a girlfriend? ” she suddenly asked me that question

Of course as a Man you had a feeling that if you find someone asking you that question you will be curious as hell.

”Of course I want to have one, especially one that is beautiful and has a Big One ” I answer her question with fear knowing that she will think that Im a pervert, well shes not wrong duh if she thinks like that.

”Senpai…why ask me this? ”

”Just curious ” she said while holding my cheeks.

”Hey Hishiki-san quit messing him kay ” ??

The shadow that appears in the door seems to be Kuze Hiroki-Senpai.


Hes in third year same as Uguisu-Senpai and seems like He likes Uguisu-Senpai, not to disturb him though He always jealous when Uguisu-Senpai is messing with me. In the game He was the person that confess the feeling to Uguisu-Senpai when Kanata is hiding in the library. He had unfortunate luck when it comes to Uguisu-Senpai. He has a grudge against Kanata when He knows that Uguisu-Senpai fall in love with Kanata.

”Relax Kuze-kun, Im just joking right Shin-kun? ” she winked at me.

”anyway just stop it, this is library not a hall room ”

(Phew..Thank God He don see Uguisu-Senpai kiss me)

”By the way, why do you keep showing up when Im messing with him? ” Uguisu ask Kuze.

By the look of Kuze-senpai he was really jealous now, well not that I hate him, it just He had a bad day when it comes to Uguisu-Senpai.

”…It because…. ” Kuze-Senpai just said a few word then the silent comes after. I know that he wants me to go away and I do as he wants.

”Sorry Uguisu-Senpai I have to go now, you two have a great day ” I said to both of them. When I want to leave Uguisu-Senpai grabbed my hand and said

”Stay with me Shin ”.

I couldn refuse senpais invitation which was already holding my hand and I stayed in the room. Kuze-Senpai who looked at me with anger immediately said

”Hishiki-san why…why are you always near him? ”

then Uguisu-Senpai replied casually ”Im interested in Shin thats why I always spend time with him ”.

hearing Uguisu-Senpais answer, Kuze-Senpai immediately made a threatening face at me and immediately said ”I like you Hishiki come with me and leave this useless guy here ”.

Hearing that insult I just kept silent and suddenly *slap* Uguisu-Senpai slapped Kuze-Senpai who was silent for a moment. For a moment he suddenly grabbed my collar and said ”its all your fault Himeya Shin, get out of this place or you will feel my anger! ”.

Its not my fault, it just Uguisu-Senpai never had feeling for him and I don do anything in particular to insult him.

”Ive had enough! Kuze-Senpai youve been eyeing Uguisu-senpai all this time haven you? But why are you always silent?! Are you a coward? Just keep quiet? This is why Uguisu-Senpai considers you a nuisance, If Im just not here, youve already lost to Kanata! ” I said while pulling his collar too.

After he release his hand from my collar he said something that I should have known from the game dialogue,

”Kanata? Hishiki-san you love Kurono Kanata the second year student? ” He said.

”its not…. ” Uguisu-Senpai can answer that question.

After Kuze-Senpai leaving the library, Uguisu-Senpai immediately said to me

”Shin…. I… what he said earlier was not true, I don like Kanata, he just a member of the library committee… ”

then I replied ”Then what? This is none of my business, senpai. I also want to apologizes for disturbing the library ” then I immediately left with an unknown feeling.

On the way home I met Kanata and his friends, they then greeted me ”Hey Shin are you going home? If not, come with us to the arcade ” I then replied ”sorry I have business at home today ”

”Again? Then how about tomorrow? ” Kento said

”Well see about that ” I reply

Then I rushed to go home not knowing what will happen on the next day.

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