I Made it back to the room and stepped in and shut the door. Moving the sign to occupied, which also locked the door. Walking into the sauna room and saw Brittany laying on the table in her birthday suit. Walking up on the 63 red headed amazon. Her body is amazing, a light caramel colored skin from head to toe. No tan lines anywhere to be seen. Legs that you would want to crush your head in between and a bubbly ass that was to die for all bare to me and Im just trying not to drool on her. I grabbed the oils and started giving her a massage.

I started on her feet and worked my way up and down her lower legs taking my time to tease her. I pulled her legs apart so I could see her shaved bits, and she knew this as when I pulled her leg out a little ways, she just laughed before going back to moaning. I could find every ”soft ” spot on her body if I massaged it once. They may not be as sensitive as her nipples or ears but for teasing they worked wonders.

Rubbing her hamstrings and inner thighs was driving her wild. Each time my hands would get close to her ass or pussy she would moan and lift her ass off the table, further showing her openings to me. I massaged her legs for half an hour before moving around the table and started massaging her back and shoulders. Her face was still down on the table so that when I leaned over, my erection would press against the top of her head. Obviously I was really enjoying teasing her. By the time I started massaging her shoulders, she had already came a few times giving the table a nice wet shine.

I rubbed her further down her back pressing my dick on her head and back up. I stood off to the side by her face and kept rubbing her back. She lifted her head and reached toward me and yanked my pants down to my thighs. She grabbed my dick and put it right in her mouth. Slurping sounds came from her mouth almost instantly. She moved a bit on the table so her head was leaning over the edge of the table. I reached over and grabbed her ass as her head dropped, taking my dick further in her mouth. I squeezed her very tight bubble butt, getting a moan out of her making my dick vibrate in her mouth. I reached my hand further down and found her soaking wet pussy. I ran my fingers up and down her lower lips, getting my fingers completely wet. I shoved my middle two fingers in her wet hot snatch. She managed to get her nose to the base of my dick and moaned loudly making her tongue vibrate the underside of my shaft. This blowjob is the best one I have ever gotten(not that I have gotten many). This went on for a minute before I felt myself getting ready to fill her stomach.

”Im cumming ” I screamed. I shoved her head down on me and pulled my fingers out of her pussy and shoved the well lubed fingers into her rectum. She bit down on my dick a bit as I came into her throat. It felt amazing as rope after rope of baby batter flowed into her throat. My fingers were up to my second knuckle pumping in her rectum. She came right after my orgasm ended. She screamed as she came, at least thats what it sounded like if you ever heard a scream while the lady was choking on your hard dick. Once she stopped flopping on the table. I looked down at her face and saw tears coming from her eyes and my cum leaking out of her nose. I pulled my dick out of her mouth and climbed on the table.

I lifted her ass on the table, while putting her on her knees. I rubbed my dick on her lips a few times before I slowly pushed myself all the way in. I moved in slowly till my hips were up against her ass. She has such an amazing ass and the sight of me thrusting into her was such a big turn on. Brittany was moaning and breathing heavily. I pulled back half way and slowly went all the way back in. Getting her to let out a long deep moan. Her insides felt as if many ridges were grabbing my dick. I was rubbing her ass and squeezing her cheeks roughly as I thrusted in and out of her. The sound of our hips smacking against each other filled the room with the occasional loud moan coming from us.

I couldn take it anymore, I pulled back and slammed into her as hard as I could. I grabbed her arms and pulled her back lifting her big tits off the table. I pulled back and repeated, Brittany started screaming, ”Fucking hell, don stop Vince! God I love your dick! ” I picked up the pace. She was moaning and shoving her hips back at me increasing the slamming of our hips. I was thrusting as hard and as fast as I could. I grabbed her ass with my right hand and pushed my thumb into her ass and gripped her.

She came around my dick and her vise of a vagina squeezed my dick as hard as its ever been squeezed. The pressure traveled to my balls and caused an eruption, painting her pink walls white. I only paused for a minute to enjoy the feeling of painting her insides.

Catching my breath I rolled her over on her side. I slid the bottom leg between my two legs and held her upper leg in my arm. I slammed into her to start the next battle. We went at it for an hour, changing positions and doing whatever I wanted with her body. I never left her pussy. I finally had to stop as I needed water. I pulled out of her and the gates were opened, a flood of white baby batter flowed out of her swollen lips. She just laid across the table with her arms hanging on the other side of the table.

