have available. Most of them were overpriced and were crap. I will have to try and create my own until I can get outside and find some. Me and your mom should be able to find some easy jobs now that we broke through. I was given the basic spells that they give everyone. If I want to be safe I need to create a few better spells. The haste spell, windblade, fireball and earth wall. I signed up for the free lessons they give every evening. I used your Moms name so I could take as many as I want. ”

”I should break into level 4 sometime this week maybe, so don rush anything. We can also see what Mom awakens and we can form a team. Frankly having three of us together would be great and we would have each others back. Im halfway through level three right now and saving EP. My abilities are a bit overpowered but if word gets out, Ill be kidnapped or killed by some old ladies. We need to be careful. ”

”Yeah I agree, we can think of a way to pimp you out to some old rich bitches though. But enough on that, the new ability you have makes me hornier than usual. Lets get you some points. ”

I laid back and she started sucking on my sword. We spent the next hour mating like crazy. I let Deb do whatever she wanted, my gift to her for breaking through. Eventually she tired out and started meditating and I left to get some sleep.

I ended up buying increased regeneration and the magic missile skill. Even though I can use the missile skill yet, I wanted to see if I could explain it or teach it to Deb. Once the knowledge hit my head, it was in-depth knowledge and from what I now know. I should be able to explain it to Deb. If not I will be able to show them later once I reach level 4.

I relaxed a bit and passed out faster than I thought I would. I woke up feeling weighed down. I saw two naked beauties lying next to me. I was covered in big tits and sexy asses. Best feeling in the world. I didn bother getting up as you should enjoy these moments.

An hour passed by while I just ran my fingers up and down their backs while they slept. Eventually mom woke up and smiled at me. ”I broke through, I have unlocked light and water. Its all thanks to you honey. ”

She leaned toward me and gave me a loving kiss on my lips. ”Now let me properly thank you ”. Winking at me, She moved her head down to my crotch and started licking on my dick. She looked up at me and I twirled my fingers around. She pulled her mouth off of me and I slid away from Deb as mom positioned her wet pussy above my face.

”I never thought I would see where I came from, let alone try to get back in there. ” Mom choked when I said that. Well choked on my dick anyways. I pulled her ass down and started sucking on those tasty lips. It wasn long before Deb woke up from our noises.

After two more hours of amazing sex, the ladies finally calmed down. We decided to head to the guild and get moms status updated. We had lunch at the house then left for the guild. It takes nearly a half an hour by foot. I made a mental note to get a few damn mounts for us.

We walked into the Spurs Guild, one of the receptionists waved at me. Her name is Blossom Vinehelm and I went to school with her. Mom and Deb went off to the other side to update her info. Who was Blossom though? She was one of my close friends who always tried to help me out with my awakening. She even had her Mom try and help me a few times. I also believe that is how my mom went from a receptionist at an in, to one here in the guild.

”How have you been Blossom? ” She was giving off a light red glow. How the hell was I so blind all this time?

”Busy Vince, did you hear I broke through to level 3 hacker not long ago? ”

”Thats amazing! Congratulations, you
e going to head out after you break through to 4? ” I wasn surprised as her mom was the vice president of the spurs guild. She slept in resources my family could dream of.

”No, mom said I wasn going anywhere till I was a level 5 pro. ” I laughed when she said that.

I leaned close to her and quietly said, ”She just wants to protect her little Blossom, who knows what kind of dangerous beast or men are waiting for you out there. ”

She just stared at me for a moment while blushing like crazy. ”Vince, I get off in 4 hours. I expect you to be here waiting for me when I get off work. You haven stopped by in over a month and I miss you. ” She was glaring at me with her light brown eyes. I leaned forward and kissed her cheek, shocking her.

”Its a date. ”

She was still in shock when she touched her cheek and ran off to the back area. Slamming a door then another, before everyone heard a scream which caused everyone in the front area who was watching us start laughing out loud. Im sure the whole guild will be talking about this within the next 12 hours.

I laughed and walked over to the quest wall. It had all of the available quests sorted by level and team requirements. Nothing was below level 4 even though some were very easy such as picking herbs. But to leave the walls you needed to be able to defend yourself, of course there are always exceptions like rich assholes buying the service of a few level 6 or higher to babysit their kids.

I looked over the wall and saw a large amount of den quest. From the times I was here there would be only a few up on the board, but I see at least a few dozen. I see a few orc and goblin den extermination quests and about a dozen wolf and mountain lion quests. I looked at the locations and some were close to the wall, within a few miles.

I turned and saw Blossom with a red face back at her desk. I walked back and sat beside her in a chair. ”Why are there so many dens around the wall? ”

She leaned over to my side and whispered, ”Mom said that around Dallas there has been a large outbreak of dens, twice as many as around here and the Cowboy Guild paid for a mass teleportation of our guild members. They offered twice the pay and round trip transportation and keeping of all resources gained. We couldn match the offer and so for at least a few more weeks we are running on a skeleton crew. We also started seeing more monster den spawns. Mom sent three of our level 7s to clear a few close dungeons. Obviously you better not say anything about that since she will kill me and probably you. Any new level 4s are being teamed up and being sent out to clear some of the easier dens before they get too large. ” Her mom has helped us out quite a bit over the past few years and is nearly family to us. So Blossom telling me all this, isn out there and its not the first time I have heard ”inside ” information.

Hearing the last part shocked me, I looked over at her and she saw the look on my face. ”What are the repercussions if they refuse? Both my mom and aunt just broke into level 4 and Im hoping to break into level 4 this week. ”

Blossom had a surprised look on her face, as she knew about me and my family since we were pretty close. She lunged at me, hugging me, knocking me and both of us out of my chair. Before I realized it she was on top of me and had kissed my lips. I had my arms wrapped around her as I tried to catch her but the kiss had really shocked me. It was just a hard long peck with no tongue, but my hands slipped down to your perky bubble but.

Before I could proceed we heard a bunch of applause and clapping coming from the rest of the room. There were other awakened in the front area and all of them watched this. Everyone treated Blossom as their kid since she was the bosss daughter and everyone knew about me and felt bad for my situation.

Blossom jumped up and sat back in her chair. I went and grabbed my chair that was knocked across the room and sat back next to her. I kissed her cheek, ”Thank you, back to the having to go outside thing, do you think you could convince your mom to give them a month. ”

”Oh no, its not right away. ” Hearing this I felt the air return to my lungs. ”Everyone is given a month of training before being teamed together if they can form a 4 person team. ”

”Well thats good, that means me, mom, and Deb only have to find one more person to fill our team. How close are you to breaking into level 4 Blossom? ” She had gone from a sad look on her face when I talked about forming a team to excited expression when I asked her. ”

”Are you asking me to join you Vince? Because I will. If I push myself I can do it within a week with Moms help or two by myself. We could form our team and get a month of training together before we start doing missions. ”

”That would be perfect, we should talk to your mom about this as well. ”

”Follow me ” she said but it wasn as if I had a choice as she grabbed my hand and hauled me upstairs into the back office areas.

31300 EP 51150/100000 lvl 3/4

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