeks roughly and spread them apart. I ran my tongue down her ass crack to her little winker. I ran my tongue around her wrinkled skin as the shower water was running down her back and over my face.

”Oooh god, don stop that Vince ” she said as she pushed her ass onto my face even more

I let go of one ass cheek and brought it between her legs and started rubbing on her pussy with my fingers. She started thrusting her ass back on my face even harder now. I felt her juices coming out all over my fingers, and that says a lot in a shower. I slid my two middle fingers into her.

”Ooooohhhhh mmmmm ” was all she said before I pushed my tongue into her tight sphincter. ”Fuck yessss ” in a husky voice would have been heard all over the house if anyone else was home. She put a hand on the back of my head and pushed my face further into her ass. She was no telling how many times stronger than me. I pushed my tongue barely past the outer ring. I kept moving it in and out and her moans only grew louder. I started thrusting my fingers into her at the same pace as my tongue and a half a minute later, my head was pushed against the back of the shower by her ass and my tongue went the furthest its been. She came really hard. I pulled my tongue out and ran it around her wrinkled hole. My fingers were released from the clams death grip. I stood up while Deb was still in a daze. I wanted to ** her so bad.

I pushed her forward a bit and rubbed my dick across her pussy. After two passes I pushed myself all the way in. This feeling was so much more amazing than I thought it would. Deb started to orgasm again, this time her entire body started to shake like she was having a seizure. I pulled back and thrust into her again. Getting a moan to come from her as he sounds of skin slapping against each other could be heard across the house Watching her lips around my dick and watching her ass ripple from my hips hitting her was so arousing. I picked up the speed and started thrusting harder and harder. One hand was holding her waste the other hand held her shoulder and I **ed Deb without abandon.

”Fuck me harder Vince ” Deb was staring right at me and the look she gave sent a shiver down my spine.

I grabbed her hair and pulled back, causing her face to point right into the shower. I started thrusting as hard as I could. Deb started choking on the water hitting her face, and her pussy would squeeze me twice as hard each time she coughed. I started to feel like I was about to cum when she started orgasming again and I went from getting close to filler her up in an instant. I came so hard my knees started to buckle. I held on for dear life. Deb was moaning and whimpering.

Here comes the post nut clarity. I was getting nervous as she hadn said anything yet and I was still hard inside her. We hadn moved for what felt like forever, but it was about a minute. She pulled away and I dick felt cold even in the hot shower as it was removed from its nice warm home. She turned around just staring at me. No words were spoken, but all sorts of emotions were all over her face. She eyed me up and down multiple times. I was just staring at her face. I didn know what to do next. When I closed my eyes for a second to think, I felt Debs lips against mine. My eyes shot open to see her pull away grinning. ”Im glad to know that the club you have isn useless. Now don waste your time talking and stick that giant cock back in me. We only have a few hours before work. We can talk more at work. ”

She lifted her leg and put her foot on my shoulder. Grabbed my dick and shoved her pussy down on it. I was leaning against the back of the shower. I wrapped my hand and arm around her ungodly leg and grabbed her ass with my other hand. I started thrusting as hard as I could. She was well built and could take this little beating. She started moaning and screaming the second I started thrusting. I was focused on her tits, watching them flop all over the place. When Debs face blocked my view and she started kissing me. Shocked to say the least, but with my shocked expression her tongue made it in my mouth that much easier. Once I felt her tongue on mine, I snapped out of my daze and attacked back. Having the hots for my aunt for so long made this so much hotter than I ever thought. For it being my second time I wasn going to last long. Within a few minutes of this position I felt my balls ache.

Once again I painted my Aunts uterus white. Opening my eyes I stared right at Deb who still had the look of a predator. She pulled her leg out of my arm and turned off the shower.

”Dry off quickly ” was all she said before stepping out of the shower. I grabbed my towel and dried off quickly and followed Deb to her room. She had her two bedside drawers pulled all the way out. She turned around with a big smile and scary eyes.

”Vince honey, Ill be going into work with you today. Now get on the bed dear. We are **ing till one of us gives up. ”

She tossed me on the bed and grabbed my still hard as hell dick and started jerking me off. Her hands were covered in lube. She started kissing me while I played with her nipples. She climbed on top of me with a crazy grin. ”Oh you
e going to love this Vince. ”

She grabbed my dick and slid back down on me. She was rubbing my tip against her lips when I felt my dick fight to get inside her. Once I got the tip in I thrusted up to get all the way in. I wanted to continue from the shower.

” GOD DAMNIT ggghhhhmmmm!! ” She screamed. My hips dropped back to the bed and I grabbed her hips and pushed her all the way down on me.

She started shaking and mumbling in a deep voice, I repeated this three more times before she screamed again only this time she sat upright all the way and started cumming all over me. She sprayed fluids all over my abs. When I looked down I saw her pussy was empty and my big guy was buried up to the hilt in her former little asshole. I couldn believe I had been **ing her in her ass.

I pushed her over while she was still in her orgasm daze. I pushed both of her thighs up toward her head. Her feet were above her head. I started slamming myself into her tight ass even harder.

”God Vince you feel so good, please don stop gggaaaaaaa I need this soo bad ”. Was all she managed to say while I was pounding her ass. It took her nearly 5 minutes to get it out from all her moaning.

I pushed her legs down and she held them down with her arms freeing my hands up. I was in heaven, I couldn believe what was happening so I did what I wanted. I started pulling her nipples while I rubbed her clit. I was standing by the edge of the bed, while I was wrecking her scrotum. I lost it when I looked at her face and her eyes were rolled back and the tongue was hanging out. I came deep into her bowels.

For the next few hours we mated like our lives depended on it, till I passed out. She won as she wanted more but for someone who was a level 1 and Deb who was close to breaking through to level 4. I passed out still inside her.

When my mind turned back on I was in a dark room with a glowing light flying around laughing.

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