I downed two bottles of water and looked at my sexy boss. The pool of cum by her feet made me smile. I walked over to Brittany and just eyed her up and down as she panted while laying over the table. I grabbed her ass cheeks and started molding them again. I reached back and smacked one, getting her to moan. When I smacked her ass, a bit of cum shot out of her pussy. Watching her lay helplessly was such a turn on. I grabbed my dick and started rubbing it up and down her swollen lips, getting my erection soaked in our fluids. I looked at my next target. Her slightly stretched out asshole. I have had my fingers in her back door most of the time. She was really tight at first but after playing with her rectum for a while, it had loosened up. I put the tip of my dick against her pink star and pushed it in.

”OH FUCK VINCE!!! ” was all she yelled before I bottomed out in her rectum. She grabbed hold of the table and I heard the metal bending under the padding. I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and pulled back and slammed into her. She came and I felt more fluids fly onto my balls and legs. I began thrusting faster and faster. The sound of her moans was intoxicating. Further increasing my arousal. I grabbed her long red hair and pulled it back lifting her head back to me. I grabbed her face and turned her to face me. I couldn contain the eruption once we started kissing. I released everything inside her rectum. Brittany continued to fight a tongue war with me as she moaned. She could feel the heat being introduced into her back side.

I stopped kissing her and leaned back as I spun her around on my dick so she was laying on her back. I leaned forward and started kissing her again. Picking up some slow thrust into her backside. I couldn help but hope to give her massages more often. She leaned back and I picked up the pace of massaging her ass and breast. After having sex for a hour, you can find the sweet spots on anyone and I was abusing these spots on her. Even if we never have sex again, no one will ever do what I am doing to her.

We lost track of time, when we finally stopped. The clock on the wall said 0430. I was still lodged in her back door. We had gone back and forth throughout our time together. She was asleep on my chest, my erection never went down and the fact I felt her hard nipples rubbing on me wouldn help it go down either.

”Hey Brittany, I think we should clean up a bit before we head out. ”

”Mmm baby, let me lay here for a bit more. ” her voice sounded like she purred as opposed to actually talking. I laid there with her for a bit more running my fingers up and down her back. Thirty minutes later she finally managed to wake up. Well her laying on me with my erection still in her eventually caused me to cum again. Fully waking her up with the burst of warmth in her bowels.

”Mmmm, thats an interesting way to wake up. ” She looked up and kissed me on my lips. A short tongue battle later she slid up on my body. With a popping sound my dick came out of her ass. A moment later she released the wettest fart ever spraying cum everywhere and having it run down her legs was a mix of funny and a turn on.

Her face turned the same color as her hair. She hid her head against my chest to avoid the embarrassment. I couldn help but laugh. With how much I pushed in and out of her, I had to have shoved plenty of air in her back door. I kissed her after prying her face up.

”Don worry about that, it won be the last time that happens, Brittany. Lets go get cleaned up. ” We went and showered and chatted a bit. She broke my heart as she told me she didn want a serious relationship at the moment but she isn planning on seeing anyone but me.

After cleaning up and getting a goodbye kiss I headed home.

As I left the Y, I checked the system to see the total EP I received. I tripped when I saw the total. The new total of mine was 49750. I couldn believe it but I saw the multiplier. She was an anal virgin and 4 levels above me giving me a 7 time multiplier which was amazing. Shame she wasn married. Anyways, I had enough to level up another level. I went and bought the skill mana magnet, dropping my total back down to 19750. I could feel a suffocating feeling appear around me. It was as if I was walking in water instead of air.

I dropped to my knees to catch my breath. Eventually the feeling let up, and I was able to stand again. The pressure was still there, my body was getting used to it. I had aches coming and going all over my body. I needed to get home as I had the feeling I was going to pass out. I took off in a sprint, as much as I could. I made it home and made it in the front door before I relaxed and I blacked out.

