13th Monday of June I was announced to be dead, well not gonna lie it was a fuzzy memory that I had, ”Ahhh why the protagonist not trying hard enough, If I was him I will try and help THAT girl in the story ”. Before the flashback let me stop you right there, you didn even know My name? Okay lets start from the beginning, My Name is Shin Himeya I was reincarnated, well yeah I know this sound fishy but I am reincarnated into the world of the game, I think thats enough for me well lets move on. When I finished the game called ”Meeting You on The Other Side of Moon ” I was hungry cus I never ate like 2 days because of this game that I had to finish for the review on the internet. After that when I was going to go to the convenience store I had an accident where I was struck by a Car that going so fast even I don have a chance to dodge it. When I was awake I find myself in the body of a little baby.

Moving forward to 17 years later, I just realize that the world that Ive been reincarnated is the world of the game that Ive been playing for 2 straight frickn days and not to mentioned is that I will be in same class as the protagonist of this game ”Kurono Kanata ”

https://pasteboard.co/PfZXHBcQLGJp.jpg (just open the link on the comment section)

the guy that when you look at him its just like he never fazed, well not for me because I know all of this Guy secret. Time to get a new seat, in a game The protagonist sat beside one of the heroine of the game shes called ”Araya Touka ”, shes one of the girl that you see her at school project once and then gone for no reason, in short shes the type that don want to be bothered.

”I think I am gonna sit right here…. ”

Not long after that I hear a voice of a girl, ”Hey can I sit beside you? ” said the girl

”Um sure why not? ” I think Ive seen this girl, shes definitely one of the heroine.

”My name is Araya Touka, Nice to meet you ” Araya Touka said while she extends her hands out to shake my hand


”Nice to meet you too, I am Shin Hemiya, you can call me whatever you want ” I shake her hands off.


”Then call me Touka, Himeya-kun ” She said.

(Little Note: Japanese people like to use –kun, -chan, -chi, -san when they talk to people they know)

After that conversation I take a seat beside her, and the Protagonist was sitting in front of me

During the lesson I found Touka sleeping in her desk, with a defenseless face I just can hold my dirty mind.

”Shin Can you read the sentence here? ” The English teacher said.

”Yes Sir, This is not a threat, you can run but you can hide from me ” I read the English sentence.

After I read the sentence I found Touka looking at me and she said

e pretty good in English? ”

”Im not that good ” I said

”Hmm, is that so ” Shes grinning while looking at me.

I don even know what this girl thinking I said it to myself.

After the lesson ended I go to the Library to read some Technology book because this world Technology is different with my world history. For examples they never had a game that the genre is visual novel, All the game they had is Action game and Sports game.

While chilling on the Library I find myself being greeted by Hishiki Uguisu-senpai.


”Still reading that book Shin-kun? ” Uguisu-senpai said

”Well yeah, this book still takes interest in me hehe ” I chuckled while joking

”Say Shin-kun do you want to do something naughty? ” She asked

”Hmm, what is it? ” I said


”Heh….. ”



”Mmmmm…why are you blushing? ” she asked

”w..w..why?? You just kiss me Senpai ” I said

”Well yeah…Ehe ”

”Don Ehe me ” I said

”It just a jokes you know ” she said with a tomato face

”By the way don you ever want

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