When I opened my eyes, I was in my mind again and saw Ying. Before I could say anything, ”SHUT UP! Don talk. I don have as much time. This is our last chat till you reach level 5. Talking to you caused issues to me since I wasn supposed to talk to you yet. Anyways get some abilities and train them. Knowing how to do something mentally and actually doing it are completely different. Keep getting points and we will chat more later. ” She vanished as soon as she said that.

Once she vanished, everything went black. I lost consciousness shortly after that.

I woke up in my room on my bed. Both Mom and Deb were laying next to me. Well to be honest, they each laid on top of me on their side. Both were in their usual skimpy outfits and each had an arm resting between their milk jugs with my hand resting near their crotches. Mom had her leg further up on my body. Enough for her to feel the rod that seemed to always be awake. I no longer cared at this point.

I checked my system again and decided to level up. Once I pressed the plus sign next to level 2. The numbers changed from 69550/50000 to 19550/100000.

YES!! Level 3 finally. I chuckled as I have been at this less than 48 hours, most people die at level three and spend their entire life. I opened the system and went to the abilities tab.


Language – 5000 EP

User will need to hear 20 words to understand and speak a language decently, 100 words to pick it up fluently

Sword expertise -5000 EP

Knowledge on the use of all swords. With practice, mastery will be a given if not lazy

Spear expertise – 5000 EP

Knowledge on the use of all spears. With practice, mastery will be a given if not lazy

Bow expertise – 5000 EP

Knowledge on the use of all bows. With practice, mastery will be a given if not lazy

Plant expertise – 5000 EP

Knowledge on the use of all plants and their uses, must come into contact with plants for knowledge to be obtained. Get off your ass and travel

Animal expertise – 5000 Ep

Knowledge about animals. Can identify weaknesses and strengths of animals by just looking at them. Can also identify animals based on signs in environment(must have identified animal previously for exact identification)

Pheromone Scent- 10000 EP

Your natural scent makes you more attractive to the opposite sex, increase the opposite sexs arousal by just smelling you. (Pfft no showers for you, nasty bastard)

Limitless – 5000 EP

Your sexual organs will never be too tired. No single woman will ever satisfy you. (Blue balls won be an issue)

Increased regeneration – 5000 EP

Wounds and ailments heal at 20 times the normal rate. A deep cut into meat and bone can heal completely in a day.

Next I selected the weapon tab.

Basic weapon – 1000 EP

Your basic steel weapon

Any weapon can be generated for the price

Advanced weapon – 10000 EP

Advanced polycarbonate steel weapon, lighter stronger and maintains sharpness a lot longer

Any weapon can be generated for the price

Ability based weapons -10000 EP

Weapons based on users requirements. Will be given a list of materials that the user will need to collect based on the systems scan of surroundings. Scans 100 mile radius

Not much was on this tab as well. Selecting the Med/misc

Not much was listed here as well. The big difference was the search function.

I thought mana crystals and a list of them showed up. Ranging from 50 EP to a notice of a higher level needed.

Healing potion -50 EP

Is the body warm? Did they misplace a limb? Just pour it down their hatch

Mana Potion -50 EP

Aww poor baby ran out of mana? Pour this down their hatch and they will be shitting mana for days

Defensive potion -50 EP

Awww poor thing is scared of boo boos? Pour this down the hatch to become nearly indestructible (limited one use per week, second tries will have no effect. Last one hour)

Power potion -50 EP

Little baby not strong enough to play? Pour this down the hatch to double your power for an hour. (Once per week only, second use will have no effect)

Additional slots – 100 EP

1 additional slot in your inventory

Well I was honestly disappointed, wish there was more, maybe with more levels.

I selected the abilities tab.

Magic missile – 5000 EP (can be used till level 4)

Requires affinity, produce a missile of desired affinity before launching toward target

Magic Bomb – 10000 EP (can be used till level 4)

Creates a magic affinity ”bomb ” that can be launched at a target. Upon impact the ”bomb ” will explode

Magic boost -5000 EP (can be used till level 4)

Creates a buff on selected target, mana flows faster and spell power output is doubled

Only three abilities were listed. Wonder what is going on with so few options. I bought the pheromone and limitless ability right away. These were necessary if I wanted to become a beast. The moment they were purchased my entire body felt as if on fire. Not the outside but everything inside me was on fire, I wanted to scream but nothing came out. I blacked out.

9750 EP 19550/100000 lvl 3/4

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